The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow November 24, 2021

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) The hoax January 6 (Patriot Day) committee admits a major error in accusing witness Bernard Kerik of being in Washington D.C.

-This is the first of many. The whole committee is a fraud.

2) The otherwise useless Ohio governor Mike DeWine (Deweenie) signs a killer redistricting bill that is far more favorable to the GOP. (Some estimates say 12 R to 3 D)

3) Pollster Richard Baris tells Steve Bannon his polling shows 31% right track, 60% wrong track, and DemoKKKrats even losing in the Northeast. Major issues: jobs and the economy. Go to 37 min:

4) . . . confirmed here, the DemoKKKrat brand is broken, and the so-called “infrastructure” bill isn’t fixing it. (That’s because it doesn’t begin to address jobs, energy, or the economy . . .duh).

5) The 6th victim of the racist terror car attack in the Waukesha Christmas parade, an eight-year-old boy, has been identified.

6) Court docs show the Waukesha killer drove slowly before speeding up to hit Christmas paraders in terror attack, contradicting Hoax Media claims he was not “fleeing” another crime.

7) The evil is really thick here: The Demented Pervert has no plans to send anyone to Waukesha, site of a racist terror Christmas massacre.

8) Hoax News at it again: major outlets, including CNN and the Washington Post, wrongly claimed the Waukesha suspect was fleeing the crime scene.

9) Meanwhile, Kenosha attack victim, Kyle Rittenhouse, appears to be getting richer and richer as Whoopi Goldberg calls him a “murderer.” Add her to the list of defamation suits.

10) Texas funds a comprehensive forensic audit of four counties.

11) In awarding $25 million in damages over Charlottesville, jury finds no federal conspiracy.

12) Judge deals blow to the New York Slimes, extending the block on publishing the Project Veritas docs.

13) Constitutional carry moves ahead in Pennsylvania despite veto threat.

14) Jeffrey Epstein’s last phone call was not to his mom but to his Belarus girlfriend. He was in good spirits. Then he killed himself.

15) Missouri man who served 43 years for triple homicide was exonerated after wrongful conviction at age 18. Will receive no compensation due to state’s tough laws.

16) Drinking just four small glasses of wine a week can raise the risk of developing dementia.

-(This now is added to other causes, including listening to Miley Cyrus.)



17) Are teachers now the enemy of the people everywhere? Chinese kindergarten teacher gets fired after wishing all her kids get the China Virus. Why? She’s just being equitable.

18) And while we’re in China, the Chicoms’ hypersonic nuke “fired a second missile mid-flight” leaving Pentagon reeling as experts say it “defies science.”

-Well, if your main concern is “climate change” and racism, yah, it might leave you “reeling.”

19) Not to be left out, Pootie-poot has a new “star warrior” weapon that threatens to destroy 32 NATO satellites at once.

20) Space falls into “international news,” right? NASA launches its first-ever “planetary defense mission” as DART spacecraft is sent to crash into an asteroid at 15,000 miles per hour.

-Anyone for watching “Deep Impact” again?

21) And China again: the Chicoms ban celebrities from “showing off wealth” or “extravagant pleasure.”

-Is it called the Khardashian Law?



22) Oil prices jump higher despite Biteme’s ploy to release 50 million barrels of oil from the strategic reserve.

23) The Rutabaga’s vax mandate would cost businesses (i.e., consumers) $1.3 billion. They really do want you dead or broke.

24) In a trial totally not covered by the Hoax News media, Silicon Valley starlet Elizabeth Holmes admits she doctored Theranos lab reports with Pfizer & Schering-Plough logos that she sent to Walgreens, dealing a blow to her defense.

25) Streaming platforms use Black Friday deals to bust sluggish subscriber growth. Wait, I thought they had exploding growth?

26) And you thought this Thanksgiving was expensive...



27) Check out the package insert for the Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA “vaccine” COMIRNATY! No safety or side effects listed!

28) Kansas DemoKKKrat governor to sign bill allowing broad business exemptions to the China Virus vax.

29) Speaking up works! A flood of negative public comments preceded the OSHA vax mandate suspension.

-They ain’t heard nuthin’ yet.

30) Hundreds of Google employees sign manifesto opposing vax mandate.

31) Missouri judge ends masks and other mandates for good. Time to rename Missouri the “I showed you!” State...

32) Finally, who wants to be the first to try this? Zeva has a 160-mph electric UFO AI taxi.


And that’s Today’s News

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