Stunning Election Fraud Allegedly Found In Delaware County, PA

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  • 09/19/2023

Massive election fraud has allegedly been found in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. A video posted by a whistleblower of alleged fraudulent activity associated with the destruction of 2020 election files surfaced on Twitter this week.

Related to the video is a 91-page lawsuit filed in Delaware County, PA, alleging proof of individuals conspiring to "destroy, delete, and hide Nov. 3, 2020, election data, materials, and equipment to prevent discovery of election fraud and election law violations."

Former Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar, who changed election laws in contravention of the legislature before the 2020 election, and multiple local election officials are being sued in this stunning case. The lawsuit—filed on behalf of four plaintiffs—also argues that the Defendants "intentionally created chaos so they would be able to then carry out the acts of election fraud and the election law violations described herein undetected."

The complaint alleges that the Defendants accomplished this by hiring "incompetent or under-qualified individuals" so they could later hide the fraud "under the pretense of incompetence" of the workers hired for election day. Additionally, when a May 21, 2021 Right to Know (RTK) request for information was made with regard to election data that should have been preserved, the "Defendants fraudulently and intentionally deleted, changed, adulterated, manipulated and/or obscured the information, data, and materials produced in response to the RTK request."

These actions, allege the Plaintiffs, resulted in the hiding of fraud and election code violations, and the complaint states that the Defendants "knew that they could not reconcile the previously fraudulently reported Nov. 3, 2020 election results." The lawsuit is clear in its contention that the Defendants knew there was "responsive information" on election day that would have brought the final reported results into question.

The Plaintiffs state they can document and demonstrate the materials destroyed as captured in a partial screenshot of p. 4 of the lawsuit below:

Delaware, PA lawsuit/p.4

The Plaintiffs claim they have been disenfranchised because of the alleged fraudulent activity. They state their right to sue in quo warranto proceedings or seek mandamus relief if "quo warranto is not recognized as a proper action due to failure or refusal of prosecution" because of their individualized grievances. Quo warranto means one of the legal remedies could be to remove the election officials being charged from office. Boockvar resigned in early 2021.

Prior to the submission of the Presidential race vote totals, President Trump was leading Joseph Biden by 7,515 votes, according to the complaint. The County was the last to submit its totals. The presidential vote total later tallied 88,070 between the two candidates, per the lawsuit.

Starting on p. 44 of the lawsuit, the specific allegations begin to emerge. Election data and materials were missing. Election law violations and/or incidents of election fraud and numerous precincts were referred to the District Attorney for investigation. Additionally, "both Attorney General Shapiro and Jack Stollsteimer failed to act and charge election officers despite referral for investigation.":

Delaware PA lawsuit/p.44

And, as was allegedly the case in many localities during the 2020 General Election, the Delaware County Nov. 3, 2020 election "was certified without the necessary election data, materials, and equipment necessary to reconcile the election results."

On Jun. 28, stunning findings were revealed in an RTK request. Return sheets were found missing and many were blank. 213 precincts were missing information at the time of certification. It was found on Nov. 24, 2020 or thereabouts, that "over half of the 244 precincts" were missing the necessary information to determine an accurate election.

Delaware County PA/p.45

Moreover, instead of working to remedy the missing information, election officials allegedly "conspired about how to respond to the RTK requests, knowing that numerous election laws had been violated and massive election fraud and other irregularities had taken place" and began their plans to conceal their findings.

  • On or about Apr. 29, 2021, James A Ziegelhoffer, "Ziggy," told Regina Miller that the Return Sheets and election tapes were not stored with the election data and equipment on the main and second floors.
  • Instead, Ziggy escorted Miller to the basement of the Voting Machine Warehouse and showed her where everything was "hidden."
  • He told her there was "no way they could have been reconciled" for a variety of reasons (p.46), including the use of multiple scanners and missing election data.
  • Ziggy also said that "the Delaware County Return Board met for weeks" after the election and interviewed election day workers. The Return Board provided those workers with "election data and prompted them to create new Return Sheets" for the election as part of the certification process.
  • Ziggy told Miller that few people really knew how to fill out the Return Sheets properly.
  • Ziggy told Miller that the Return Sheets "contained various notes written on the front and back of the sheets detailing missing election evidence need to reconcile" the election.
  • Ziggy and Attorney Thomas Gallagher also destroyed election data "to hide, secrete, obscure and prevent discovery of election fraud, irregularities, or unreconcilable precinct results" from the November 2020 election.

Additionally, Ziggy and others destroyed machines and proof tapes by placing them in the trash, "stating they will have a campfire to burn the data." Miller became nervous about what they were doing, informing them "they were violating numerous state and federal laws." Miller witnessed Gallagher and Ziegelhoffer destroying the election materials (p.51). Ziggy told her "there was no audit value" to the data he was tossing. There is page upon page in this lawsuit documenting their alleged nefarious behavior.

Another figure, James P. Allen, also conspired to destroy election materials. On May 27, 2021, the lawsuit alleges that he instructed the "removal and destruction" of material, election evidence, and data from the election. He was hired in March or April of 2021, "earning a salary of approximately $230,000 annually." (p.51)

Allen also allegedly "conspired with James Savage to 'get rid of' the 'pads and second scanners'" from the election. He also knew at the time it was a felony. He hid and destroyed election materials, created new results with "Clean V-Drives," ordered the sorter to be erased, and instructed an "employee to contact Hart to 'switch off [the] setting to allow [the] scanner to accept ballots for any precincts which is one reason the precincts could not be reconciled.'" 

Delaware PA/p.52

Allen allegedly acknowledged he was aware the Return Sheets were a mess and wrote a letter to justify more and more ballots to potentially allow for ballot stuffing in the County. Savage, Allen, Ziggy, and Gallagher are featured in the opening video provided above.

The above-listed items are a scant slice of the alleged fraudulent acts carried out by a whole host of election officials. Multiple Defendants admitted "they did not follow the law" (p.56). Plaintiff Leah Hoopes witnessed "the machine slicing of ballots, and the ballots being removed from the machine and taken upstairs to be processed unobserved." Defendants Perrone and Hagan admitted that the machine used to sort and process ballots was "slicing tons of ballots." The owner of the machines stated that the sliced ballots were not a result of the machine but "were caused by users' failure with the preparation of envelopes."

James Savage was allowed "unfettered access" to the Voting Machine Warehouse because he slept there from about Nov. 3 to Nov. 18.

Delaware PA/p. 57

There were numerous examples of inexperienced election workers working the Delaware County election. Some election workers were not allowed to verify signatures on mail-in ballots. The issues are too numerous to list here. Suffice it to say, the election in the County was improperly handled at almost every turn and no one investigated it despite requests for an investigation.

Margot Cleveland, who originally posted the video showing alleged fraudulent behavior, posted a thread highlighting the lawsuit. She confirms that election officials and election workers may have carried out what appears to be egregious election fraud in Delaware County.

The lawsuit brings forward five counts:

  • Common-Law Fraud
  • Fraudulent Misrepresentation
  • Negligent Misrepresentation
  • Common-Law Quo Warranto
  • Mandamus and Equitable Relief

The Lawsuit states the Defendants knowingly violated Pennsylvania Right to Know Law as well as their "duties and oaths of office as provided by the Election Code." The Plaintiffs in the case requested a protective order to enjoin the Defendants from further destroying election material. Plaintiffs also asked that "any and all voting machines, servers, computers, computer codes, hard drives, software and programs, internet records, mobile phone records, ballot images, photocopies or scanned images of ballots, return tapes, and/or tally sheets, paper ballots, return taps and/or tally sheets used in and/ related to the election" be produced. Plaintiffs also asked for access to all the equipment associated with the Nov. 3, 2020 election as well as permission to conduct a "fully independent and non-partisan forensic" investigation.

Notably, Defendant, James Savage, who was the supervisor and chief custodian of the Delaware County Voting Machine Warehouse— sued former President Donald Trump and two local GOP poll watchers for "allegedly making 'deliberate, malicious, and defamatory statements and insinuations' about him in the wake of the contentious 2020 Presidential Election," according to the Delco Times.

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