The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow November 18, 2021

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) Jennifer Palmieri reports that Georgia governor Brian Kemp, who did not lift a finger to help Trump in the election fraud challenge, could be in “deep trouble” if a primary opponent appears as per a GOP poll shared with her.

2) In a massive miscarriage of justice, the “Qanon shaman” Jacob Chansley is sentenced to more than three years in prison for Patriot Day activities.

3) While a new motion is filed by the Patriot Day detainees claiming they are subjected to “medical apartheid.”

4) Biteme attacks the oil companies for the shortages he caused.

5) Red wave continues to grow: deep-blue Columbia, SC elects Republican mayor over candidate endorsed by Zero.

6) . . . and another canary in the coal mine, er, sorry, the solar panel as long-time DemoKKKrat Congressman G.K. Butterfield of North Carolina calls it quits (second from NC to retire), bringing the total to 14 DemoKKKrat retirees just so far.

-And it’s only 2021!

7) Meanwhile, the Demented Rutabaga can’t even remember the Aussie Prime Minister’s name: “that fellow down under.”

8) GOP Rep. Jason Smith: DemoKKKrats loved the Congressional Budget Office on Trump’s tax bill; now they are trying to discredit it.

9) More movement out of Silicon Valley and China: Texas Instruments selects Sherman Texas for a potential $30 billion (that’s with a “b”) semiconductor chipmaking campus.

10) Surprise, surprise! Portland among U.S. cities adding funds to police departments.

11) This is rich. Rupert Murdoch, who helped the DemoKKKrats steal 2020, is urging Trump to focus on the future, not the 2020 election.

-Is that because we might discover something, Rupie?

12) Trump “causes chaos” in Georgia governor’s race. Opposes Kemp and may back Perdue (who isn’t much better).

13) Home video captures former NFL running back Zac Stacey savagely beating the mother of his child. But, you know, the NFL is concerned about “social justice.”

14) Washington Post (i.e., WaCompost) has now corrected over a dozen articles related to the Steele dossier coverage—but has it yet admitted culpability in the crime of a coup?

15) Victor Davis Hanson asks “the” pertinent question: Can the FBI be salvaged?


16) Bill Gates dumps over $300 million into training an army of journalists for lefty-loon causes.

17) Senator Gills pushing hard on UFOs.

18) Oregon Middle School shuts down in-person classes because students are “struggling with socialization skills.” (i.e., they can’t behave, and teachers are not empowered to make them behave).

19) Memphis rapper gunned down: “DemoKKKrats have turned our beautiful, once-thriving city into a crime-infested war zone.”

20) American Greatness: America at the intersection of “woke” and “incompetent.”

-Ah, you forgot Evil Avenue.

21) DOJ Inspector General says department must address concerns about politicization.

-No, the DOJ must address politicization. The concerns are real.



22) A new Chinese data law is causing ships to fall off the grid, adding to global shipping disruption.

23) Electric vehicles are on a collision course with reality.

24) Consumer sentiment hits a ten-year low.

25) Little Red Lyin’ Hood Jen Psaki claims Republicans are “rooting for inflation.”

-No, we are rooting for reality. (Flashback: remember when DemoKKKrats said that every point increase in unemployment was a million more votes for them?)

26) Paramount cuts 44 top exec jobs in “restructure.”



27) Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano appealed to Catholics, Christians, and people of faith to unite against globalism.

28) Hoax News Media declares “climate lockdowns” a “conspiracy theory” as India prepares to impose a climate lockdown.



29) China’s northeastern port city of Dalian is now under total lockdown as the China Virus worsens.

30) Live Free or Die! New Hampshire enacts the strongest anti-vax-requirement legislation in the country: zero tolerance for forced vaxxes.

31) The FDA is deciding on the Pfizer booster without even hearing from an expert panel.

32) In open hearings, the NIH will finally debate the ethics of vax mandates.

33) Meanwhile, the FDA asks court for 55 YEARS (!) to release its Pfizer vax study data.

34) German official warns of “really terrible Christmas” with China Virus measures.

35) Fears that the holiday air travel-vax-mandate would “reinforce” fears of government by anti-vaxxers given as the reason for putting the air travel mandate on hold.

36) Following the science? China Virus research undermines mandates, cancel-culture campaigns against honest doctors.

36) And finally, God help me. I’m starting to like Bill Maher: “The DemoKKKrats are the party of no common sense.”


And that’s Today’s News 


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