The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow November 17, 2021

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) Rumors continue to swirl that Harris is about to be dumped . . . which would clear the way for the DemoKKKrats to use the 25th Amendment on Biteme!

2) This is because the Demented Pervert’s own approval continues to crash. Now his average on RealClearPolitics is under 42%, meaning several polls have him in the 30s.

3) Xi (always referred to as “China’s leader” in the Hoax Media) says to the Rutabaga that the U.S. “Will get burnt” if we help our ally Taiwan.

-Wanna guess what Ronald Reagan, let alone Donald Trump, would have said to that?

4) Rasmussen survey shows Republicans leading DemoKKKrats by a whopping 13 points, foreshadowing a 70-vote House flip. (These are equivalent to the Great Depression/New Deal-sized flips by the DemoKKKrats.)

5) This is largely because DemoKKKrats are losing the working class of all races.

6) DemoKKKrat leadership knows it. They are bailing—first Jerry Nadler (N.Y.) and yesterday Jackie Speier. These are key players in the DemoKKKrat House leadership.

7) This is good: Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar (“Clubber Lang”) has been run offstage by environmental whacko protestors.

-Anything that pushes the DemoKKKrat further left and erodes the “moderates” is good because it will create the massive 2022 and 2024 backlash that is needed.

8) Well, didn’t see this coming. John Sununu, Jr. steps OUT of the New Hampshire senate race, and days later, his father, John Sununu, is considering a Senate comeback run.

9) Here’s another who may soon be on the way out: Kim Schrier (D-WA 8th CD) failed to disclose security trades of Apple stock worth $500,000.

10) Rittenhouse jury deliberations to resume as two hold out on acquittals due to concerns about safety. Maybe this has something to do with it: jurors are being photographed.

11) It is November, and they are finally getting around to sentencing “Qanon shaman” Jacob Chansley for the Patriot Day protests in January.

12) Hidden on page 1,647 of Biteme’s spending bill is a plan that could give billions of dollars to illegals.

13) Speaking of illegals, 23 aliens previously convicted of homicide charged with illegal reentry in Arizona in Biteme’s first 9 months.

14) Atlanta neighborhood becomes a “food desert” due to shoplifting, theft, and concerns about safety (theft of critical electrical wiring at a Kroger infrastructure unit).

15) FBI/CDC investigating “questionable vials” labeled smallpox near Merck Lab near Philadelphia.

14) GOP eyes probes of Hunter Biteme, Afghan pullout, and CDC if they retake power.

-Uh, guys, we need more than “probes” unless they are inside the jails where you put these evil people.

15) Trump vindicated yet again: Audit finds no undue influence from White House in awarding border wall contract.

16) CBS San Antonio whistleblower says journalists were instructed to “stop thinking in terms of objective journalism,” i.e., think like commie propagandists.

17) File under a stopped clock: Biteme’s Homeland Security Inspector General declines to investigate border patrol agents who used “whips.”

18) Doxxing in Arizona: Chandler was first.

19) First human trial of Alzheimer’s nasal vax to begin in Boston.

20) The Navajo Nation has banned the sale of tobacco. Guess now that they have casinos, they don’t need the cigarette sales anymore.

21) File under “End Times”: hundreds stung by scorpions falling from the sky in “bad weather,” say Egyptian officials.

22) Lawsuit in waiting: Social media companies suppressed claims of Kyle Rittenhouse’s innocence.

23) And it won’t help that prosecutors hid video evidence exonerating Rittenhouse.

24) Old Dominion University places transoid prof on leave after defending pedophiles as “minor-attracted persons.” First step in normalizing pedophilia.

25) Poll: only 40% of Americans think Biteme is in “good health,” and voters are split on whether he is mentally fit for the presidency.

-And they didn’t think of this last November?

26) More than 125 fans file $750 million lawsuit against Travis Scott and Drake over the Astroworld massacre.

27) Nick Sandmann offers to support Kyle Rittenhouse, encourages him to sue the pants off the media.



28) LA Staples Center will be renamed Arena after a $700 million deal with Singapore blockchain company.

29) Inflation spiking in U.K., Europe. “Central Banks have a dilemma.”

30) While the U.S. Federal Reserve looks to speed up its “taper” amid inflation worries.



31) This is the real China Virus, communism, which has a food panic that is now turning householders into hoarders.

32) Doesn’t help the Dragon that they are having three gas explosions a day over six months in China.

33) Polish guards thwart two attempts by migrants to cross border.



34) Victory, for now! OSHA suspends enforcing vax mandate.

35) And here it is: Brit NHS boss says health service is preparing for an annual China Virus vax program.

36) CDC says herd immunity may not be possible.

37) Kollylfornia couple sentenced to prison for $20 million in China Virus fraud.

38) Senate Republicans begin the process to invalidate Biteme’s vax mandate for private businesses.



39)  Famed director of “Alien” and “Gladiator” unloads on superhero movies.

-Guess he won’t be asked to direct Iron Man 10.

40) Finally, custom ammo company engraves “Let’s go Brandon” on shell casings.

And that’s Today’s News 


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