The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow November 15, 2021

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) In the wake of the Durham investigation and revelations that (as everyone knew) the Steele dossier was as phony as Cankles’ southern accent in a campaign rally, the Washington Post calls on CNN to correct its phony dossier reporting.

- They were all in on it, including the WaCompost.

2) Finally, after five years, people are starting to say what everyone knew in 2016: Obama was in on the Russiagate hoax from the start.

3) Charles Dolan’s involvement in the dossier means DOJ, FBI withheld information: Kash Patel.

4) Courageous congresswoman Majorie Taylor Green calls the people being held for the Patriot Day (Jan. 6) protests political prisoners.

5) . . . as a new complaint alleges that “mace or some kind of gas” was sprayed on a detainee who refused to wear a mask while drinking his coffee.

6) Polling indicators look bleak for DemoKKKrats in 2022: GOP has biggest statistical edge to retake Congress in 40 years.

7) Washington Post poll of hottest swing states shows Republicans crushing DemoKKKrats in 2022.

8) A group of Navy SEALs is running for Congress.

9) Sheriff Joe Lombardo shows double-digit lead in Nevada GOP governor’s primary race over RINO Dean Heller.

10) Dick Morris: After 2022 there may “only be a handful of white DemoKKKrats left in Congress.”

-Not sure Dickie. Their hate knows no racial bounds.

11) Whatever happened to Trump being restored to the White House this year?

(Like the author, I warned at the time that structurally in our system this was impossible, regardless of whether fraud was proven).

12) GOP star Madison Cawthorn enters new Mecklenburg County district for House race, shakes up RINOs.

-Likelihood is this is a MAGA replacement for Mecklenburg and an R holds Ashville.

13) . . . with further confirmation from anti-Trump RINO Gonzolez who fears Trump is purging the GOP to “steal” the 2024 White House race.

-Lessee, what White House race was stolen recently? Can’t put my finger on it . . . .

14) The massive fail known as the Demented Pervert’s administration has done nothing for two weeks about Christian missionaries captive in Haiti.

15) Colorado group gains victory against gun grabbers’ “red flag” gun confiscation order.

16) Looks like the missing-in-action Transportation Secretary is bashing VP Harris. No time to fix supply chain issues, what with being a daddy and all.

17) Confirming this is a “thing,” the White House went into damage control over the “shade war.”

18) And behind the scenes Kamala’s staff complaining Biteme is siding with the “white man.”

19) Oklahoma governor orders halt to “nonbinary” birth certificates.

20) Communist Racist Theory proponent tells parents he’s got 1,000 soldiers “locked and loaded.” Would this be the BLM gang?

21) New Orleans to pay teens $350 a month in a financial literacy push.

-Yah, that will work.

22) File under, They Still Haven’t Learned: Loudoun County official calls concerned black and Jewish parents “alt-right”.

23) Federal Bureau of Prisons reveals more than 100 prison workers have been arrested for crimes since 2019, on charges including sexual abuse, drug smuggling, and murder.

-Reminder: these are the same people holding the Patriot Day hostages.

24) Chicago’s “tone deaf” police watchdog recommends suspending hero cop Ella French over “wrong house raid” even though she was killed in the line of duty during a traffic stop.



25) The fine People’s Republic of China sees Chinese tennis champion disappear after alleging that a 75-year-old politician sexually assaulted her.

-Nothing to see here. Move along.

26) In a separate murder/death/kill airstrike from the one in Afghanistan, the U.S. military concealed that it just “dropped on 50 women and children” in Syria.

27) Crisis brewing at Belarus/Polish border over migrants (“a manufactured crisis” by Lukashenko, they claim).

-Why does this story call Lukashenko a “dictator” but Xi is a “leader?”

28) American journalist Danny Fenster released from Myanmar jail days after he was sentenced to 11 years hard labor for incitement against the military.


29) Donald Trump has sold his Trump D.C. Hotel for $375 million.

30) Kollyfornia has paid out $20 billion in fraudulent unemployment claims. Such a well managed state.

31) Goldman Sachs just figured out why the labor shortage will last for a long time: 60% of the missing employees retired, many for good.

-Remember how the Millennials told the over-55 how useless they were? Guess again, Johnny.

32) Niiiiice: Steel company that smuggled in illegal aliens forfeits $6 million to feds.


33) In an opinion piece, Jeff Crouere notes that opposition is growing against the un-American vaxiopathic mandates.

34) DemoKKKrats doubling down, fearing they are losing control: 30 DemoKKKrats want to ban unvaxxed from flying.

35) Is sanity dawning? Taiwan halts rollout of second Pfizer dose for teens due to widespread heart problems.

36) Oklahoma granted a temporary restraining order preventing a hospital system that operates in 19 states from firing employees over the vax.

37) Surgeon General whines that a court ruling against the vaxiopathic mandate would be a “setback” for public health.

-No, it would be a setback for tyranny and bad medicine, Sturgeon General...

38) Both China Virus and the vaxxes dramatically impair cell DNA damage repair.

39) Scientists attempting to grow China-Virus-vax-filled spinach and lettuce to replace injections.

-This is a sign we are winning, and they know the vaxxes ain’t gonna fly much longer.

40) Germany calls in 12,000 troops to bolster “creaking” healthcare services.

41) And finally, half of respondents lied about being “fans” of shows they’ve never even seen, including Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad.


And that’s Today’s News 


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