The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow November 11, 2021

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) Here we go again: Georgia now cannot produce over 17,000 ballot images. What’s odd about that? That’s the same number of duplicates found in Arizona.

2) Some 42 GOP senators say it’s time to bring the bureaucrats back to their offices, citing “widespread lack of responsiveness.”

-Hold on, boys. Maybe it’s a good thing that DC’s minions are not in the Capital.

3) File under “But Trump doesn’t matter anymore”: Trump’s political endorsements are more valuable to independent voters than Biteme’s by 11 points.

4) The site, FiveThirtyEight, fears that Trump is “an extremely serious threat” to become President again.

-When liberals are saying this, listen.

5) Record 49% of voters strongly disapprove of Biteme’s presidency, a 30 point gap between strongly approve and strongly disapprove. Worst ever, according to Rasmussen.

6) Manchin-on-a-Hill may delay Biteme’s $1.75 trillion BBB plan until 2022 over inflation fears.

-Old Joe is playing up this new kingmaker role to the hilt.

7) File this under “This could get real interesting”: The Jan. 6 Patriot Day committee is interested in at least five people from former VP Mike Pence’s inner circle, including his national security adviser Keith Kellogg.

-At some point, these people may really wish they hadn’t opened the can of worms that may lead to the FBI.

8) LA Police Department advises city residents to “cooperate and comply” with robbers.

-Cuz the cops sure aren’t gonna do anything about it.

9) Majority of voting in Fulton Co. Georgia done on untested machines.

10) DeSantis says In-N-Out Burger could expand to Florida over Kollyfornia’s vaxiopathic policies.

11) CNN’s Alka Stelter’s show hits abysmal lows. Richard Baris, Tracy Beanz, and I had more viewers on our very first election night webcast than this potato.

12) Again, normally, I don’t cover what people say on a show, but Jason Whitlock just nailed the Kyle Rittenhouse trial saying Rittenhouse did what “grown men failed to do,” and that “cowardice and fear rolls downhill just like human waste.”

13) LA mayor candidate took $95,000 “scholarship” from scandal-plagued USC.

14) Minion Romney, shilling for the Biteme bill, says Utah will get $3 billion in roads.

15) Snowflake, in confrontation with Allen West at airport, wants to press charges because West pulled down his mask.

-Another reason not to wear one at all.

16) New drugs found to cause side effects years after approval. (But the vax is ok months after approval).

-Shocked. Shocked, I tell ya.

17) BLM co-founder threatens “riots” and “bloodshed” if new mayor Eric Adams reinstates NYPD’s anti-crime units. Otherwise, BLM is “mostly peaceful.”



18) The Biteme bill includes money for union-made electric vehicles.

19) Electric truck maker Rivian soars to $100 billion valuation in market debut, topping GM and Ford even though it has only delivered 150 vehicles so far.

20) Army lied about deaths of four soldiers killed by ISIS in Niger, claiming mission was “rogue,” but in fact, it was ordered. The Army is thoroughly corrupt.

21) Trump’s full memo on reasons to fire Mark Esper as Sec Def because he refused to allow armed forces to put down riots (but not under Botoxic), pushed “diversity and inclusion,” ruled out strikes on Iran, and went against the ban of Transoids.

22) Only 8% of Manhattan white-collar workers are back at their offices five days a week: almost 25% of Wall Street firms warn of planned NYC staff cuts as crime spirals and staff move to Texas and Florida.

23) Trump-trasher Ann Coulter now concerned that Biteme’s “Build Back Bigger” is anti-white radical socialism.

-What was your first clue, Ann?

24) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s son sentenced for stabbing neighbor.



25) The U.S. military is installing the vaunted Iron Dome Defense on “American Soil” closest to China.

-Hold on, weren’t we told that “Star Wars” wouldn’t work?

26) Lukashenko (Belarus) warns he will cut off gas to Europe as migrant crisis escalates; Putin holds flybys over Belarus; EU considers Trump-style border wall.

27) Doctor charged with lying to cops after climbing 20,300 ft. up Alaska’s Mt. Denali, failing to reach the summit, and faking hypothermia to get a rescue helicopter.



28) Pennsylvania judge strikes down a school mask mandate.

29) Small crack in the dam? Aussie PM says anti-vaxxers should not be demonized.

-That’s so gracious of him.

30) Hollywood pushback continues: Matthew McConaughey won’t vax his kids.

31) The U.S. is one of only SEVEN countries in the world making kids wear masks.

32) Brazil’s Bolsonaro confronts WHO chief: “People are dying after the second dose,” warns of “economic collapse” if lockdowns continue.

33) More than 20 Chicago labor unions file legal challenge to Beetlejuice’s vax mandate.

34) . . . as 11 supply chain trade groups oppose employer-based vax mandates.

35) Despite vaxxport schemes in Europe, the China Virus surges . . . meanwhile, Sweden does just fine.

36) Finally, the writers of the “Eternals” wish for a Disney_ Prequel.

-God, please no. “Eternals” makes “Ishtar” look like “The Godfather.”


And that’s Today’s News 


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