Eleven Vaccine-Injured Physicians Repeatedly Ignored By Gov’t Agencies

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  • 09/19/2023

Eleven physicians who suffered severe life-changing adverse reactions after receiving COVID-19 vaccines recently sent a compelling letter to members of the Biden administration urging them to research the devastating injuries and risks resulting from the experimental shots. After being ignored by government agencies for ten months, their decision to go public and share their stories is driven by the desperate need for federal agencies, other doctors, and health experts to conduct thorough investigations into the actual dangers that exist when considering taking the jabs. They assert full transparency surrounding these clinical trial drugs must exist. 

The letter details the eye-opening sworn declarations of the physicians who suffered COVID-19 vaccine injuries. Like many others who have suffered harm after the vaccine, their injuries were—unbelievably—largely dismissed by fellow physicians. Astonishingly, the physicians were initially told their symptoms were psychological. It wasn't until they sought treatment from practitioners they knew from either work or medical school that they were taken seriously. An attorney for the physicians remarked:

"If physicians are dismissed as 'making it up,' imagine what the average individual without medical knowledge and access must deal with after a COVID-19 vaccine injury."

The Letter From Eleven Physicians to U.S. Government Physicians

Attorneys Aaron Siri and Elizabeth Brehm of the law firm Siri Glimstad sent the letter on Oct. 27, 2021, to U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky, Deputy Director of CDC COVID-19 Task Force Dr. Tom Shimabukuro, Interim Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Dr. Janet Woodcock, and FDA Director, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research Dr. Peter Marks.

The letter contends the CDC, HHS and the FDA have blatantly ignored these brave physicians on numerous occasions as they sought to "address these harms, physician-to-physician." Purposely, the eleven doctors have reached out to the federal agencies numerous times. They did so under the assumption that fellow government physicians Dr. Rochelle Walensky, Dr. Tom Shimabukuro, and Dr. Janet Woodcock would—without question—want to study data from peers about the harms caused by COVID-19 vaccines and address them immediately. 

In the letter, the attorneys stressed to those guiding Biden's vaccine agenda that the physicians' harmful experiences with COVID-19 vaccines are not isolated instances. Instead, they contribute to a burgeoning collection of vaccine injury data that should raise alarm bells about the so-called safety and efficacy of the jabs.

Siri and Brehm assert, "You tell the public to trust their doctors. If individuals have concerns about the vaccine, you tell them: 'speak with your doctor'." Yet, for months "in myriad correspondences," these very doctors have been telling the top leaders of government agencies there is a severe problem with the trial vaccines. They maintain research is critically needed to understand how the COVID-19 vaccines are causing these devastating harms. Emphasizing the incredible disregard the Biden administration has had towards these doctors and their injuries—which are confirmed and detailed extensively as being caused by a COVID-19 vaccine—the letter declares:

"It should not be that you only listen to doctors if they parrot your preferred messaging regarding COVID-19 vaccines. To the contrary, they should especially be listened to when their clinical experience directly opposes that messaging.   

These doctors, like most doctors, are the last individuals that want to admit that a COVID-19 vaccine caused their patient's or their own injuries. And they are the last to want to publicly make such an admission. Truly. But reality does not afford them these luxuries. The injuries they report are all too real.    

It is statistically improbable that any one physician should see numerous serious COVID-19 vaccine injuries if the safety claims regarding this vaccine were true. Yet, in just the appended declarations, there are 4 physicians that have collectively treated more than 18 patients with a serious COVID-19 vaccine injury. "

The physicians, many of whom suffered lasting and enduring neurological damage, have reported the adverse vaccine events they have experienced and witnessed to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). Nonetheless, Biden administration agencies have repeatedly dismissed their messages proclaiming "the harms they are reporting are not being detected in VAERS." Siri points out the well-established fact that VAERS represents a tiny portion of real-world injuries, with "fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events [being] reported."

physicians Screenshot / Steps listed in the letter that needs to be taken by U.S. government agencies to address the injuries endured by physicians. After being ignored by these agencies for ten months, they demand the above.

In closing, the letter stated, "Please confirm that you will fulfill your duties as public servants and meet these exceedingly reasonable requests." Siri asked for a reply to the three demands (in the screenshot above) on or by noon on Nov. 1, or they intend to take legal action. 

Generic Response From The FDA Communications Office

Shortly before 6 am on Nov. 1., Mr. Siri and Ms. Brehm received a general response from Lorrie McNeill, the Director of the Office of Communication, Outreach, and Development at the FDA. In the email reply, McNeill informed the attorneys that the agency had indeed received the physicians' "many emails and communications to Drs. Woodcock and Marks concerning the safety of COVID-19 vaccines and other topics related to COVID-19 and vaccination." However, due to limited resources and the "high significant demands" placed on the time of FDA experts, McNeill informed the attorneys that they should not expect a personal response from Woodcock or Marks.

Insisting on the FDA's commitment to "ensuring the safety of the products we regulate," McNeill explained that the agency has been conducting and will continue to conduct "rigorous active and passive safety surveillance on the FDA-authorized COVID-19 vaccines." She also said if the FDA confirms any safety issues, the agency "will share the information with the public as rapidly as possible." Meanwhile, explaining the public health emergency's impact on evaluating their request, McNeill suggested that "in the future, if you are aware of vaccine injuries, we recommend you report them to VAERS."

Attorneys' Reply To The Dismissive FDA Response

Immediately, Mr. Siri and Ms. Brehm responded, directly addressing Mr. Becerra, Dr. Walensky, Dr. Marks, and Dr. Shimabukuro to express their frustration over their lack of concern and the ongoing lack of an adequate response from the government agencies with which they are employed. The pair noted, "Ms. McNeill's advice to these injured physicians, many of whom can no longer work because of your COVID-19 vaccine, is to submit (apparently again) the serious harms they suffered to VAERS?!" Astounded, the attorneys noted they have already submitted their serious injury complaints to VAERS, adding:

"We will forward Ms. McNeill's response below to these physicians, which will only add insult to their injury. Your response and conduct here, with little doubt, will do multi-fold more to fuel vaccine hesitancy than all of the combined false claims about your products currently floating around the internet."  

The attorneys, who highlighted the government's removal of all liability for vaccine manufacturers for any injuries from COVID-19 vaccines, emphasized the government didn't stop there. They also "eliminated the right to informed consent by propelling coercive measures that will result in Americans being excluded from work, school, military, and civil society unless they submit to receiving your COVID-19 vaccines. Coercion is the antithesis of consent." The attorneys stressed that if the government were genuinely confident in the safety of COVID-19 vaccines, data within the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) would be available to the public immediately (but it is not). Brehm and Siri's reply concluded:

"As a postscript, for reasons already addressed many times, VAERS and VSD are being utilized to confirm your biases about the products you promote. You repeatedly state that VAERS cannot confirm a safety issue yet simultaneously and incredibly claim it can confirm safety. The VSD's data, which you will not permit the public to access despite it being deidentified, are used to support the policies you have already implemented—a simple review of VSD studies makes that plain—and what bias could that introduce?"


How Long Will The Neglect Continue?

As evidenced by Senator Ron Johnson's Nov. 2, 2021 panel discussion with doctors and medical researchers who have treated those with COVID-19 vaccine injuries, the vaccine-injured cannot get help from anyone. Indeed, they are ignored by the mainstream media, pharmaceutical companies, and most significantly by their own U.S. government's federal health officials. Unfortunately, this is the reality of the current situation with the eleven physicians and the tens of thousands of other vaccine-injured Americans being neglected. Pledging to continue to advocate and fight for them, attorney Aaron Siri points out:

"The deep irony is that these people are not against vaccines. They followed the very directions of federal health officials and willingly went to "do their part" and get vaccinated. But when injured, they were cast aside."


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