The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow November 10, 2021

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) State school board associations continue to flee the National School Board Association after its letter calling parents domestic terrorists.

2) Judge rules the sham Jan. 6 Patriot Day committee can access some Trump docs. We’ll see if this legal reasoning applies to Durham and his investigations on other people.

3) New Hampshire Governor, Chris Sununu, rules out U.S. Senate run. He was leading, but police showed up at an Oct. 13 Executive Council meeting on the China Virus vax and removed activists. Sununu was leading his opponent Maggie Hassan in most polls and was deemed a likely pickup for Rs.

4) Steve Bannon: “We’re gonna get 50% of the black male vote in the 2022 elections.”

5) File under “They still don’t get it.” Top House DemoKKKrat says Biteme “not getting the job done on messaging.”

-He should have stopped with “Not getting the job done.”

6) Here is some of that messaging: Life under the Rutabaga’s regime is horrible: “anxiety, gas prices are exceedingly high.”  And he has neither the mental capacity nor the desire to do anything about it.

7) Normally, “Today’s News” doesn’t cover “‘X said this about ‘y’,” but Greg Kelly’s rant on Liz Cheney was a thing of beauty. “If she wants to know about lies, catastrophic lies, she should talk to her father.”

8) RINO Rep. Mark Walker (NC) has taken calls from GOP officials urging him to drop out of his Senate run for RINO Richard Burr’s seat and return to the House. Trump has endorsed Ted Budd, who has a solid shot at winning the nomination over Gov. McCrory, then should hold Burr’s seat.

9) John (“he served in Vietnam”) Kerry says the U.S. won’t have coal by 2030. More likely, we won’t have Lurch by 2030.

10) Nebraska woman sentenced for abduction, murder, dismemberment of Tinder date of lesbian would-be lover.

11) Communist Racist Theory still being forced on employees at the Texas State Department says, whistleblower.

12) Faced with soaring #s of Ds and Fs, schools are ditching traditional grading.

-Robert Bork described this as “defining deviancy down.”

13) Manhattan Contrarian blog: “Progressive Neo-Racist Cancer Has Completely Destroyed the AMA.”

14) Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (“Gills”) has introduced legislation to revolutionize the study of UFOs.

15) Judge dismisses curfew charge against Kyle Rittenhouse due to insufficient evidence.

16) Washington governor Inslee mandates a state fleet switch to electric vehicles.

17) Alternative rocket builder SpinLaunch, using kinetic energy, completes first test launch.

18) Dallas/Ft Worth principal announces “delayed” resignation due to looney positions on Communist Racist Theory.

19) While in Scottsdale, AZ, school board prez tied to digital links doxxing critical parents and a minor.

20) While in North Carolina, a high school girl was suspended after reporting being the victim of a sexual assault: now the Principal and Assistant Principal are suspended.

21) Biteme’s Treasury nominee says, “We want [fossil fuel industry] to go bankrupt if we want to tackle climate change.”

22) Astroworld staffers were instructed to refer to potential dead concertgoers as “smurfs.”

23) “Fine person” Andrew Cuomo cracked homophobic jokes about AIDs, told his staff the two Kennedy brothers were, er, having intimate knowledge of the same woman claims former press sec memoir.

24) Gavin Newsom was missing in action because of the China Virus vax, canceled Scotland trip, disappeared for two weeks.



25) Inflation hits highest level in 30 years. Pretty soon we’ll be at Jesus Carter levels.


26) China has built a second target shaped like a U.S. aircraft carrier, ramping up fears it is preparing for direct conflict with the U.S.

27) Israel’s U.K. ambassador at London School of Economics is escorted out by security guards after Palestinian whackadoodles threaten to smash her car windows and jeered.

28) Norwegians turn on Greedo, accuse Thunberg of “anti-democratic” behavior.

-Well, yeah. That’s what the climate commies are—anti-democratic.



29) France dumps Moderna vax. Urges the Pfizer clot shot instead.

30) Flight attendant forced to take vax or be fired sues the airline for adverse reactions. Watch this case closely.

31) Tennessee Republican Gov. Bill Lee so far refusing to sign bill that bans vax mandates.

32) OSHA to rely on “whistleblowers” to enforce the vax mandate, as it admits OSHA does not have an “army of inspectors.” These were called capos in the death camps.

33) Republicans warn of a “Perfect Storm” of mandates, worker shortages to derail holiday travel.

34) Using freedom of speech suits, The Expose in England found that 35,924 people died within three weeks of having a China Virus vax in 2021.

35) Similarly, The Expose found that male children’s deaths rose 86% since the vax became available.

36) Michigan school shuts down after “Large number of staff” suffers adverse reactions from booster.

37) Researchers find new antibody that can prevent China Virus and fight it once a person is infected.

-Great. Now test it vigorously and get back to us.


And that’s Today’s News 

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