The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow November 3, 2021

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) Let’s start with Steve Bannon: “Biden’s Presidency Ended Last Night—he’s a lame duck–the radicals are wounded, cornered animals.”

2) In Virginia, R Glen Youngkin won the governorship against the Punk, Terry McCauliffe, despite visits from Biteme, Kampuchea, and even Zero.

-BTW, looks like pollster Richard Baris absolutely nailed this one.

3) First black Lt. Governor Winsome Sears, former Marine, and gun owner wins as woke networks ignore.

4) Republicans sweep Long Island elections.

5) Handwriting on the wall? Botoxic says she won’t run for reelection, doesn’t want to be tied to the red tsunami of 2022.

6) Seattle is on the verge of electing a Republican city attorney. Seattle.

7) Democrat write in Byron Brown defeats AOC-supported Marxist India Walton in Buffalo mayor’s race. Ah, remember when solid American DemoKKKrats were mayor of Buffalo, like Grover Cleveland?

8) DemoKKKrats blame “far-left” for “debacle” in Virginia. No, squidpickle, your whole party is far, far left. Lenin would be a “moderate” in your whackadoodle conglomeration.

9) Left can’t decide if voters were white racists or uninformed. MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace claims CRT “isn’t real.”

-Good. Ya’ll keep runnin' with that all the way through 2024.

10) New Jersey DemoKKKrat Governor Murphy hangs on vs. Jack (“Trump supporters are nuts”) Ciattarelli.

-Gee, Jack, ya think that maybe if you hadn’t alienated Trump voters you might have had a few more votes?

11) . . . but a recount looms.

12) New York measures, including proposals to make voting “easier” (i.e., to steal elections) fail.

13) Pittsburgh/Westmoreland Republican Nicole Ziccarelli beat 6-term DemoKKKrat prosecutor John Peck.

14) Slate of conservative candidates declare victory in Douglas Co. school board race (Denver ‘burb).

15) Clinton/Hochul-endorsed Dem candidates losing big in Chappaqua.

16) Kampuchea apparently warned the Punk that his loss would doom DemoKKKrats in 2022 and 2024. The question is, how much longer do they allow her to stay veep before she is “persuaded” to leave?

17) Minneapolis voters reject bid to defund police that was supported by Illicit Mullah Omar.

18) Liberal hosts have “meltdown” after Youngkin’s VA victory.

19) Patriot Day (January 6) man who resigned over attendance at the rally wins school board seat.

20) Trump-backed Republican holds GOP seat formerly held by Steve Stivers, who voted to impeach Trump. DemoKKKrat Marcia Fudge held onto her overwhelmingly blue seat, so no net change in the House.

21) The Red Wave just hit.

22)  DNC chairman whines GOP has become the party of “fascism & fear.” No, that’s the DemoKKKrats and their fascist pals at Antifa.

23) Maine voters reject a $950 million power line for hydro imports from Canada. So much for “clean energy.”

24) Republicans take mayor seat in Rochester, NH which has voted DemoKKKrat since 2005.

25) AZ Supreme Court eliminates ban on mask mandates in schools. (The issue was not masks but a violation of the “single subject rule” in AZ politics whereby you can’t attach other, unrelated legislation to a budget bill.

26) Royal Marines commandos force U.S. troops into a humiliating surrender in mock battle.

-But at least we don’t have any “white supremacists” in our forces!

27) Faux News poll says critical race theory is a top factor for 25% of Virginia voters, 72% say important. However, economy/jobs are #1 and 2. (Hello Donald Trump).

28) File under hero: zipline employee sacrifices his life to save woman stranded on ride, falls 100 ft to his death rather than let both fall under combined weight.


29) Creepy whispering Demented Pervert Biteme claims the U.S. has the fastest-growing economy in the world.

30) Someone might want to tell the Transportation wife that penalties on 58,000 long-dwelling containers are in effect at $100 per day per container.


31) Lying Soviets had humanely poisoned dog sent into orbit within hours of takeoff, telling world Laika spent six days in orbit.

32) Game-changer blood test that can detect 50 different types of cancer to roll out by year’s end.

33) Putin likens wokeness to Bolsheviks. Well, he would know!



34) MI governor Witless Protection burned notes, destroyed emails ahead of China Virus probe.

35) Researchers in a peer-reviewed study call for immediate withdrawal of mRNA China Virus vaxxes for use in pregnancy, breastfeeding, or among women of childbearing age & among children.

36) Municipal workers in NYC told get the jab or else. (Wait till the trash and the bodies in the morgues start piling up).

37) Finally, actor Dean Winters, who plays “Mayhem” on Allstate Insurance commercials, has undergone multiple amputations for bacterial infections and lives in constant pain from neuropathy.

And that’s Today’s News

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