The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow – November 1, 2021

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1)  Barclay’s CEO resigns in probe over ties to Jeffrey Epstein (who did not kill himself).

2) VA DemoKKKrats growing concerned about the Punk losing the governor’s race.

3) Certainly the Demented Pervert’s sinking poll numbers aren’t helping: A Saint Anselm College poll shows Biteme at 56% disapproval (he won by 7 points) and Sununu leading in the senate race by 5. Some 68% of New Hampshirites say the US is on the wrong track.

4) Meanwhile, NBC has the Rutabaga at only 42% after a generous DemoKKKrat sample and 71% say the country is on the wrong track. F. Chuck Todd calls this “scary news” for DemoKKKrats.

5) And in Maryland, Biteme sinking in the heart of “the bluest of voters”. Salena Zito was the only national reporter in 2016 to spot the Trump wave in blue-collar areas. Pay attention to her.

6) Evidence of 2020 fraud continues to pour in. Detroit used defective ballot boxes not approved for use as a ballot container. “You could shove papers right through the back of them.”

-Now, who would do that?

7) Snowflake Biteme staffers have sued over an episode last October where the Biteme campaign bus was overtaken by Trump cars and trucks. The staffers called the Texas police, who told them “Let’s Go Brandon”—or words to that effect.

8) Finally, a member of the fascist group known as “Antifa” has been charged with a robbery attack on reporter Andy Ngo, who is probably the single most courageous reporter in America today.

9) Support for BLM goes underwater. Quick, notify the NFL.

10) Trump generating huge fundraising numbers. Over $100m. Plan on using half of that for polling place security and fraud lawsuits.

11) Supreme Court to consider first of two abortion suits beginning today beginning with Texas law in “Whole Woman’s Health v Jackson” and “United States v. Texas”

12) And while we are on the subject of the Supreme Court, it has accepted an immigration case that could screen out government-dependent immigrants and another that could roll back the EPA, despite Biteme’s wishes to the contrary.

13) The disgusting limpweasel SC Senator known as Lindsey Graham urged officers to kill the Patriot Day protesters. “You’ve got guns. Use them.” Well, one did, on an unarmed grandmother.

14) Former Mass. GOP chair: Diehl defeating Baker in a primary would be the “End” of the GOP in Massachusetts. Translation: it would be the end of RINO control in Massachusetts.

15) Racist author Ibram X. Kendi found it “horrifying” that his daughter said she wants to be a boy.

16) Philadelphia to bar cops from pulling over drivers in minor traffic violations, i.e., supposedly preventing cops from targeting “driving while black.”

17) Useless “reporter” Wolf Blitzed says he’s reporting on COP26 from Edinburgh, when the summit is in Glasgow, a mere 46 miles away.

18) The first black PTA head of Fairfax Co. magnet school is forced out after opposing Communist Racist Theory and lowered admission standards.

19) The compromised American Medical Association releases “health equity” doc to combat “racism” and “white supremacy.”

-Remember, these are the same yokels that jumped on the no-meat/no fat/no protein bandwagon when the studies were only half-done, only to find the research said just the opposite.

20) Biteme struggles to remember the name of . . . CHINA.


21)  Just 35% of Americans think the economy is good, 65% say it’s poor. I’m sure the 35% came from Silicon Valley.

22) Biteme officials admit that the U.S. could go to zero emissions and China would keep building coal plants.

23) Where have we heard this before? Dow hits a new high, briefly tops 36,000.

24) “Great Resignation” sets off a “vicious cycle” as more people quit, overworked remaining colleagues also head for the doors.

-Gee, why would people be quitting jobs? Wouldn’t have anything to do with Communist Racist Theory being pushed down their throats or vax mandates would it?

25) Yet Yahoo thinks a “perfect storm” of inflation will send people scurrying back to work.



26)  The FDA is (finally) investigating reports of teen heart problems caused by Moderna.

27) What the media are not telling you about the vaccine mandates.

28) NIH has quietly scrubbed all funding for puppy research.

-Wonderful, but NIH officials belong behind bars, including Dr. Fallacy.

29) American Airlines canceled over 1,500 flights due to “weather” and mentions “staff shortages.”

-Gee, would that be due to your vax mandate?

30) Over 26,000 NYC employees did not get the vax.

31) NYC begs for volunteer firefighters from Long Island and Upstate as 1/3 of FDNY remain unvaxxed.

32) People in the UK who post “false information” about the vaxxes could be jailed for two years.


And that’s Today’s News


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