The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow – October 30, 2021

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow



1) a new poll from New Hampshire has Sununu up in the 2022 race and shows that in this key swing state a whopping 70% think the country is on the wrong track.

2) The Demented Pervert’s poll numbers are even worse than they look: “hard” negatives sharply exceeding hard positives.

3) The Punk calls on Latinos in VA to “get busy” to boost their population.


4) New Patriot Day footage shows police leading patriot protesters inside the Capitol.


5) Meanwhile, the criminal organization known as the Clinton Campaign spread the Alfa Bank ruse to the press for the Trump-Russia probe.

6) The first official call by a WI state rep to decertify WI’s November 2020 election.


7) ISIS plotted to blow up VA malls; security increased.

8) The George Lincoln Rockwell Projects attempt to use the John McTurd chapter in VA to smear Glenn Youngkin fails as the fake supporters are shown to be McCauliffe supporters.

9) File under “School Boards Know Best”: Parents slam NC school after 6th graders are told to study images depicting sexually graphic acts.

10) Leaked Facebook (i.e., “MetaBeta”) paper show the social media giant targeted six-year-olds to generate profits.

11) Some 52% of Americans say Dr. Fallacy should resign.


12) St. Louis mayor barely pauses as sounds of gunfire interrupt news conference . . . on violence.

13) Sheriff slams Loudoun Co. School Board for requesting 65 officers to protect them from parents.


14) SF residents hire private security after DA protects criminals there. (Ah, wait till the first suits against “unjust force” are levied against these private firms and see how long they last).



15) Apple Services (including Apple+ TV) have overall earnings miss. (Note just two days ago Disney’s streaming service came up short).



16) LA sheriff warns of mass exodus, imminent safety threat from vax mandate.

17) Yet Citi mandates 65,000 employees get fully vaxxed.

18) Another medical expert warns do not give kids the jab.


19) New York City firehouses shut down after hundreds of unvaxxed firefighters take sick leave to avoid being put on unpaid leave.


And that’s Today’s News

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