The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow – October 29, 2021

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow - October 29, 2021



1) A major case of buyer’s remorse is setting in, with 16% of DemoKKKrats saying the 2020 election should be overturned according to Morning Consult, with 60% of Republicans agreeing.

2) Botoxic loses again: infrastructure spending bill postponed as the Whackadoodle Terrorist Conference can’t seem to find a bill “progressive” enough to satisfy them.

3) Biteme tries again, slashing budget reconciliation bill by 40% (still too much).

4) WI sheriff shows massive nursing home fraud with  200,000 more “indefinitely confined voters” who voted in 2020 over 2016.

5) Big RUH ROH: In VA a new report showed that in 90% of a sample of 587 addresses across 22 districts the absentee ballot information listed did not match the person living there.

-I keep saying: no way the Demented Pervert got 81 million votes. Now it appears both VA and WI were stolen by significant margins.

6) Yesterday Fox News had a Virginia poll showing Glenn Youngkin up 8. Today, an internal poll has him up 4. He will need at least 3, maybe 4, to overcome the absentee nursing home votes.

7) This is not likely to help the Punk, Terry McCauliffe: ANOTHER T misconduct claim in a VA middle school

7) J. B. Shurk asks if governments can survive the coming peasant revolt. A good explanation of much, if not everything, that is happening in William Strauss & Neil Howe’s “The Fourth Turning,” which explains how many times in our history generational changes have led to similar situations.

8) Approval of the Supreme Court falls to just 40% as the justices repeatedly have refused to take controversial cases.

9) Mayo Clinic in AZ hit with civil criminal complaint for “false imprisonment, assault,” and other charges.

10) Jury awards white male Novant Health executive $10m for discrimination. Cool. Now do the NFL.

11) Something tells me AT&T isn’t far behind: company tells white staff they are racist: “You are the problem.”

12) Leftoid looney Bill Press says Manchin-on-a-Hill and Enema are worse than Trump. Course, Enema just announced she’d vote for the new budget bill.

13) . . . And he’s supported by Jan Schakowsky (DemoKKKrat MI) who called for the pair to lose their positions if the spending bill fails.

14) The Steroidinator rages against leaders who opposed Hoaxy Climate Change. “Stupid or liars.”

-This from the guy who was in the “Expendables,” an appropriate title.

15) Oklahoma having trouble with its executions. Death row inmate convulses, vomits in 3rd botched execution.



16) 5% of the unvaxxed have already left jobs over mandates.

17) . . . while 37% could leave. Let’s see corporate America run things without nearly 40% of their workforce.

-Not enough robots in Ultron’s Sokovia to do that.

18) Facebook changes name to Meta. As in Meta World Peace, MetaBeta, . . . you know.

19) Clueless CNN hosts shocked by horrid economic projections. . . then tries to blame the China Virus, not the Rutabaga in Delaware (cuz that’s where the White House is these days).

20) Florida urging popular In-and-Out Burger to relocate.

21) Apple sales miss expectations, supply chain issues cost company $6 billion. Maybe try a name change to Veeta Vita Vegamin?



22)  In the case of Church v. Biden, a DC judge just put a restraining order on the vax mandate on behalf of active-duty military.

23) UK study: Vaxxed people easily transmit China Virus Delta.

24) Johns Hopkins announces new China Virus study focused on natural immunity.

-Maybe someone should have done this in early 2020?

25) And this study from the Austin Journal of Pharmacology and Theraputics: Ivermectin effective.

-Shocked! Shocked, I tell ya.

26) They are wising up in India. Over 100 million fail to turn up for second China Vax.

27) Singapore sees spike, blames relaxation of restrictions. (Anonymous citizens suggest Singapore look at Florida in the U.S.).

28) Meanwhile, Illinois reports 77% of its China Virus deaths last week were vaxxed.

29) Don’t look now but the U.S. gubment just poured another $125 million into gain-of-function lab leak research this month.



30) Daughter of ex-president of Indonesia, a majority Muslim country, converts to Hinduism.

-I’m sure that will be accepted peacefully.

31) Finally, the Great British Bake-off star Prue Leith accused of “triggering” eating disorders.


And that’s Today’s News


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