The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow – October 28, 2021

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  • 09/19/2023

The News of Today is the History of Tomorrow – October 28, 2021



1) 21 House DemoKKKrats ask to cut IRS bank reporting from Biteme’s spending package.

2) Arizona AG opens a “Formal investigation” into the 2020 election and “Will hold People Accountable for Breaking the Law.” We’ll see.

3) MI Sec State tells GOP township clerk to refrain from election duties over refusal to update voting machines, while DemoKKKrat city clerk charged THREE YEARS AGO with 6 felony voter fraud charges is still on the job.

4) Biteme still sinking with black males and Latin voters.


5) Meanwhile Vice President Kampuchea is nowhere to be found, distancing herself from the Rutabaga.

6) Senate GOP lines up behind Trump-backed candidates. Smart.

7) In war news, Papa John’s has fired the driver who attacked a Trump supporter.

8) The Demented Pervert reportedly has a “framework” for the social spending bill to layout in the Capitol. DemoKKKrat “Progressive” caucus has 40 votes to stop, DemoKKKrats hope to get 10-15 RINOs to pass it.

9) Bull Durham to call FBI general counsel James Baker, Cankles’ lawyer, in his investigation.  This is a good sign. Arresting him would be better.

10) Likely Patriot Day informant from the “fine people” at the FBI, Ray Epps, confronted by journalists. He can’t hide anymore.

11) DemoKKKrats say conservatives are the greatest national security threat. See how this works? Once any of this idiotic notion that Patriot Day was an “insurrection” was allowed to take root by Yertle & McCarthy, it can be broadened to all conservatives. The shallow thinking and insipidness of the DC RINOs is stunning.

12) Beetlejuice nearly booed off the stage by the plumbers’ union.

13) Clown world: Biteme issues first “X” gender passport.

14) Analyst finds Pima Co. AZ had a 15% higher return rate than national and 19% higher than all other counties in the state.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

15) Activision Blizzard CEO dutifully kowtows to the “Me Too” movement.

16) PA Satanist group pushes school to change its dress code to allow satanic images.



17) Judge extends order blocking United Airlines unvaxxed workers from seeking mandate exemptions on leave.

18) This rates a “boom!” Biteme backs down on contractor vax mandate. “Not a cliff” and workers to be offered “education before enforcement.”

COMMENT: Folks, we are winning this, slowly, but we are winning. The longer these vax mandates are delayed, the more people get used to the fact that they will never be in place.

19) Bailed out hospitals overwhelmed themselves due to their idiotic policies.

20) Dr. Joel Hirschhorn: Nearly 2m Americans dead from China Virus Vaxxes & collateral impacts.

21) FL not fooling around, strips schools of fed funding over mandatory maskiopathy.

22) In Kollylfornia, the school board president tells a concerned parent “Eff you” when questioned about vaxxes & masks.

23) De Blasio’s going to “get people killed.” 45% of firefighters & 27% of cops not vaxxed yet & face unpaid leave on Friday as trash piles up in NYC.



24) fears of rising baguette prices pose a problem for the French.

I don’t need to tell you what happened the last time French bread prices went sky high. Something about monarchs ending up without their heads.

25) Truckers, already in short supply, walking away from their jobs due to the vax mandates.

26) After a little profit-taking, stock futures rise despite weak 3rd Q reports.

27) GDP down to 2% and sinking.

28) Of course, some excellent products can’t be denied as Taco Bell & KFC rise.

29) The China Virus forced 3m baby boomers into unexpected retirement.



30) A shocking Harris poll out of France—that you’ll never hear about—says a majority of French are concerned about “European, white & Christian populations being threatened with extinction” because of “Muslim immigration.”

Well, yeah.

31) UK promises revenge if Macaroni blocks Brit ships from French ports next week over fishing dispute.

32) A third Chinese city is now under lockdown over the virus.

And that’s Today’s News.


Larry Schweikart can be found at the Wild World of History and at Substack under Larry Schweikart and, for as long as they allow him, at Twitter @OtherWalls.


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