Fulton County Paid Dominion $2M to Staff and Run Elections At Rate of $2k+/Person/Day

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  • 09/19/2023

A report resulting from an internal audit of Fulton County's shameful election management practices has received little attention from the media. As shocking as that may be, and despite the expectation that such a report would be only somewhat critical of itself, the findings have led to several damning revelations. Apart from the self-initiated analysis and audits we've seen coming from Georgia this year, which only seemed to confirm perfection.

Such was the case with the "forensic audit" of the voting machines, which The Gateway Pundit exclusively reported was nothing but a sham.

The Fulton County internal audit was different because the Secretary of State didn't control it. This review was prompted by problems such as budget overruns, unpaid past-due invoices, and other signs of poor management. The findings reveal an election that was so financially mismanaged it would have made Enron's accounting look good. One of the most unbelievable is almost $2,000,000 in past due invoices from one company to staff the election. Fulton County election staff had potentially been exposed to someone with Covid, so they were all quarantined before and during the election. Some may find the timing convenient.

Based on nothing more than a verbal agreement, Fulton County contracted Dominion to staff the election at a rate of $2000 a day per person, and on election day, the rate went up to $5000 a day per person totaling $1,965,260! Most things that cost $2000-$5000 per day are illegal in most states. From the audit report:

"We sampled invoice files for transactions that occurred during the scope of our audit and noted the department did not maintain records for professional services, including overtime, totaling $1,965,260. Management informed us that the verbal agreement between Fulton County and the vendor for these professional services was $450K; however, Fulton County was billed four times that amount. Subsequently, the department possessed no verifiable means (i.e., timesheets) of onsite support that could be used to validate the invoices submitted for payment."

Nearly two million dollars based on nothing more than a verbal agreement and a bill. An open records request was submitted, which yielded the three invoices for the rockstar-priced voting machine talent:

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Not only did Dominion sell Georgia the voting systems for the entire state, but they also literally ran the election. The only safeguard between the receipt of the voting equipment and the election is the Logic and Accuracy Test, or "LAT," which is required by state law. The LAT checks that the proper software is installed on the machines and matches that which is certified by the EAC. This is to make sure the software hasn't been tampered with. The test also consists of accuracy testing by running test ballots through the machine and comparing the results. After the LAT, the machines are then secured until election day.

In response to the findings of the internal audit report, the state of Georgia made the following unforced disclosure:

It seems Georgia didn't have any logic themselves because Dominion was contracted to do the Logic and Accuracy Testing too. Unacceptable and unbelievable.

Besides overpaying Dominion, Fulton County had little to do with the November election, with two exceptions. One of which was the late-night clandestine counting session of Ruby, Shaye, and Co. The other is the signature match process which they staffed with Stacey Abrams' Happy Faces temps, as TGP reported earlier:

"With Happy Faces working 100% early voting, ballot adjudication, absentee ballot processing, warehousing, dropbox, signature verification, they are basically running our elections."

Based upon the invoices, there seem to be substantial charges following the election that coincides with Georgia's state-law-required Risk Limiting Audit (RLA), which election experts from both sides of the aisle agree was deficient. In fact, the inventor of the RLA, Phillip Stark, said Georgia's exercise was anything but a risk-limiting audit. In any case, a hand count or risk-limiting audit should only use paper ballots and be independent of the electronic voting machines and systems.

Of all the states whose election results are being questioned, Georgia is among the worst. On many aspects of Georgia's election shortcomings, both sides agree. Marilyn Marks and the Coalition for Good Governance (CGG) have been fighting an epic legal battle against the Secretary of State to get rid of the state's Dominion "BMD" voting machines because they do not produce an auditable paper record. Marks and CGG are responsible for the court declaring Georgia's previous voting system unconstitutional, the only such ruling in American history. Marilyn is also credited for gaining court-ordered access to the ballot images from the November election.

Those same ballot images are being used by Garland Favorito's group, VoterGA, who are scanning them for duplicates and other irregularities. Many have been found thus far and are being used in another lawsuit seeking access to the physical ballots, which is the only way to determine if the duplicates were physically reproduced and counted or not.

No state has managed its elections with such reckless disregard for their sanctity by the wholesale outsourcing of nearly the entire process. What could go wrong?

It's clear that not only does Georgia have election integrity problems, but leadership integrity problems as well.

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