3M Federal Vaccine Mandate: Hutchinson Plant Takes A Stand

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  • 09/19/2023

3M, the nation's largest producer of N95 masks, announced on Sept. 10 that it would comply with Joe Biden's Executive Order issued the day before, mandating the injection of COVID-19 "vaccines." Despite heavily promoting inclusion and the ability of its employees to "stop, think, reflect and move forward with positive intent," 3M made its decision to mandate the experimental jabs without consulting its almost 100,000 U.S. employees.

A federal contractor experiencing significant profit during the pandemic, 3M's Senior Vice President and Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Denise Rutherford alerted employees via email of the company's decision. Rutherford stated that the company would be obligated to comply "with these new legal requirements and mandate COVID-19 vaccination for all U.S. employees and contingent workers (CS) who do not have a valid medical or religious exemption." Rutherford continued, adding:

"To continue to enter and renew contracts, we will be required to comply with the mandate. Weekly testing among unvaccinated individuals will not be an option."

Email sent to 3M employees on September 10, 2021 regarding federal mask mandate.

The strict mandate, along with no possibility of opting out of the experimental jab by committing to weekly testing, has generated a great deal of concern among employees in several 3M facilities around the country, including Hutchinson, MN, home of 3M's largest North American plant. Of Hutchinson 3M's approximately 1,700 employees, nearly 750 refuse to get the COVID-19 vaccines—an injection that would instantly make them unwilling participants in the unprecedented large-scale Phase 3 efficacy clinical trials currently underway in the U.S. 

3M Plant Hutchinson, Minnesota

The CDC website page titled 'Different Types of Vaccines' (last updated on Sept. 1, 2021) explains the current clinical trial status of all available COVID-19 vaccines in the U.S., including the two mRNA shots from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna, stating:

Large-scale (Phase 3) clinical trials are in progress or being planned for COVID-19 vaccines in the United States. To learn more about U.S. COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials, including vaccines in earlier stages of development, by visiting clinicaltrials.gov.

The New York Times Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker, Updated Sept. 27, 2021

Following Rutherford's announcement, 3M Hutchinson employees refusing to submit to the mandate joined together and began communicating about the situation. On Sept. 20, in an effort to "fight this unlawful pursuit of tyranny," as several employees put it, the group sent an email to all Hutchinson employees, copying V.P. Rutherford and Jillian Skaar, with 3M's Human Resources Department. Summarizing the atmosphere on the floor of the plant, where workers are intimidated and coerced to get the vaccine by corporate leadership working from home, the letter states:

"The Hutchinson site has been aggressive in the campaign to push for a 70% vaccination goal rate. It was declared it is the 'only way' out of this pandemic, a 'win-win' for us and your family while discussing ways to divide and identify the unvaccinated for all to see. This is a stressful, hostile work environment in which employees are unwilling to speak out for fear of retribution."

From all accounts, the response to the email from 3M's Hutchinson employees has been positive and supportive, with appreciation expressed towards those willing to stand up and say "no way" to the draconian mandates.

--- Concerned 3M Hutchinson Employees, 9/20/21

3M's Hutchinson plant is vital to the success of the company as a whole. The plant started manufacturing Scotch Brand Cellophane Tape in 1947. Seventy years later, 3M Hutchinson employees produce Scotch Magic Tape, ScotchBlue Painter's Tape, electrical tape, air filtration products, multiple films, and much more, including laminated tapes used in aerospace applications. 3M Hutchinson is the city's largest employer, with more than 1,700 workers in the town of 14,000. 3M Hutchinson plant engineering manager Joe Nelson boasts on the company's plant webpage:

"There's a pride that our company is stepping forward and supporting this. We want to see this become the template for communities and facilities like ours to be able to replicate to fill that pipeline."

Photo: Joe Nelson, plant engineering manager, 3M Hutchinson

It stands to reason that if the company were to lose even half of the 750 employees that have not gotten the shot, operations at the plant would experience significant setbacks. The employees insist the mandate is counter to 3M's own Human Rights Policy/Standard (ID 1062/1063), which states:

"3M is committed to upholding human and workplace rights in all 3M operations globally. This commitment is embodied in 3M's Human Resource Principles, which respect the dignity and worth of all individuals."

Interestingly, 3M has encouraged all employees to work from home throughout the pandemic if their absence from the plant setting is not detrimental to production operations. Along with those not actively running production equipment, direct supervisors were given the option to work from home. In fact, in August, the global PPE leader—under scrutiny by President Trump early in the pandemic for sending much-needed medical gear overseas—unveiled "one-of-a-kind plan to permanently give employees more work-life balance." When speaking of 3M employees and the company's new work model to local Minnesota station WCCO, Rutherford remarked:

"The word that comes to mind is respected. I really feel like not only is my work product respected, but also the ability to have a successful and fulfilling life is respected."

Called "Work Your Way," the plan offers employees the flexibility to develop their individual workflow. The new model allows employees to tell their supervisors if they want to be remote or hybrid and create a personalized plan. Unfortunately, with the recent COVID-19 "vaccine" mandates, this personalized plan does not offer 3M employees the right to decide if they want to be injected with an experimental "vaccine."

Meanwhile, it is unclear if Rutherford or Skaar will respond to the substantial group of employees standing up for the right to choose whether they receive the jab.

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