In Their Own Words: Lindell’s Case Is A Mirror On Election Fraud Opponents

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  • 09/19/2023

Mike Lindell's lawsuit against election machine companies Dominion and Smartmatic accuse them of weaponizing the litigation process. The defendants have sent intimidating cease and desist letters and threats of litigation to silence Lindell and others who speak out about election fraud.

Lindell's side has time and again used his political opponents' words to make his point rather than sourcing political allies that could be superficially dismissed. This persuasive tactic reflects critics' words back like a mirror and aims to avoid cognitive dissonance.

The initiating 'Complaint' document that kicked off Lindell's lawsuit against Dominion & Smartmatic et al. claims that "It is indisputable that the electronic voting machines and software... are vulnerable to cyberattacks before, during, and after an election, and in a manner that could easily alter election outcomes," and cites senate testimony given by Kamala Harris in support of it.

Caption: Screenshot from C-Span 3 Coverage of Kamala Harris' US Senate Testimony

A report from a Congressional Task Force on Election Security comprised of Democrats and established by House Democrat Leader Nancy Pelosi in 2018 to "ensure the health and security of our nation's election systems" is used in Lindell's evidentiary Exhibit 8. It found targeting of voting systems in 21 states by Russia, cited ODNI, CIA, FBI, and NSA intelligence information to defend the claims of interference, and mentioned North Korea, Iran, and China as also having cyber espionage ability and incentive.

The Brennan Center for Justice calls itself "part think tank, part advocacy group" and a "nonpartisan law and policy institute that seeks to improve our systems of democracy and justice." Funded in part by George Soros' Open Society Foundations, it published a report used in Exhibit 9 that outlines the dangers and vulnerabilities and recommends the replacement of antiquated election machines.

Jake Braun, the co-founder of the DEF CON Voting Machine Hacking Village hacker conference, former Obama security advisor, and current Department of Homeland Security advisor, said in 2017 that "...the 2020 election will be hacked no matter what we do."

Other sources Lindell uses to show vulnerabilities in election machines are neutral in that they carry no politically charged baggage. Exhibits 1 & 2 include technical reports of security analysis by experts at Johns Hopkins and Princeton. Exhibits 3, 6, and 7 use report documents from Florida and Texas' state governments. Exhibits 4 & 5 use opinions from judges in court cases.

Lindell's suit uses arguments that are non-controversial, widely popular, or would traditionally be compelling to the opposite side of the political spectrum. For instance, the complaint describes an oligopoly of just 5 companies that are responsible for "conduct[ing] and administer[ing] elections for more than ninety percent" of U.S. counties and warns of the danger of corporatist influence:

"This new, fledgling era of 'lawfare' must be stopped before it is allowed to gain a toehold of acceptance in the U.S. judiciary and the courts become yet another weapon for wealthy corporations and the powerful politicians they support to silence speech and ideas they deem unacceptable to their narrative."

Lindell's upcoming Cyber Symposium, televised from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, will feature forensic experts and white hat hackers who can explain the technicalities of the evidence he says he has. Lindell has expressed that his political opponents are invited to the Symposium, telling Steve Bannon that even the Chinese Communist Party is welcome to attend. That invitation may be a challenge to those who are diametrically opposed, or it may signal a desire to unify diverse political interests behind an honest exploration of the facts. It could also be both.

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