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Ruby And Shaye Freeman Subpoenaed In Georgia

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  • 09/19/2023

Ruby Freeman of late-night-ballot-counting fame has been subpoenaed. Per reporting earlier by UncoverDC, Ruby and her daughter Shaye Freeman Moss were seen doing overnight tabulation of ballots at the State Farm Arena in Fulton County. Shaye was subpoenaed on June 6 for a deposition in a civil trial.

Poll observers were asked to leave the arena at 10 p.m. and return at 8:30 a.m. the next day. It appeared that the mother/daughter team was pulling ballots from large suitcases stowed under tables. The arena was cleared allegedly because of a water leak; however, Sidney Powell filed a lawsuit that maintains that the only leak reported was associated with a toilet in the building.

Captured here is a radio spot from Jan. 10 recounting events of the time, including conversations about the 2020 election between President Trump and Georgia election officials, including Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger.

President Trump is also captured in a recording shared by Dan Bongino on his Jan. 4 podcast. The former President is heard talking to a lawyer for Raffensberger about why officials didn't check the ballots.

Additionally, another video was released showing the mother and daughter "allegedly conspiring to hand a USB flash drive to an election worker." On June 6, election supervisor Wandrea Shaye Moss was subpoenaed.

According to Heather Mullins of Real America’s Voice, “The Fulton County Board of Registration & Elections has hired two of Georgia’s top criminal defense attorneys & filed paperwork to halt the audit proceedings previously ordered by the judge.”

"Fulton County election officials are taking the probe very seriously. They have hired two top criminal defense attorneys for the case, even though the court is not adjudicating criminal charges," per reporting by ConservativeFighers.com.

Patrick Byrne

In a June 8 post on Patrick Byrne's paid Locals channel, a video with "audio transcribed using audio analysis and filters that isolate speech artifacts reveals some suspicious conversation between polling place officials," according to Byrne. The video is captured from an election night live feed at the arena. If the audio capture is accurate, there may well be implications for the 2020 Fulton County election.

Ruby and her daughter Shaye are shown sitting next to each other at a table. Ruby says, "I hope he don't watching" and Shaye tells her that they are "on camera." They proceed to talk about a poll worker who they think is distracted, as if they do not want the poll worker to hear their conversation. Shaye yells loudly to an election official named Ralph Jones, Sr.

Jones and his son, Ralph Jones, Jr., have been implicated in conflict of interest issues that started three years ago concerning current Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms’ campaign, according to Fulton County Republican Party Chairman Trey Kelly.

Ralph Jones Sr. is a top elections official in the "county’s elections office, and his son Ralph Jones Jr., who describes himself on his social media accounts as communications director for Democratic U.S. Senatorial candidate Raphael Warnock," according to reporting by insideradvantage.com.

Ralph Jones, Sr. finally approaches the table where Ruby and Shaye are sitting. At that point, the conversation begins to look even more suspicious. Jones is seen looking around as he is talking with the pair. Ruby points in the direction of the poll worker, telling Jones that "he is crazy as shit about the whole thing." Shaye chimes in to say, "Crazy about what I did."

Ralph tells Ruby and Shaye, "There is nothing we can do. We have to stay here all night." Ruby says, "Thirty thousand." Shaye asks what she is saying, and Ruby responds to both her and Jones, "Thirty thousand ballots is the official..."

At that point, Shaye states the following, "I'm going to vote. It is time to consider taking out the boxes and doing our thing. That is what you want," speaking to Jones.

Jones says, "Okay... I'm sure you see things you're not going to mistake."(referring to the poll watchers and cameras, per the subtitles.)

Shaye says, "One thousand to two thousand. Do you copy?" and Jones responds, "I hope that you can do something simple about it come sometime Friday."

Jones: "We took them up already, Washington and the Hill. Problem is, he continues, We asked you to do something about it."

Jones continues talking to both women, "You make up an announcement here, and you make a movement tomorrow about it. After it, you do something about it. Take the boxes and get me some results. You are the supervisor, part of our county. Offer excuses, make an announcement. We are paying 100 bucks an hour. Offer excuses."

A man comes over and says loudly to the three of them, "So privately, You wanted to..."

Jones straightens up and turns to him, "Listen carefully. You can be heard."

Jones tells the same man, "After. We are staying after." To which the unidentified man responds, "Okay."

As Jones and the man walk away, Ruby says, "Well, they were idiots! Drive me crazy! This included. I really mean it."

Shaye says, "Stay out of it as she looks out into the arena. We have an entire evening to wipe this over and over. Sethmon can unlock the machine. The problem is we have just three machines. It's impossible to watch the flip machine. I thought we just get another one. I'll hop on the machine. We need three thousand people to stop it at this point, including the count crew upstairs."

Ruby Freeman/Facebook post

Ruby to Shaye, "Alright, do you still think it's going to be possible?"

Shaye responds, "No...Confidence." Ruby responds with, "Be positive."

Byrne also shared a Facebook post that Ruby allegedly wrote. It circulated on the internet earlier this year or late last year. Several of us at UncoverDC saw it at the time but were not sure of its authenticity.

Byrne also shares a video, which is no longer readily available, allegedly showing Ruby wandering around the bowels of the arena, saying she was "out for 10 days" because she "didn't like the way things were going."


She also refers to "voter registration" and having to "enter absentee ballots" in the video. She powers up her computer, and her name pops up on the screen to log in. She says she is "enjoying [her] work." The date of October 19 is also on the screen at one point in the lower lefthand corner.

Ruby's Arena Tour/October 9, 2020

Georgia just sent a delegation to Arizona to tour the audit floor, where the "first of its kind" forensic audit has been in progress since Apr. 23rd.

Garland Favorito, the co-founder of the group VoterGA, believes there were significant issues with the 2020 election in Fulton County. According to the Washington Examiner, Favorito stated that there is "most surely major absentee-ballot fraud in Fulton County involving 10,000 to 20,000 probably false ballots.” He is the lead plaintiff in an election integrity lawsuit there.

Notably, the depositions for Ruby and Shaye are due to a separate lawsuit. Ten GOP voters led by Bob Cheeley are quietly leading the charge.

Investigative reporter for the Tennessee Star, Laura Baigert, dug into the chain of custody issues for the absentee ballot drop boxes in Fulton County and found significant evidence of irregularities in documentation and missing records.

Superior Court Judge Brian Amero granted a motion to unseal 147,000 absentee ballots from the 2020 election in Fulton County in May. Per reporting by UncoverDC, the judge delayed the discussion of logistics for the audit at the end of May. The defendants in the case brought in "the high-powered Garland, Samuel, and Loeb law firm in Atlanta...They allege the plaintiffs sued the wrong people, the defendants are protected under sovereign immunity, and the plaintiffs failed to state a claim that entitles them to court action." A new hearing in front of Henry County Superior Court Judge Brian Amero on these motions is scheduled for June 21 at 9 a.m.

The election was decided by 11,779 votes for Biden in Georgia.



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