Explosive News Coming Out Of Antrim Michigan

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  • 09/19/2023

In early May, UncoverDC reported that attorney Matt DePerno shared that he had brought in Systems Vulnerability and National Security Expert Jeffrey Lenberg to show that votes of any and all kinds can be manipulated at the tabulator without being easily detected. Per the article:

"Lenberg walks the viewer through the process showing how the votes can be flipped. He allegedly shows how to make modifications to the vote tally with specificity as he feeds ballots through the machine. He swaps Presidential votes, leaves the Senatorial race alone, and swaps the Congressional race. He then goes into the database software and changes commands on the system to match the changes he made on the card so that all parts of the system are consistent with the desired votes when the canvass is performed. The ballots themselves stay the same. The manipulations can easily go undetected."

Today DePerno says he has big news, stating that "we have been lied to." He says that "results were made REMOTELY by an ANONYMOUS user without proper logon credentials." This is a bombshell because everyone has been told repeatedly that the voting machines were, and are never, connected to the internet.

William Bailey, the Plaintiff in the case, told Wendy Bell (timestamp 44 min) on her radio show that he suspected that the machines were connected to the internet from the beginning. He woke up on Nov. 4 and it was "deep blue.”  Bailey lives in Antrim County, a strongly conservative county. He "knew immediately something was wrong."

On Nov. 6, he drove to the county prosecutor's office to try to secure the machines and "lock 'em up." That day Bailey met with the prosecutor, Jim Roster, and he called the county sheriff and the FBI. Like a "dog with a bone," he kept contacting people until he got the response he was looking for. He tagged the sheriff in a post on Facebook. The next day, the undersheriff contacted him and told him to "lay off all [his] posts" for bringing too much attention to Antrim County. In the same conversation, however, Bailey pushed for answers and was told that the sheriff's office had found an "open VPN port that might have been accessed." Bailey told Bell that today was the first time he had told anyone except for DePerno about his conversation with the sheriff's office.

He was asked to lay off for two days, but Bailey kept texting "back and forth" with him. When the undersheriff didn't give him any clear answers, he called the prosecutor because he didn't want to "wait around."  He found an attorney in the D.C. area who had direct access to the (Allied Security Operations Group) ASOG team. The ASOG team came out twice and was the team that looked at the forensic evidence in December. Finally, he "hooked up with Matt DePerno"—an event he called Divine intervention. Judge Elsenheimer was the first to allow a forensic examination of the voting machines for the 2020 election.

Bailey tried calling the FBI after the forensic investigation to inform them of what he and DePerno had found. The field agent was familiar with the case, but when Bailey told her he didn't think she would follow up and was just "humoring him," she hung up.

Now, fast forward to today. He and DePerno are still examining the machines with their forensic crew, including the hidden SQL Server Management System—which is not part of the certification of the Dominion Voting Machines. It is "illegally there," continued Bailey, "It should decertify the whole choice that we made on Nov. third."

Today, DePerno tweeted the following:

Earlier in the day, DePerno tweeted out other updates concerning some unofficial phone calls to former MI State Representative Triston Cole who was asking around for county clerk Sheryl Guy's personal cell number. Apparently, Senator Ed McBroom was in a hurry to speak with her, but not on official telephone lines.

DePerno then added this to his tweets:

"Not a peep from Whitmer or Senator Mike Shirkey," DePerno added.

The CannCon YouTube channel has followed the case closely and broadcasted his summary of the bombshell information earlier today.

DePerno jumped back on Twitter again to say he has evidence that Left Marker #18 on the ballots was intentionally tampered with prior to the election with an "82% reversal rate of ballots".

On May 10, Judge Elsenheimer denied DePerno additional discovery in his case during a hearing where DePerno attempted to enter additional evidence on the record in his ongoing investigation. On Tuesday, May 18, UncoverDC reported that  Judge Elsenheimer dismissed the case based on what DePerno said was a "narrow decision."

DePerno is moving forward to an appeal and continues to investigate the evidence.

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