UPDATE: NY State Liquor Authority: It’s Now Illegal to Require Masks

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  • 09/19/2023

*Editors Note: Important Note Before Reading This Article

Our reporter reported what her source told her using his name.  The NY SLA has responded to reporters who have inquired, and this link below renders the story of the steakhouse in upstate NY confounding.  This is NY SLA's official statement that can be read in many ways but does not replicate this restaurant's "great news."

Our story was about this one restaurant only.  We will continue to investigate, but for now, this story was written based on a first hand account.



I have good news. Strange but possibly fantastic, if you can imagine such a thing, when it comes to Covid Tyranny.

I cant entirely make sense of it, but I have verified it three times with my source, who is willing to be quoted.

In a stunning reversal, the NY State Liquor Authority has said it’s “no longer legal to require masks.”

The manager of an upstate NY restaurant and tavern just told me, as I was paying my check, that he got a call from the State Liquor Authority yesterday, and this is what he was told:

They said I had to take all my mask signs down on all the doors, entrances, all through the restaurant, because it is no longer legal to ask people to wear masks,said Marty Miller, General Manager of the Amenia Steak House in Amenia NY. They also said I am not allowed to ask people to show vaccination cards because it is a violation of HIPAA laws.

So what did you do? I asked him.
I peeled them all off,he said.

After 13 months of brutal lockdown, crackdown, masking mania, mass deaths of small business, and what seemed to be the cold-blooded planned demolition of New York City, yesterday, May 19, mask mandates and other restrictions were rather jarringly lifted in NY State. Jarringbecause we have become so accustomed to be relentlessly brutalized and told only monsters want restrictions eased. What suddenly happened?

Did this have something to do with Rand Paul exposing Anthony Fauci as a liar in the senate, when he confronted him with the categorical fact that he routed funding from the NIH to a Wuhan lab, to find gain of functionresearch in bat viruses?

I am looking around The Amenia Steak House, where I still sit writing this, and not a single person is wearing a mask. There are no hideous mask signs. No hand sanitizer. Tables are packed. Were talking to each other, table to table. The faces of the staff appear to me for the first time since I started coming here a year ago, yet my soul is still reaching for the punch in the gutthe reason we cant relax after all. The eggshells.

But here we are, its real; I can tell you because I am here and seeing it first hand.

Wheres Franz Kafka when you need him?  

A state bureaucracy actually called this place and issued a reversal of the most obsessively enforced laws (that arent really laws) in U.S. history. Like the neurotic soul of Covid-bureaucracy forgot its primary goal (torment and control) and misfired in favor of minute attention to the letter of the law. Tragic comedy.

Take our stickers down or else youll be fined!

And dont you dare ask people for vaccine cards!

People are so conditioned to wear the masks, Marty said. I have to tell them they dont have to, even though they know it. Theyre just so used to wearing them, its like second nature.

Its not only about masks, needless to say. Theythe Covid architects, and certainly Andrew Cuomoall have their hands covered in blood.

Earlier today, a friend told me her 15-year-old niece committed suicide, unable to endure Covid lockdown anymore.

Happiness, healing wont be possible for a long time. But imagine how grateful one can feel, just for the freedom to enter a restaurant without a mask. It wont bring back the dead. It will even render their deaths in some ways all the more unbearable, as the plaguevanished from one day to the next, rendering it crystal clear that they were making it all up as they went.

In the bar, a man looks at me quizzically as I explain that I think it was a fraud rooted in a technology (PCR) that made a false plague appear real, as it was not necessary to see sick people, only case numbers.I explained about PCR.

I asked him if he knew anybody who had it.The answer was no. Nor did I. I asked Marty.

I actually dont even know anybody who knows anybody who had it,he said.

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