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  • 09/19/2023

Attorney Matt DePerno released some bombshells—as evidenced in the tweets below—in his press conference concerning the Antrim County lawsuit on Monday. He also released another amended complaint with new exhibits.

Rasmussen confirms what DePerno has been saying for six months. If 4G modems are found in the equipment, "you are [federally] de-certifying the election...good to know, right?" It is important to note that earlier tweets by Rassmussen in April indicated support for the idea that "Dominion Voting Systems officials have never wavered in their assurances that their equipment is not connected to the internet."

The press conference was moved last minute because the Traverse City VFW hall where the press conference was to be held "allegedly received threats from someone or some group for allowing DePerno to use their facility for his press conference." 

DePerno told JD Rucker with the NoQReport that he was very disappointed the VFW backed down. “You can’t even have a press conference about a case about defending your First Amendment Rights without being threatened by someone to silence you?.. We get canceled just because someone threatens you?” DePerno asked, adding, “Not only can you not express yourself by voting, but you can’t even talk about it anymore!”

DePerno Press Conference Moved/May 17, 2021

DePerno rehashed for the crowd some of the evidence he and Bailey have submitted to the court since his first filing in November. However, on Monday, he claimed that Jocelyn Benson "has lied to everyone in the state of Michigan" because she told voters the vote "shuffles" between Nov. 3 and Nov. 21 were due to human error and because she failed to hold the source code for the election in Trust. In addition, he claims she has not performed the necessary "penetration testing" and audits of the source code for vulnerabilities. On Friday, he stated that Benson "directed [DePerno] to go to another company to test for vulnerabilities." 

DePerno's discussion of the failure to keep or maintain the proper records and Benson's failure to produce the requested documents can be read below:

Excerpts found in the testimony of David Wagner, Ph.D., Computer Science Division at the University of California, Berkeley in 2007 before the Elections Subcommittee in the U.S. House of Representatives, summarize the definition of source code as well as its important role in elections.

Wagner states the source code is a "human-readable representation of the instructions that control the operation of a computer"...and its preservation and disclosure enables "independent analysis of voting machine software." Incidentally, Wagner concludes that "if we had confidence that existing voting machines were well designed, we could disclose their source code without fear of helping attackers."

What is Source Code?/Testimony 2007

Source Code Testimony/What Analysis of it Can Reveal?

Source Code Disclosure/2007 Testimony

Source Code Should be Disclosed/2007 Testimony

DePerno announced that Lenberg found this weekend, per Exhibit 17, a significant "subset of the critical deficiencies in the security of the electronic voting systems used in Antrim County, Michigan for the November 3, 2020 election." Exhibit 17 also notes that "password enforcement policies on the EMS are substandard, they even allow the users to set purposefully 'weak' passwords as a feature."

One of the critical deficiencies highlighted by DePerno is the ability of the election workers "to set the time on a tabulator at any time in order to print paper tapes that show the appropriate date/time stamp. The technician/supervisor password enables the workers to have this capability." This is a significant issue because an election worker can potentially run extra ballots without detection "outside of the election window or after hours" to create ballots to produce a desired number of votes.

Reset Tabulator Times/DePerno/Exhibit 17/May 17.2021

DePerno also explained that the user name can appear as a default name (in this case, Ryan Smoth) and not the actual name of the election worker committing the fraudulent act. Thus, the admin user name and password can be "accessed by anyone" under the default name. Therefore, there is no personal accountability for the actions of the election workers who might engage in fraudulent activity.

Admin Names/Exhibit 17/DePerno Antrim County

Lenberg writes in Exhibit 17, "The malicious actor initially makes an estimate [of] the number of fraudulent votes needed to win the election and programs for that scenario. However, often they need to add additional votes beyond the pre-planned fraud estimates, requiring the polls to be re-opened again to add additional fraudulent votes to achieve their objectives."

It seems the DePerno team has also found "duplicate matching ballot indexes." DePerno stated, "It gets worse, people. Based on a review of the Antrim County results, it indicates duplicate matching ballot indexes—which is evidence of ballot stuffing and fraud." While they are still studying the evidence, he explained that "this means there were ballots fed into the system more than once—repeatedly." This issue showed up in the Antrim County election to the tune of 1,060 potential fraudulent phantom votes that showed up in the hand recount according to DePerno and do not match the records held by Secretary of State Benson.

DePerno also claims that he has confirmed that Benson allowed officials to turn off the storage of ballot images to make it difficult to audit the election properly. Dr. Shiva indicated that he found the same behavior when he investigated his race in Massachusetts. A series of tweets from DePerno discusses the "scanned ballot images."

DePerno reiterated many earlier findings, including that nearly 100 percent of people 65-80 voted in the election. Many in Antrim county also received ballots at a P.O. Box—which is against the law. He repeated the fact that internet connections were found to trace back to Germany and Taiwan and modems were indeed installed in some of the voting equipment.

Tuesday will be a big day for DePerno and his client, William Bailey, because 13th Circuit Court Judge Kevin A. Elsenheimer will decide whether to support the motion to dismiss filed by Antrim County and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson. The judge has already told DePerno he will not allow any further evidence or discovery in the case. The judge's decision may well be why DePerno decided to take his case to the people in today's press conference.

DePerno seems to be stirring unwanted interest in this case because it has been reported someone broke into his law office over the weekend. Police have determined that nothing was missing.

UncoverDC has covered the Antrim case extensively since December.

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