King Randall: Black Communities Will Only Change If We Change Them Ourselves

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  • 09/19/2023

King Randall, the inspiring young man whose story we brought you in March, is on a mission to eradicate "all of the excuses our so-called black leaders have used to dupe our people into thinking that we can't go do for ourselves in our communities." After securing property for his Life Preparatory School for Boys in March, Randall recently announced the purchase of 40 acres of land on the Southside of Albany, GA, for the boys in his program. In discussing the acquisition, Randall reminisced about his grandad, who impressed upon him how important it is to "own some dirt."

Declaring that "People just have to see possible," Randall established 'The X For Boys' when he was nineteen years old after seeing the negative impression left in the spirit of young boys who don't have positive male role models in their lives. Randall says boys these days are regularly taught they won't make it and are led to believe they should wallow in their defeat. Instead, Randall thinks it's more important to teach them to watch the mistakes made by others, be aware of them, and then not follow in those footsteps. The Albany native believes troubled young men want to live better lives; they simply need to be given the opportunity.

The 40 acres of land will be used for multiple aspects of Randall's Life Preparatory School for Boys, including expanding the community garden where they grow their own food. This summer, the boys will begin building two houses from the ground up. It will also most likely be a spot for the "basic warrior training" commencing at the end of their senior year. Of highest importance to Randall is "ensuring those students who choose not to go to college have other ways to win and have valuable life skills to thrive." Before graduation, the young men will be appointed the task of enduring as a team on a "wilderness" survival mission using their warrior skills to navigate through challenging situations and on to the other side, opening the doorway into manhood.

With one of the highest crime and poverty rates in the nation, some in the Albany community aren't accustomed to Randall's disciplined practice of teaching his boys the importance of doing for themselves. He's clear to add that he is not saying don't accept help if it comes your way, but he is saying, "don't wait!" He believes it is essential that the boys don't rely on the government to take care of them. Randall purchased his school in Albany to combat being tied up in government-funded programs that aren't teaching kids what they need to learn. He frustratingly points out that the majority of boys that have been in these schools don't know how to read and write. He wants to dispel the notion and beat the stereotype that "I am a young black man in America and I can't do anything because someone is holding me down." 

Randall, a Christian conservative, recently made headlines when he appeared on the Roland Martin Show. Martin, a veteran political commentator who spent six years as a contributor for left-leaning CNN, describes his current program as "the first daily online show in history focused on news and analysis of politics, entertainment, sports, and culture from an explicitly African American perspective." In a passionate discussion about self-sufficiency, Randall called Martin out for making false claims about him in a recent tweet, stating:

"I was actually a big fan of yours, but you shared one of my videos when I said Black people have to stop begging the government and go and do for self out in our communities. And you shared the video and called me an idiot.

I beat the stereotype that I am young, Black in America, and I can’t do anything because someone is holding me down. Absolutely not… I’m not expecting anything from politicians—Donald Trump, Joe Biden, or nobody. We are going to go do it for ourselves.”

Instead of being proud of all Randall has achieved and the difference he is making in the lives of young black men, a combative Martin appeared resolved to make their interview political, despite Randall's repeated attempts to respectfully focus on the topic of his mission. Following the interview, Randall tweeted to Martin, "You were definitely trying to fight when I clearly wasn't. Definitely interested in having more dialogue and you coming to visit our school. Would you care to share my pinned tweet?" Martin replied back, tweeting, "Y'all are absolutely hilarious. And if you think that was a fight, you clearly haven't seen me do what I do."

Not long after appearing on Martin's show, Dr. Boyce Watkins, whose broadcast at terms itself "the home for intelligent black people," invited Randall to be a guest. Before his conversation with Randall, Watkins spent a half-hour show addressing Martin's interview with Randall, challenging who Martin works for, adding that he was disturbed by the way Martin reacted to Randall, noticing:

"I saw Roland Martin interview 21 yr old King Randall, who built a school for boys in Albany, GA. This brings into question exactly who Roland Martin is working for. I watched the interview in sadness because it is my view that the job of black men in our 40s and 50s is to support young people who are doing work to help the black community." 

The comments following Dr. Watkins's interview with King Randall are inspiring to read. The majority of fans acknowledged the known but often implicit attempt by legacy media and some political parties to divide the black community, with one fan explaining, "Respected by Trump and Trump supporters but disrespected by Roland Martin. The media will be the destruction of the black community." Many fans commented they were in tears of joy after listening and learning about King Randall, with one viewer proclaiming: 

"I watched this young man on Roland Martin, and I was so impressed with him and posted there. I saw him in my feed again, and I was able to hear everything he is doing on this show, and I am so appreciative and impressed. You, young man, is what the blacks kids need in their lives. I feel that this young man is not giving these kids food to eat; he is teaching them to fish."

The X Preparatory School for Boys is funded exclusively through donations and private donors. Many believe in the mission so wholeheartedly that they have offered yearly endowments, enabling young men to attend the school for free and ultimately putting them on a clear path for success in life by educating them on skills and trades that will help them flourish. 

In his most recent interview, on May 8, King Randall was featured on Fox News in a segment with Lawrence Jones, III, where Randall explained:

"We have so much more work to do! We're literally just getting started! So excited to open the doors of The Life Preparatory School for Boys this fall! Independent, not charter! DO FOR SELF! Malcolm X and Dr. King are why I do what I do!"

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