An Open Letter to Soon to Be Ex-Rep Liz Cheney

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  • 09/19/2023

I feel compelled to write a letter to Rep. Liz Cheney regarding her statement from yesterday morning. Below I’ve attached a screenshot, so readers will understand what specific statement I’m referring to. I cannot simply let this pass without a response of my own. As a voter, as an American, as someone fighting for the future of our country, I have to respond. I have to respond on behalf of the tens of millions of voters who had their votes stolen. I have to respond on behalf of the political prisoners rounded up after people like Liz Cheney put the official stamp on a lie. I have to speak up on behalf of an angry America that has simply been pushed beyond its limits by elitist garbage like the self-entitled daughter of Dick Cheney, of all people.  Below is the statement I am referring to.

Liz, today I saw that you chose to open your mouth and respond to former President Trump, yet again. It has really become a habit for you to open your mouth and say something negative every time he speaks. You claimed that the stealing of the 2020 election was a big lie. We all know where this comes from; you are part of the party that saw him as an outsider and a threat to your power. You wanted the election rigged to remove that threat. We know it. You know it. The Democrats on the other side of the aisle know it (see what they’re doing about the Arizona audit). Their voters know it, too. Former President Trump is issuing statements that other people propagate on his behalf after he was de-platformed at the behest of people like you, and he is reaching tens of millions. Meanwhile, you run to CNN to mouth the Democrat slogans and talking points. Who is really fighting for We The People, Liz? Why do you hate the 75 Million Americans that voted to Make America Great Again? Most of us know the answer to that question already, but it would be good to hear you put your contemptuous thoughts about us on the record.

The “big lie” is that YOU are *one of us* and that we can trust you, not that the 2020 election was stolen. You’ve demonstrated that you only care about your own personal power and wealth and that you are a partner to the Left in suppressing Americans. You mouth off repeatedly on Democrat-friendly media outlets, and you avoid Conservative outlets and programs because you know that your duplicity won’t get a pass. Liz, if you were anything but a joke, you’d have the courage to go head-to-head and face-to-face with Dan Bongino, or Tucker Carlson, or someone like Tracy Beanz. You’d discuss the issues on the merits. The reality is, you show up on shows like Jake Tapper’s propaganda hour, and you repeat ad nauseum Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi’s talking points. You do so using Left wing outlets that will give you all the air time you want, and they give you that air time because your goals are the same.

Former President Trump is right, and there is overwhelming evidence to support his statements. Your own party in your home state Censured you and is rejecting you; meanwhile, Donald Trump is more popular and influential than ever. They Censured you because they know that the ‘Democratic System’ was already poisoned- by stealing an election and nullifying the votes of 75 million Americans who played by the rules and voted fairly, freely, and legally. They Censured you, Liz, because you spit in the face of those 75 million Americans you were sent to Washington to represent. They censured you because you betrayed them to win favor with the people who want us marginalized, silenced, and crushed. You know, the people who elected YOU.

Let me be clear, Liz: everyone sees you for the turncoat you ARE. No one is under any illusions about you. Former President Trump referenced your polling numbers. We all know what those numbers say. You aren’t going back to Washington. The thing that strikes me most is the strikingly opposite ways two women Representatives facing a tough re-election bid have decided to handle it; Cheri Bustos sees the writing on the wall and decided to walk away gracefully. She knows what’s coming and why. You aren't as smart as Cheri-- you chose to double down and dare the very people that you spat on and betrayed to remove her from office.  Challenge accepted, Liz. Challenge accepted.

Your continued truculence and lack of awareness notwithstanding, the end of your political career is rapidly approaching.  The voters you openly despise, and endlessly mock on DNC airwaves are going to make sure your career is over. But who knows, with all that DNC media limelight, maybe it’s the start of a burgeoning media career…

Maybe CNN will hire you.

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