Election Integrity Call to Action: All Eyes on Windham, NH Tonight

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  • 09/19/2023

Tonight's Board of Selectmen meeting in Windham, NH at 6:30 pm ET is critical in the ongoing process of selecting the professional auditor who will conduct the forensic audit of the ballots in Rockingham County from the November 2020 general election. As reported last week by UncoverDC, the discrepancy between the hand count and the machine count in Windham's ballot recount is the largest in the state's history, and the decisions made thus far by the Windham Selectmen have sparked outrage by many concerned residents in New Hampshire and across the nation. 

On Monday, Ken Eyring, (who, along with a handful of others, including Sen. Bob Guida (R-2nd District), was instrumental in making the audit happen) gave a summary of the many twists and turns in the "Windham Incident." He also indicated he believes the "biased and partisan maneuvers that are being instigated and then amplified primarily by Windham Selectman Heath Partington's actions reflect poorly on the Select Board and our town," noting that his "self-serving antics that are antithetical to our Constitutional Republic." 

At the Apr. 26 Board of Selectmen Meeting, in a 3-1 vote, the Board voted to select the team of Mark Lindeman and Andrew Appel to perform the forensic audit. As revealed by UncoverDC and shared by Gateway Pundit, it has since emerged that significant conflicts of interest exist with Lindeman and his company, Verified Voting, and the integrity of the pending audit. As previously reported:

Mark Lindeman is the Co-Director of Verified Voting, a non-profit with a history of working with left-leaning organizations, including the Brennan Center for Justice, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the Leadership Conference for Civil and Human Rights, and Common Cause. Also worth noting, Verified Voting board chair Barbara Simons also sits on the board of the Democracy Alliance, an influential Soros-funded donor collective.

Following the selection of Lindeman, it came to light that two former Verified Voting board members—Phillip B. Stark and Richard DeMillo—resigned over questions surrounding Verified Voting and the intent of its mission. Of his resignation, DeMillo was quoted as saying:

“Although my concerns have been growing for some time now, Verified Voting’s involvement in a “pilot RLA” in Georgia following the recent election makes it impossible to continue as a member of the advisory board. VV issued and supported misleading public statements that those pilots confirm outcomes and even prove the security of new election systems. Verified Voting’s seal of approval for the security theatrics in Bartow County undermines efforts to make elections more accountable. This exercise conducted behind closed doors and billed as a practice run—even if flawlessly conducted—could only confirm the correctness of the tally of the unverified (and therefore possibly corrupted) ballots, not that the ballots tallied were correctly marked. No audit based on an untrustworthy audit trail can confirm the correctness of the outcome.

If they are successful at confusing the public about the correctness of the election outcomes in Georgia and elsewhere, I fear it will be in some measure due to the absence of values once embraced by Verified Voting."

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Last week following the Board meeting, Selectman Breton issued a press release advising that the Windham Board of Selectman made a significant error in picking Lindeman and urged that the Board make a motion of reconsideration at their next meeting TONIGHT, Monday, May 3, (broadcast live via the link below at 6:30 pm ET) regarding its choice. There are numerous "Calls to Action" by locals hoping for a large turnout at tonight's meeting.

Bruton said it is clear that Mr. Lindeman has a conflict of interest representing Windham’s and NH’s citizens as a forensic auditor due to his opposition to the election audit currently taking place in Arizona, where 2.1 Million ballots are being inspected. He explained his position further in a statement:

“I believe my colleagues on the Board have made a mistake and must have an opportunity to correct it immediately. Time is of the essence, as SB43 mandates the forensic audit be completed within 45 days of the passage of the Bill.

It is with this serious set of circumstances in mind that I am compelled to respectfully request that my fellow Board Members reconsider their vote for Mark Lindeman at our next meeting on May 3rd. Due to the level of public interest, I believe that a meeting should be held at the Windham High School in order to have ample space for Windham residents who wish to voice their wishes, that we as a body have an obligation to represent."

In early March, when the wheels were really beginning to turn towards establishing an audit, Heath Partington, vice-chair of the Windham Selectmen, seemed bothered by conversations between SoS Bill Gardner and Eyring as they attempted to establish a road map of what an audit in Windham would look like. Partington said Eyring's proposal centered on the voting machines, "when we need to do a recount to give us more clarity beyond the output of the machines," adding:

"What Ken Eyring did was an end around that process, and what he proposes is something different than what was agreed to Wednesday without discussing it with those involved."

There is quite a bit of uncertainty online concerning tonight's meeting. UncoverDC spoke with Cheryl at the Town of Windham offices late Monday afternoon. Cheryl explained that the meeting begins tonight at 6:30 pm at the Community Development Department located at 3 North Lowell Rd., Windham, NH 03087. The meeting will first take care of non-public matters. The open meeting will start at 7:00 pm and will commence in the meeting room. At this time, the Selectmen will have an opportunity to vote and decide whether they want to move the meeting to the larger venue (Windham High School, 64 London Bridge Rd.) that has been promoted on the NH Voter Integrity Group's Facebook Page. Cheryl explained that if they vote to move the meeting, there would be a slight pause in order to do so.

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