An Outsider Again, Trump Begins Taking Over the GOP’s Fundraising

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  • 09/19/2023

Just 3 short months ago, the GOP establishment wing in Washington D.C. and around the country were popping the champagne corks and clapping each other on the back. Sure, they’d just lost the White House and the Senate while the House narrowly remained under Democrat control, but on the bright side, DONALD J. TRUMP WAS GONE NOW.

At LAST, the RINOs could begin their long-anticipated strategies for Life-After-Trump.


It was shortly after his dynamic CPAC speech on February 28 that Trump released the above public statement on March 9. In that statement Trump explicitly called for supporters to send their donations directly to his Save America PAC rather than to the GOP.

If you listened to Trump’s full CPAC speech; he clearly laid out his plans for the next several years. For the presidency, for the House and the Senate, and certainly as far as the GOP is concerned. And how the GOP was still using his image to raise funds and, in his estimation, wasting much of the money. For that reason, the March 9 statement should have come as no surprise to anyone paying attention.

But instead of really listening to what Trump said at CPAC, the GOP establishment types responded the same way CNN did: either by derisively mocking the speech or calling it a threat to democracy. Plenty of establishment media covered the speech as the loud, angry whining of a sore loser. And then, when the first quarter’s fundraising results were announced, all Hell broke loose. The RINOs rubbed their eyes in shock as they looked at the numbers. It turns out that not only did the Conservative base hear Trump’s March 9 call for them to bypass the GOP and to send their money straight to him, but they also sent him enough to dominate the fundraising quarter by a wide margin.

By how much did Trump dominate the year’s first fundraising quarter now that he’s an outsider again? Trump’s Save America PAC raised a cool $23,000,000 more than the RNC and the DNC combined

And Trump didn’t put out that March 9 statement until the quarter was half over. Imagine the numbers Trump is going to pull in during the next quarter, at this rate. Understand what this means: Trump has diverted a tremendous amount of the stream of money coming from the base to the GOP.  That money is now going to Trump himself. Which, of course, gives Trump an immense amount of clout.

Democrat Fundraising Appears to Be Tanking

And let’s talk about the anemic Democrat fundraising numbers for just a minute.

Buyer’s remorse setting in after Biden took office on January 20 appeared to be a real thing, at least on social media, where myriads of posts could be found as disillusioned Biden voters vented their disappointment with Biden’s handling of numerous issues.

But now, the first quarter’s fundraising demonstrates just how badly the Democratic base is doing when it comes to supporting their own party now that Biden is safely in office. According to verified sources, the DNC raised only $18 million in January and February. [At the time this column went to press, several hours of searching failed to turn up the DNC’s March fundraising numbers, and so the full DNC total for the first quarter could not be determined].

Trump Was Never Going Third Party

Despite all the talk about starting up a third party by other people after the election was blatantly stolen from him last year, and the GOP establishment refused to put up much of a fight against that theft, Trump made it crystal clear in his speech at CPAC how he intends to proceed. And he’s not going third party. He made it clear what his intentions are. His intention is to take over the GOP from the ground up.

Now, some people will object that Trump already started doing that back in 2015. It’s true he started that process as a candidate. But all during his presidency, it was obvious there was an entrenched wing of the party at the very top that was resisting everything he was trying to do from the White House.  So, it’s clear he hadn’t finished taking over the GOP by the time the 2020 election arrived.

There is only one way Trump removes that entrenched opposition at the very top of the GOP. And that is by cutting off their donor money and starving them out. Assuming any of them listened to Trump’s speech in Orlando, I’m sure many of the GOP establishment class dismissed his statements about taking over their fundraising as the babblings of a lunatic. That would be no surprise, as the D.C. establishment from the beginning has consistently and constantly underestimated both Trump and his base. If they thought Trump was blowing smoke at CPAC and with his March 9 public statement, the release of these fundraising numbers should have provided them with a huge dose of clarity.

They now realize Trump is completely serious about cutting off their money, and not only can he do it, but he’s off to a fantastic start. If Trump could divert that much of the GOP’s cash to his own pockets in half of a quarter, what will the next quarter’s numbers look like? He very well could go over $100 million while the GOP’s total drops from the $44 million it managed in the past quarter as wealthier donors see where the base is going and follow suit.

The Usual Post-Election Fatigue Is Not Affecting Trump but It’s Dragging Down the Mainstream Media

Longtime political observers are aware that fundraising numbers always drop right after a big national election. This is especially true following a presidential election, where the news coverage and fundraising cycles will have lasted more than a year.  It’s an annual phenomenon that after a presidential election, not only do fundraising numbers plummet, but the ratings for the various news channels decline as well as many viewers lose interest in the political scene now that the election is past. The holiday season begins in earnest, with Thanksgiving and Christmas arriving, followed by New Years.

But the 2020 election theft created a post-election atmosphere like nothing the country has ever seen before. While the DNC/RNC funding numbers showed the usual election fatigue drop, Trump’s fundraising numbers exploded at the same time the mainstream news media entered a “Trump Slump”.

Far from Abandoning Him, Trump’s Base Is Now on The March Getting Ready for 2022 And 2024

The political elite class in both parties has spent more than five years now desperately trying one narrative after another as they attempted to drive Trump’s base away from him. Nothing they tried has worked. And that elite class may very well have made a fatal mistake in ‘fortifying’ the 2020 election, openly changing election laws and then using an unconstitutional ‘election month’ to hand the victory to an increasingly frail and confused Joe Biden.

The last, most histrionic narrative adopted by the establishment was the ‘insurrection’ narrative that has been relentlessly pushed since January 6. That absurd narrative has also failed to move Trump’s base away from him. Far from abandoning him, the Trump base proved they are still loyal, and they are still listening to him, as his extraordinary fundraising demonstrates. But the Trump base's activity is not just limited to sending Trump their money. They are also sending themselves.

Tracy Beanz Diaz who won Horry County, SC GOP Executive Committeewoman election stands with Gen. Michael Flynn who endorsed her during the Unite for The Republic Rally

An Army of Trump Supporters Is on The March at the State Level

If before much of Trump’s base was in passive observer mode, thinking they were watching Trump save the country, they're being forced to watch the fraudulent shenanigans of the last election have compelled them to get off their couches and get personally involved in saving this country themselves.  And if they have to join Trump in taking over the GOP from the ground up to accomplish that, then so be it.

Longtime political activist and Editor-in-Chief of UncoverDC, Tracy Beanz Diaz has just been elected to political office in South Carolina’s Horry County. Tracy represents hundreds of ardent Trump supporters who, far from retreating or abandoning Trump or the issues he champions, are instead stepping into the arena and taking on this fight themselves. The blatant theft of the election from Trump may very well have saved this country in the end.

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