The Perils of Deference

  1. I'll respect you in the morning.
  2. The check is in the mail.
  3. I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.

The above are three of the most common lies that have ever been told. Sadly, the truth of the third lie—which gained currency over the last 100 or so years through direct experience—has been forgotten. Or maybe Americans have been sufficiently brainwashed in recent generations to believe that up is down and down is up. Regardless of how it happened, deference to the “experts” has never been greater in the Age of the Chicom Virus. And nothing is more dangerous than blindly trusting the experts—especially those cloaked in government authority.

Let us examine a few examples in which the “experts” have been exposed as charlatans:

Global Warming

A £24,000 statue of Greta Thunberg installed at a university has sparked anger among students who have branded it a "vanity project."

According to prophets like former Vice President Al Gore, in his fictional documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, there are only so many years left before anthropogenic global warming destroys life on Earth as we know it. Except that the originally predicted end dates have come and gone (e.g., “no ice in the Arctic by 2013”) and have been quietly moved a few decades to the right. None of his sensational predictions have come true, as detailed here. Yet, there are millions of people around the world who WANT to believe in the doomsday predictions from modern-day P.T. Barnum’s like Al Gore and Greta Thunberg, both of whom are neither scientists nor experts on climatology, but rather are merely progressive celebrities. These people want to change our economy from top to bottom, dislocating and impoverishing many to achieve the false promises of a “Green New Deal.” Why anyone would defer to such as these for truth is beyond comprehension. However, this article does an excellent job explaining the cult-like behavior that breeds fanatical deference to global warming spokesmen.


Government physicians at the CDC, NIH, and in-state health bureaucracies have been pushing the wearing of masks as a means to “protest against the virus” for over a year now. There have been many studies around the world that argued against the supposed efficacy of masks:

And the U.S. CDC’s own data from March-December 2020 show that masks reduced cases and deaths only by .5% to 2% at a confidence rate of 95%. In other words, the reduction is statistically meaningless, and there is no proof that masks work. At all.

Yet, people still walk the streets and drive cars wearing masks! Despite the deleterious effects (see here and here), many children are forced to wear masks by teachers’ unions and other “experts.” And the “mask nazis” remain out in force in all the chain stores, especially in Blue states with authoritarian mask mandates. Deferring to the experts on wearing masks is as much about acquiescing to arbitrary authoritarian political control as it is about anything! And right on cue, the Hologram claimed on Monday that “masking up” is a “patriotic duty.” What authoritarian nonsense!

Social Distancing

Over the past year, businesses around the country have spent millions of dollars on those 6-foot-spaced shoes painted on their floors and other signs that help customers maintain the social distancing recommended by the “experts” at the CDC. Except now, the experts say that 3 feet of separation suffice. It turns out that the original 6-foot distancing was based on science that was 80 years old. Masks don’t work (see the above studies), yet the experts now say that 3 feet of separation is fine if masks are worn. And yet social distancing and the wearing of masks remains very popular among the sheep. Meanwhile, new CDC Director Rochelle Walensky warns of “impending doom” related to the virus. Gotta keep that social distancing and the lockdowns going (indefinitely)! The fear-mongering by government “experts” never stops.


The experts in the political class got everything wrong about President Trump, as his policy achievements turned expert opinion inside-out over the past four years: trade deals, Middle East peace treaties, China tariffs, rebalancing NATO monetary commitments, Operation Warp Speed, criminal justice reforms, tax cuts, reducing regulatory burdens, promoting domestic oil and gas production (the U.S. was the number one producer during his presidency), tightening immigration controls at the southern border, and on and on. Republican political consultants were just as bad as Democrat operatives in misjudging President Trump. Every “expert” predicted an “authoritarian dictatorship,” but President Trump operated within the constraints of the U.S. Constitution and the law throughout his presidency. How any Republican politician (or anyone else for that matter) could defer to their expertise at this point is patently absurd. Fortunately, many Americans are red-pilled as they watch the Hologram’s horrible anti-American policy actions unfold, and even Democrat voters are beginning to experience buyer’s remorse. The “experts” were wrong again.


After nearly 20 years of continuous war in Afghanistan, the Trump administration had negotiated a withdrawal of U.S. forces on May 1, 2021. The “experts” failed to develop mission success criteria and exit criteria since the beginning, not to mention arbitrarily changing the rules of engagement on the ground for political reasons over the years. This report gets it right:

In February, former Secretary of State Madeline Albright argued Biden should ignore the May 1 withdrawal date and instead adopt a series of five new steps. The Afghan Study Group likewise advocated to abandon the withdrawal date and offered its own objectives. Meanwhile, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said the May 1 date was a “conditions-based” deal and declared the Taliban hadn’t met the conditions, and therefore NATO should continue the war.

All of these advocates ignore that every tactic and objective they advocate has been tried over the past two decades, usually multiple times, and uniformly they have failed.

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden (L) arrives for a visit at an Afghan National Army (ANA) training center in Kabul

These “experts” want to extend the conflict with no real end in sight. To what end? What are their proposed exit criteria? They have none that advance U.S. national security. A cynic might think they have other than altruistic motivations, given what has transpired in Afghanistan for two decades.


The number of Americans who defer to the legacy media remains much larger than it should be, given all of the anti-Trump lies that have been exposed over the past four years. This is particularly true for older Americans who grew up watching the three broadcast networks and have been conditioned to believe anything on television news shows. Rather than sample news reports from a variety of sources across the political spectrum and then making one’s decision about the facts based on those reports and personal experience over time, many people limit their sources to the likes of CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, and The Washington Post. The thousands of articles and op-eds from those sources on virtually every anti-Trump topic have been debunked (e.g., Trump-Russia collusion, Trump obstruction of justice, Trump-Ukraine quid pro quo, etc.). Similarly, thousands of negative articles about the Chicom virus spread disinformation and perpetuate a cycle of fear—mainly because that fear is being exploited politically by authoritarian Democrat governors and now the Biden administration. Yet, people doggedly believe what those agit-prop sources purvey daily. This puzzling behavior manifests like a version of Stockholm syndrome in which a long-captured prisoner (in this case captured by ideology and brainwashing) retains an unbreakable psychological bond with the captor (the legacy media in this case) regardless of the lies that continue to be debunked. The “experts” in the legacy media—particularly the paid contributors from prior Democrat administrations—are anything but experts. Deference to any of them is foolish.


Anthony Fauci is the poster-child for Chicom virus experts in the US government. He has given hundreds of interviews over the past year and has made some astounding statements and claims, including complete reversals of original claims. This article does an excellent job in summarizing the more significant of Fauci’s many flip-flops, including guidance on school openings, his claim that human T cells have the potential for "preventing the cells that are infected from making new viruses," and guidance on wearing masks (he originally claimed there was no need for masks). Steven Crowder did a great job of ridiculing Fauci’s flip-flops in this short video from last fall, too. Here is a recent interview with Democrat hack Chuck Todd in which he claims that more pandemics are coming because of climate change. Or how about this one, in which he admits that science doesn’t drive all of the CDC’s decisions? That’s cold comfort to the Americans who have lost their businesses, committed suicide, or OD’d on opioids due to the state lockdowns over the past year. With that in mind, consider his recent proclamation that children should either be vaccinated or wear masks when they play together. Dr. Fauci is from the government, and he is here to help! Except that sentence should probably be extended to include the word “himself,” as he has been linked directly to Moderna, which is one of the producers of the Chicom virus “vaccines.” Cha-ching!


A lot of people to whom the political class and many Americans defer because of their “expertise” are, in fact, charlatans. Complete deference to the experts can be dangerous—to the economy, U.S. national security, your relatives serving in the U.S. military, your business, and your health. Deference, in general, is an alien trait to Americans, who have historically been clear-eyed and independent-minded risk-takers, entrepreneurs, and solid citizens capable of making their own commonsense decisions. “Live free or die” wasn’t just a motto to our forbearers; they were words to live (and die) by. As Revolutionary War General John Stark once said, “Death is not the worst of evils.” As we have learned in the Age of the Chicom Virus, deference results in sacrificing one’s freedom and liberty in exchange for a false promise of security. This is a standard tactic for tyrannical governments the world over throughout history—from King George III to the Biden regime—to gain power and control at the expense of the people’s liberty.

It is long past time to return to a collective understanding of that third lie and act accordingly, as our parents and grandparents were certainly right about it!

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