Indulgences in the Democrats’ America

The First Amendment “guarantees” freedom of religion – at least until it is repealed by the atheistic Marxists in America who have been working toward that end for the past century. Note that James Madison listed freedom of religion before freedom of speech and the rest. That order of precedence signals the priority and importance of each of those freedoms, and religion is freedom number one!

With an ironic nod to the First Amendment, modern leftists have fashioned their own religion in a humanistic – and Godless – mold. The Democrat Party that they have taken over is a socialist political party that contains all the key elements of an established religion. And just like the Christian Church during the Middle Ages, the Democrats have developed their own self-priming money pump through the practice of indulgences. Hold that thought while the elements of religion as relates to the Democrat Party are explained.

The Modern Democrat Party’s Elements of Religion

Orthodoxy. This refers to a set of basic or core beliefs that cannot be challenged. The Democrats’ core beliefs are found in the 2020 Democrat Party platform, including third-trimester abortions, universal healthcare, racial justice and equality, LGBTQ+ rights, and other Marxist-oriented beliefs/issues camouflaged by Orwellian names. Most religions also have a deity in which adherents fervently believe. The Democrats have several, with government, Gaia (the Earth), and Mammon being the most prominent. As in, the government can do no wrong, we must save the planet regardless of human costs, and money makes the world go round (and its pursuit is moral no matter how it is acquired). [Note: if the Democrat Party were a true political party and not a de facto religion, then its elected officials would believe that holding office is a public trust in service of the people, not a means to enrich one’s self, family, and supporters/donors.]

Hierarchical organization. Every religion has its own structure, with associated functions, with every individual performing his role and function in that organization. That is also true of the modern Democrat Party, which has adopted a mafia-like crime family organization in which everyone has a key part to play:

  • Boss: The Hologram, who is ostensibly the party leader enforcing the orthodoxy (the reality is that he is only a mouthpiece)
  • Underboss: Kamala Harris (being groomed to be the boss at the propitious time)
  • Consiglieres: Perkins Coie and other large Democrat law firms that employ sham litigation and lawfare such as “sue and settle” to advance Democrat orthodoxy throughout America
  • Capos: Cuomo, Whitmer, Newsom, other Democrat governors, and senior out-of-office Democrats like Obama and the Clintons who have their own crews who implement, facilitate, and enforce Democrat orthodoxy within their respective spheres of influence
  • Soldiers: legions of “made men” in the DNC, state party organizations, legacy media, academia, Hollywood, nonprofit organizations, and inside federal and state agencies (all willing to do their part by the boss or capos when called upon for “a piece of the action”)

That hierarchy is bound together through bribery, extortion, and corruption, as well as a knowledge of the penalties for leaving the reservation.

Sects. There are multiple sects, or factions within the Democrat Party, including LGBTQ radicals, BLM activists, greenies, progressive minorities, government employees, legacy media, labor, academia, Hollywood, Big Tech authoritarians, various flavors of Marxists, radical feminists, etc. All of them have their own “special interests,” which inform the party orthodoxy and all of them look to the god of government to repay their loyalty to the Democrat Party through the spoils or patronage system (e.g., with government jobs, tax breaks, favorable legislation, etc.).

Proselytization. The party organization and the various sects continually spread their orthodoxy throughout America while tolerating no dissent. This is the primary job of Democrats, especially those made men in America’s main cultural institutions: all forms of media, Hollywood, and the public education system. Agit-prop is their primary tactic; cultural Marxism is their motivating ideology. And they are particularly focused on turning America’s children into new radical leftists and activists.

Emotion. Forget facts, science, and logic, which never seem to be in play in furthering the objectives associated with Democrat orthodoxy (those arguments can be bent depending on the political needs of the moment). Rather, the raw emotions of hope, fear, reverence, and humility are exploited to the hilt by the Democrat Party to both control the faithful and persuade dissenters. Hope for the Utopian socialist paradise that always seems to be just around the next corner, fear of loss of spoils and patronage resulting from losing control of the government, reverence for exalted Democrat politicians propped up by the media (Obama is a perfect example), and politically-focused humility, such as bending the knee to the BLM Marxists.

Excommunication. Conformance with Democrat orthodoxy and emotion is mandatory. Rarely do Democrats in the hierarchical organization described above defect from their Party. The penalty for nonconformance is excommunication from the party, which these days can include loss of one’s livelihood (including spoils/patronage), public shaming, attacks by weaponized government agencies such as the IRS and violent doxing by the Party’s made men in the streets.

Indulgences. An indulgence can be defined as the payment of money or in-kind goods or services to authority in order to avoid pain or punishment (subjectively defined by that authority). The practice first had religious connotations:

An ‘indulgence’ was part of the medieval Christian church and a significant trigger to the Protestant Reformation. Basically, by purchasing an indulgence, an individual could reduce the length and severity of punishment that heaven would require as payment for their sins, or so the church claimed. Buy an indulgence for a loved one, and they would go to heaven and not burn in hell. Buy an indulgence for yourself, and you needn't worry about that pesky affair you'd been having.

The indulgence system was formalized by Pope Urban II (1035–1099) during the Council of Clermont in 1095. If an individual performed enough good deeds to earn a full or ‘Plenary’ indulgence from the Pope or lesser ranks of churchmen, all their sins (and punishment) would be erased. Partial indulgences would cover a lesser amount, and complex systems developed in which the church claimed they could calculate to the day how much sin a person had canceled.

The modern Democrat Party has taken a page out of that medieval Christian church to create an ever-expanding system of indulgences to fund and enrich the Party (money being the mother’s milk of politics). “Pain or punishment” in Democrat terms includes heavy taxation, overregulation, unfavorable legislation, ostracization from Democrat social circles, losses of government contracts, etc. To avoid these pains and punishments, the Democrat Party is only too happy to collect modern indulgences in the form of money or in-kind services rendered:

  • Fund-raising. Democrat donors have long figured out that campaign contributions to the Democrat Party enable access to Democrat decision-makers. Capos and made men make campaign contributions for careerist reasons, too. Some elevate themselves in the Party hierarchy by becoming successful bundlers (the more money collected – regardless of source – the more valuable to the Party).
  • Pay for play. Want something from a Democrat? Then pay the freight ahead of time because the Democrats worship Mammon. If a Democrat is not in a political office, bet-hedging is always in vogue in the event of a return to power (for instance, ask Hillary Clinton about the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative worked).
  • Protection. When Democrats are in control of the federal or state governments, even those private companies and individuals who are on the side of the angels sometimes consider paying protection money to the Democrats to avoid pain and punishment and be left alone. Call it extortion money, as appropriate.
  • Kickbacks. A kickback is defined as: a percentage of income given to a person in a position of power or influence as payment for having made the income possible: usually considered improper or unethical. Government money – direct appropriations, contract funds, grants – are frequently a    source of kickbacks for the Democrat Party. The recipient of those taxpayer-provided funds (the Democrat never spend their own money) is required to “kickback” a percentage to Democrat Party coffers almost like a usage tax. Nonmonetary kickbacks include free labor and other services provided by labor unions during election campaigns.
  • Carbon Credits. The green faction of the Democrat Party has been successful in convincing companies to offset the CO2-originating electricity that they use by buying renewable energy credits for electricity generated from intermittent green sources like wind and solar. This is a useful ploy for Democrats: the funding of favored green projects and virtue-signaling by Democrat donors who achieve “net-zero carbon dioxide emissions” goals set by green Democrats in government (net-zero being defined as “achieving an overall balance between greenhouse gas emissions produced and greenhouse gas emissions taken out of the atmosphere”).
  • Virtue-signaling. This form of indulgence is all the rage these days and can be either monetary or non-monetary. Virtue-signaling is defined as: the sharing of one's point of view on a social or political issue, often on social media, in order to garner praise or acknowledgment of one’s righteousness from others who share that point of view, or to passively rebuke those who do not.The list of companies donating to BLM is long. Do they really support BLM’s Marxist goals, or are they virtue-signaling to Democrats and other assorted leftists in America? How about all the #MeToo movement virtue-signalers (who are now suddenly silent about New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s transgressions)? Or the “bending of the knee” to the BLM mob by the National Football League, National Basketball Association, and other professional sports? The Democrats make political hay with every virtue-signaler that they successfully coerce into making a public announcement. Democrat consiglieres are hard at work in corporate America using their “sue and settle” tactic, with a virtue-signaling result being a relatively inexpensive price to pay to settle a potentially costly lawsuit. Or maybe not quite so inexpensive as some might think, as conservatives take their business elsewhere (boycotts really do work; ask the NBA about the record-low viewership of their recent all-star game).

Conclusion. The modern Democrat Party has become a religion unto itself; all the elements are there. The Party has modernized and put the medieval practice of indulgences on steroids in order to fund and enrich Party operations, as well as to corrupt, bribe, and extort donors and others. Their use of one form of indulgences – taxpayer-funded kickbacks – even makes the whole operation a self-priming pump! The Protestant Reformation ended the medieval Church’s practice of indulgences – protesting against indulgences was a key spark! Will there ever be a critical mass of American citizens that demands the end to Democrat indulgences in the 21st century? Is Donald Trump our Martin Luther?

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