News Media Can’t Penetrate Either Durham Special Counsel or FBI’s Biden Investigation

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  • 09/19/2023

It was formally announced on Feb. 26 that Special Counsel John Durham was resigning from his post as the U.S. Attorney for Connecticut on Sunday, Feb. 28 at midnight. Much of social media commentary about this development seemed to confuse Durham’s Special Counsel’s Office with his job as Connecticut’s U.S. Attorney.  Durham had been holding down two vastly different jobs since former U.S. Attorney General William Barr revealed that he had made Durham the head of a new Special Counsel’s Office back in October of 2019.

What makes the reaction of many to the Durham resignation news so interesting is that many news media outlets, including UncoverDC, had reported back in early February that Durham would soon be leaving his U.S. Attorney post. Michelle Edwards reported at UncoverDC back on Feb. 10:

According to the Justice Department, there are 93 U.S. attorneys, and the resignation request affects 56 of them. The two exceptions are John Durham, the U.S. attorney for Connecticut, and David Weiss, the U.S. attorney for Delaware.  

Weiss is overseeing the investigation of Hunter Biden’s taxes and business dealings with China. Durham will be asked to step down as U.S. attorney for Connecticut but will remain in his role as special counsel, appointed by former Attorney General William Barr, investigating the FBI’s probe into whether Trump’s 2016 campaign coordinated with Russia to influence the 2016 election.

Barr appoints U.S. attorney to investigate 'unmasking' requests by Obama officials

As was the case with AG Barr having announced he’d appointed the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Texas John Bash to investigate the unmasking requests targeting the incoming Donald Trump National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn on May 27, 2020, by the time he testified in front of Congress on July 28 and mentioned again that he’d appointed Bash to do this, much of the news media treated it as breaking news.

Many prominent pundits and media commentators didn’t remember that major news media outlets had published stories about Bash’s appointment back in May, a mere 2 months earlier. And now we are watching the same phenomena at work with the Durham resignation. Why would it catch so many people by surprise when major media outlets had said to expect it as recently as early February? Are people’s memories really that short? As for the reasons why Durham waited until now to shed himself of the U.S. Attorney job, we can only speculate.

Durham himself provided no real reason in his announcement. That’s not unusual since Durham has been pretty close-mouthed since he was publicly revealed by AG Barr to be the lead SpyGate investigator. Still, few people are asking the right questions.

Why Have There Been No Leaks From Durham?

Before we learned about Durham leading SpyGate leak probes by May of 2017, there were no leaks.

After we learned about Durham when he was officially unveiled by then-AG William Barr in May of 2019; there were no leaks.

Before it was revealed that Durham was now leading a newly appointed Special Counsel’s office this past November, there were no leaks.

After we learned Durham was now leading a growing team in a new Special Counsel’s Office, there were no leaks.

Do you see a pattern developing there? Because I certainly do.

Prominent political pundits, reporters, and commentators have insisted for a long time now that even after all the evidence was made public, clearly showing the guilt of the major players involved in the SpyGate scandal – especially those involved in faking a crime for which they could prosecute General Flynn – in the end, nothing is going to happen, there will be no indictments.

I don’t believe that will be the case. I believe before he releases his final report, Durham will issue indictments. Otherwise, that would be some humdinger of a report he’d have to write, trying to square the circle of all the overwhelming evidence that has already been declassified and publicly released that shows exactly what the SpyGate plotters did, with no further indictments.

Why Have There Been No Leaks From the FBI’s Biden Family Investigation?

Now let's turn to the FBI’s investigation into the Biden family. There is simply no way this two-year federal investigation at the FBI has been strictly limited only to Hunter Biden when it comes to members of the Biden family.

The public has already seen evidence from the laptop and from whistleblower Tony Bobulinski that other family members and certainly Joe Biden himself was involved in these corrupt business dealings that were essentially bribes. And yet, even with Biden running for President for the past year and a half, and even after he assumed office following Jan. 20, there have been no leaks from the FBI about the status or progress of this investigation.

John Paul Mac Isaac, the owner of a Delaware computer repair store where Hunter Biden allegedly dropped off laptops in April 2019

Let’s be clear: at no time did the FBI ever leak for over 2 years that the Biden family was the target of a federal investigation involving bribery, money laundering, and tax evasion. Also, the FBI investigation had begun before Hunter Biden abandoned a damaged laptop computer at a Delaware repair shop in April 2019. The laptop evidence didn’t start the FBI criminal investigation into money laundering and tax evasion; it ended up being supplemental to an already ongoing probe.

The New York Post story wasn’t a leak from a federal official; that was the computer store owner taking the laptop information to Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer. Giuliani then forced the FBI to make a public admission before the 2020 election that they had a criminal investigation underway into the Biden family. A pretty fair and evenhanded timeline of the Biden investigation can be found here.

Rudy Giuliani and Hunter Biden. (Photo illustration: Yahoo News; photos: AP, Teresa Kroeger/Getty Images)

Ponder how amazing this is. There still haven’t been any leaks from that FBI investigation, even though we’ve known about it since last October, more than four months ago. You’d think investigative reporters the world over would be furiously digging into this major story, doggedly looking for leads and for leaks.

Instead…total silence.

I commented on this strange development at the Epoch Times in a recent column entitled, “Why No Leaks From the Federal Investigation Into Hunter Biden?” In a town chock-full of leakers, both Durham and the FBI officials handling the probe into the Biden family have avoided any leaks. That is nothing short of amazing.

The Biden Crime Family Isn’t Nearly As Smart As The Trump Family

The American Left spent more than 3 and a half years vainly hoping President Donald J. Trump would be stupid enough to overtly interfere in Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel’s investigation. And Trump certainly had many would-be-advisors on the Right in his ear yelling for him to fire Mueller. But that was one trap the former President avoided. He never took any action to interfere with or sabotage Mueller’s probe.

In the end, Mueller and his top lieutenant, Andrew Weissmann, ended up making only one single incredibly weak obstruction charge based on an exotic reading of a federal statute. And they wouldn't even make the charge themselves; instead, they punted it upstairs to AG William Barr and former Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, who promptly dismissed it.

Cyrus Vance Jr.

The mainstream media relentlessly sold a narrative about “The Trump Crime Family”, while at the same time furiously digging and searching through tax records and other documentation, desperately trying to find a real crime to hang on Donald Trump, or at least on one of his family members. Even now, Cyrus Vance Jr., the New York State Attorney General, is frantically digging through Donald Trump’s tax records, hoping to find something he can at last use to charge the former President with a crime.

Joe Biden, unlike Donald Trump, is one of the most corrupt politicians to ever hold a major office in the United States. I don’t believe Biden can change his nature, and so I don’t believe he and the team he has assembled around him are going to be able to stop themselves when it comes to interfering with both the Special Counsel’s and the FBI’s investigations. Especially if Durham does what I suspect he is preparing to do. Which is unseal indictments.

After Democrats put this country through two fake impeachments based on fraud, it might very well get to watch an impeachment of an increasingly unpopular President based on real evidence developed by a federal agency and presented in a courtroom by a U.S. Attorney and/or a Special Counsel’s Office.

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