USA 2021 is Russia 1923

“History does not repeat itself, but it often rhymes.” – frequently (and probably falsely) attributed to Mark Twain

There are eerie similarities between America's political climate in 2021 and that which existed in Russia in 1923. Consider Stalin's aftermath succeeding Lenin with the high likelihood that the radical Harris will succeed Biden in the not-too-distant future. And that's just for starters.

[As an aside, the title of this article should probably state “USSR 1923” because Russia had become the core of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) through a 1922 treaty that incorporated Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, and the Transcaucasia (comprised of modern Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan). But then most Americans under the age of 40 – and others! – don’t know anything about the sordid history of the USSR (more commonly, the “Soviet Union”) thanks to the dumbing down of the public education system. That is pretty clear because younger Americans actually FAVOR socialism, yet know nothing about its abject failure in places like Russia! And those same Americans are thus unable to draw the parallels between the present political situation in the US and what transpired in Russia nearly 100 years ago.]

Let us compare and contrast:

International Working Women’s Day march, Petrograd, Russia. (8 March 1917

Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (“Lenin”) and his Bolsheviks were a minority socialist political faction in a coalition government along with other less-extreme socialists (the Mensheviks and Social Revolutionaries) when they came to power after the 1917 October Revolution. The Bolsheviks fought the other socialist factions for control of the government from the very beginning.

Participants gather for the 4th annual Women's March in Washington, DC.


Similarly, the modern Democrat Party is a coalition of socialists, LGBTQ radicals, other cultural Marxists, and a sprinkling of erstwhile “moderate” and geriatric Democrats – the latter can only be considered moderate when compared to the rest of the coalition, not in the sense of how moderate Democrats were defined in the 1960s. The Hologram, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and key Democrat committee chairmen in the House and Senate are lumped into that group, with Kamala Harris, The Squad, Bernie Sanders, Ro Khanna, Pramila Jayapal, etc., – that is, the younger radicals – making up the far left of the Democrats in Washington, D.C.

Finally, it could also be strongly argued that the Democrat Party is in fact a minority party in America – kept in power through the types of “election irregularities” that occurred during the 2020 elections. The Democrats and Bolsheviks are thus quite similar in their minority status and ideology.

While Chairman of the Council of People’s Commissars (the Sovnarkom), which ran the Soviet government, Lenin was not interested in a “unity government” with the other socialist revolutionaries. He continually refused to share power and sought to purge the other factions and political opposition to the Bolsheviks in general via political and ultimately violent means. This was especially true throughout and after the 1917-1920 Russian civil war, during which some 11 million Russians died. Lenin’s “Political Bureau” (Politburo) dispatched the Cheka (later the NKVD) – the secret police – to eliminate political enemies throughout the USSR. But the real Russian terror had not truly commenced yet although Lenin was diligently laying the groundwork through enforcement of strict Communist ideology and institutional controls for what was to come later.

In contrast, the ongoing civil war in the US is not yet a “hot” war; the battlegrounds of that cold war are within America’s cultural and political institutions. The American Left – as personified by the Democrat Party – has gained nearly complete control of most institutions over the last 60 years: Academia, Hollywood, the legacy media, social media, the federal bureaucracy, the legal system, the military, and the election system. With Democrats in nearly complete control of the federal government, the radicals and their supporters in all of those institutions are advocating using the federal government to crush all political dissent by Trump supporters and conservatives in general – and even suggesting the use of violence and “re-education camps” to achieve those ends. The surveillance powers of the Obama regime used against the Trump campaign will pale in comparison to what is being cooked up by the Biden-Harris regime. The groundwork is being laid with each passing day for a police state of which Lenin would be proud.

After the Russian civil war ended, Lenin’s government continued to consolidate political power. Political dissent was ruthlessly crushed by the Bolsheviks who also gained control of all Russian media and cultural institutions over time. Average Russians feared the knock on the door in the middle of the night – a favorite tactic of the NKVD to arrest any Russians determined to be political enemies of the state. The NKVD employed thousands of snitches – informants – to monitor the political activities of the Russian people. Lenin and the Bolsheviks considered politics and ideology to be involved in virtually all aspects of everyday life. Dissent from Bolshevik/Communist diktats were dealt with harshly.

One hundred years later, we are beginning to see signs of totalitarianism in America similar to what the Russians experienced in the early 1920s. Unconstitutional actions corrupted the US election system, and an illegitimate president was “certified” with scarcely a murmur from the US Supreme Court. That new president proceeded to attack constitutionally guaranteed freedoms and liberties in a blizzard of executive orders. The Democrat House passed a gargantuan bill disguised as “pandemic relief” that, in reality, is aimed at rewarding Blue states and supporters for their authoritarian lockdowns that undermined the Trump economy. And while Biden squawks about running a “unity government,” House Democrats only accept two out of 286 amendments to that bill that were proposed by Republicans. We now know what “unity” really means (complete acquiescence to the Democrat political agenda – just like Lenin’s refusal to compromise with other political factions). Democrat-controlled social media have suspended thousands of Trump supporters' accounts – a clear attack on constitutionally-guaranteed political speech.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga, on Capitol Hill wearing a "Censored" facemask.

Pundits in the legacy media regularly attack and ridicule Republican senators who questioned the integrity of the 2020 election. House Democrats are pushing new legislation aimed at curtailing “domestic terrorism,” which they define loosely enough to include Trump supporters and other people who dissent from Democrat orthodoxy. Democrat operatives in the media publicly suggest the need for “re-education camps” for the children of Trump supporters. The US Navy is now implementing the equivalent of Marxist oaths disguised as “pledges” as part of “bias awareness” and critical race theory; “diversity officers” have become the new political commissars. A new poll shows that the top “Democrat concerns are focused almost solely on hating Republicans” (emotion being the first step toward open violence). The Democrat house organ, The Washington Post, editorializes that Republicans “can’t be trusted” to sit on a commission that will investigate the events of 6 January: “It would be better to have no commission than to offer another forum for Republicans to cover for Mr. Trump.” And on and on it goes, with Democrats and their sycophants growing shriller and more unhinged with each passing day.

The above parallels are table-setters; let us cut to the chase in our comparison:

  • By 1921, Lenin was in physical decline, suffering from hyperacusis, insomnia, and possibly even neurasthenia or even cerebral arteriosclerosis or syphilis. He suffered two strokes in 1922. By early 1923, he was an invalid for all practical purposes. Joe Biden is the obvious parallel: a man suffering from the apparent loss of mental acuities (“cognitively compromised”) that are even noted in this incredible interview of an Australian journalist by Sky News Australia.
  • While Lenin was in obvious decline, a struggle for succession commenced within the Politburo. Stalin and Trotsky were the potential heirs, with Iosef Dzhugashvili (“Stalin”) successfully maneuvering to take charge of Lenin’s funeral and ultimately succeed Lenin as the Soviet leader – and future dictator – after eliminating his rivals. While Kamala Harris is the clear statutory successor to Biden, the fact that she was not informed about the decision to bomb Syria is perhaps an indication that Biden’s aides are maneuvering to prop Biden up and cut Harris out of the presidential decision-making process. Biden’s aides apparently prefer to remain in their influential positions, knowing full well that they would likely be replaced if/when the Democrats displace Biden in the Oval Office. Call it an ongoing “factional struggle” in the Democrat Party similar to the struggle to succeed Lenin in the 1920s.
  • The real Russian terror did not truly commence until Stalin consolidated power. While Lenin was an ideologue and not shy about using government power to suppress his political enemies, Stalin’s paranoia and cruelty resulted in a horrific toll on the Russian people. He purged all of his rivals in the Central Committee and convened show trials in the 1930s that decimated the Red Army's upper ranks. His liquidation of the kulak class (middle-class farmers) in Ukraine led to a famine that needlessly killed millions. As a “moderate” who has been pushed far to the Left by radicals like Bernie Sanders and The Squad, Biden is still not as extreme as other members of his Party – particularly Kamala Harris, who is an ideologue and a Marxist to the bone. If she ever ascends to the Oval Office, Americans may end up wishing for the “Biden days” because she will be unconstrained in using the federal government to attack and suppress Trump supporters, other conservatives, and indeed anyone who dissents from her policies and diktats. The true “political terror” in America will commence in a Harris presidency; Biden’s actions merely lay the foundations for it.


The parallels between Russia in 1923 and the US in 2021 are profound. In 2021, we are nearly at the point where his strokes incapacitated Lenin (Biden) but still in power, and Stalin (Harris) was maneuvering to consolidate power – ruthlessly. Lenin to Stalin; Biden to Harris. Ideologically speaking, the comparison seems about right, too. Stalin brutally finished the consolidation of one-party rule in the Soviet Union: no dissent; informants/snitches; institutional secret police; two-tier justice systems; repression of thought, liberties, and speech. All of that is in the infant stages now in the US, but the signs are clear: The Communist revolution in America shows no signs of abating. What can be expected when the radical and ruthless Kamala Harris eventually replaces Biden? I shudder to think of the possibilities, as Democrats are political descendants of the Bolsheviks and are thus capable of anything.

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