Marinating in Squidpickle Juice

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  • 09/19/2023

I really planned a different column for today, one on inflation. Honest. But Patriot Day, January 6, is the gift that keeps on giving, like Clark Griswold’s jelly-of-the-month-club. The fact is, 45 days after the patriots were (in most cases) let into the Capitol by friendly police (we’ll talk fascist Antifa in a moment), the feckless squidpickles are still writhing in their juice.

Ocasio-Cortez, other Democrats recount on House floor what they experienced during Capitol siege

Today, the New York Post reports that a “huge amount of lawmakers” and staff sought therapy after the Capitol patriot appearance. The Office of Employee Assistance has provided over 750 counseling sessions to skittish squidpickles as they try to deal with their cowardice and shame. One Congressman even said that people “who were struggling the most are the people who physically were not [there].” Do tell. Why would that be?

Precisely because the Patriot Day activities scared the crap out of the elites. There is some evidence that fascist so-called Antifa was involved, but certainly not alone. That is irrelevant in the sense that the Antifa organizers apparently forgot to tell the squidpickles. It could be argued they did tell the DemoKKKrats and that all of this is theater, but I don’t think so. This has all the look and feel of an elite class who, their home broken into by a burglar, installs triple security, puts in cameras, and hires round-the-clock armed guards (the National Guard). That’s not theater. That’s FEAR!

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The second piece of evidence that this is still deeply terrifying them is that the Justice Department and FBI—unable for four years to arrest a single one of their own, save a pathetic clodstobbing underling lawyer—are now on an anti-patriot jihad. The Washington Post notes that DOJ is investigating whether Roger Stone and Alex Jones may have aided in the Patriot Day activities. (No, WaCompost, it is not an “insurrection.” You will know it when we stage an insurrection). This is, of course, merely the beginning and all conservatives, even those in Thailand on January 6, will sooner or later come under some degree of “investigation” by the Koup Klutz Klan. The Compost said— “unnamed sources” only---Officials at this stage said they are principally seeking to understand what the rioters were thinking — and who may have influenced beliefs — which could be critical to showing their intentions at trial.” Right.

Historical analogy: Lavrentiy Beria to hapless Russian peasant: “This torture is only so I can understand your intentions. And if you don’t have any . . . we’ll make some up.”

Here is Beria’s, er, the DOJ’s comment, regarding others who may have remotely participated in Patriot Day in mind and spirit: “investigators also want to determine whether anyone who influenced them bears enough responsibility to justify potential criminal charges, such as conspiracy or aiding the effort.” Folks that is ALL of us unless you were heavily medicated for weeks prior to January 6.

Story #4 says that the attorney general of Joe Biden (#NotMyPresident) vows to prosecute Capitol attackers. Not Iranian terrorists, not Chinese spies, not fraudster mask governors. No, those dreaded super-powered ultra-dangerous Trump supporters. (So dangerous the only one actually killed . . . was a Trump supporter). By now, no one should doubt that from top to bottom, the DOJ/FBI are completely compromised by anti-American dipswizzles.

Now comes word that the FBI/DOJ have arrested nine people associated with the “Oath Keepers” who had planned the Capitol break-in well in advance, meaning, again, Trump had nothing to do with it.

Yet the House impeached Trump for a second time and failed a second time to secure a conviction—the only time in American history a House has failed twice.

Undeterred, but still embarrassed and humiliated by their cowardly performance on Patriot Day, the Democrats in the House have introduced legislation to prevent President Trump from being buried at Arlington National Cemetery and to deny federal funds from being allocated to any federal entity to honor or commemorate “certain former presidents” who have been twice impeached.”

Still think Patriot Day isn’t consuming these people? An announcement was made today that troops would start leaving D.C. after March 5. Meanwhile, the U.S. Supreme Court has said it would “announce opinions” on February 25. Does the Biden #NotMyPresident administration plan on keeping troops there because it expects another reaction on the 25th? Say the Court agreeing that there were major voting irregularities in three states that could have swung the election? Or because there is concern that the Court will not find evidence to support fraud and therefore Washington, D.C. expects another Patriot Day? No one knows. But one thing appears more certain than ever: the January 6 Patriot Day event lives hourly in the minds of the elites in our nations’ capital. No matter how they try to re-frame January 6, it comes back to one basic fact: ordinary Americans terrified, embarrassed, and humiliated the “best and the brightest,” and that stain can’t be washed out of their choir robes.

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