Biden’s New Presidential Clothes Are an Illusion

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  • 09/19/2023

The Emperor's New Clothes

The Emperor’s New Clothes is a popular children’s fairy tale about a ruler who ends up walking around nude while all his nobles and court attendant repeatedly tells everyone he is wearing the finest of new clothes. No one dares speak up and challenge this absurdity until a small boy shouts out “Why, he’s naked!” When the court nobles yell louder how magnificent the emperor’s clothes are, the child yells louder himself.

The spell is broken, and at last, everyone can say what they know is true: the emperor is indeed naked. The story ends with the emperor refusing to admit the situation he is now trapped in, and so he stubbornly tries to maintain the illusion he is bedecked in his new finery and continues parading himself before the people.

The story contains within it much truth about how peer pressure works, how it is brought to bear on people, and how it is resisted. And these truths can be brought to bear on the present political situation here in the United States.

Almost Half The Country Sees Biden as Naked

More than seventy million Trump voters and a fair amount of people who didn’t vote for Trump can see right through Biden’s New Presidential Clothes. An illegitimate President with cognitive issues has been installed in the White House by a powerful cabal through a rigged election. Some of the members of this undercover cabal have even started to admit what they did which can be referenced by reporters such as Time Magazine’s Molly Ball.

As it happens, stealing an election to put an increasingly frail and confused Biden in the Oval Office so they can replace him later with Kamala Harris wasn’t the best of strategies, and the execution of this strategy has gotten off to a rough start. Since taking up residence in the White House, Joe Biden has repeatedly done things that the mainstream media struggles to defend to the public. An example of this is when he took the COVID-19 vaccine shot in December, and the follow-up shot in early January, then claimed to the entire country in a recent televised town hall that there were no COVID vaccines available before he assumed office.

US President-elect Joe Biden receives a Covid-19 vaccination from Tabe Masa, Nurse Practitioner and Head of Employee Health Services, at the Christiana Care campus in Newark, Delaware on December 21, 2020.
Alex Edelman | AFP

Even more ludicrous: at a press conference on February 19 in Michigan, Biden told reporters that it usually takes six to eight years to produce a working vaccine. Which immediately brought up the relevant question of how we got multiple working COVID vaccines in less than a single year. As we all know, it was former President Donald J. Trump who cut the red tape and regulations with his “Operation Warp Speed” to get these vaccines approved and distributed before he left office.

Instead of praising the Trump administration for working a miracle by getting multiple vaccines ready by the time he assumed office this past January 20, Biden revealed yet again that he is a petty and small man as he trashed his predecessor, claiming Trump, “God love him!”, deserved no credit at all for bungling the vaccine initiative.  Biden’s White House is fully determined to establish the narrative that it all started with him, beginning on January 20th.

Understandably, Biden wants to avoid praising Donald Trump for anything; but the lengths he’s gone to in his public statements, such as pretending there were no COVID vaccines available and that Trump had no plan for distributing these vaccines that we supposedly didn’t have yet, are nothing more than bald-faced lies.

This brings up the question of how these bald-faced lies the Biden administration is telling are being received across the country. Is anybody really buying this?

Making the Sell Is Hard When the Salesman Is Naked

Biden and company have more than a few allies in their push to sell these lies to the public, both in the Washington D.C. establishment and in mainstream media.

The mainstream media will certainly do the best that it can under these awful circumstances to sell the illusion of “Biden’s Magnificent New Clothes.” Still, even as they loudly shout out effusive praise for Biden’s many unpopular moves, gaffes, and lies, this doesn’t mean much of the nation believes what it is being told.

But a point many people miss about the nature of propaganda and how it is used is this:

Propaganda isn’t just to try to condition people to believe what isn’t true.  That’s only half of what dishonest people use propaganda for. The other half of propaganda’s usefulness is to keep people from speaking up and challenging the lies by making them think they are in the minority, that they are powerless, and there’s no reason to speak up.  A relentless stream of propaganda is used to keep the big lies from being publicly challenged.

Remember, in the fairy tale; it was the peer pressure of seeing all the important people saying the same absurdity that caused the people beholding the naked emperor to hesitate to speak up. And this propaganda is not only used to keep the public from talking back too loudly; it is also utilized to create the impression of a monolithic mainstream media where nobody can break ranks by going against the commonly accepted political narrative.

If the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, NBC News, CNN, and Time Magazine are all pushing the same false narrative with one smothering voice, no matter how absurd it is, how many people in the mainstream news industry would have the courage to buck the trend and swim against that tide?  It would take courage.

Glenn Greenwald trashes media 'cone of silence' around Hunter Biden email scandal
The Intercept founding editor claims journalists working with 'FBI, CIA and the NSA ... to manipulate the American people'

Glenn Greenwald, Aaron Maté, and Matt Taibbi are examples of journalists solidly on the left side of the political spectrum who haven’t hesitated to call out their own side for its relentless pimping of false narratives on a variety of subjects. I have immense respect for them for this, even though we disagree on a host of subjects.  We need more people with their professionalism and their honesty.

Competition with A New Media

We have now, in this country, a new or alternative media that is in direct competition with the corporate mainstream news media. As the propagandists of the legacy media yell louder and more frantically what an incredible job Joe Biden is doing, a competing voice can now be heard.  And since that voice is speaking the truth about how Biden came into office and what a terrible job he’s been doing; more people are turning to it.

More and more people are waking up to the fact that the legacy press in this country is seriously broken. No matter how much they didn’t like Trump or what he was doing in the White House, it didn’t give journalists the right to lie about him. That wasn’t their job. Much of the mainstream media has not only picked sides, but they also spent the entire four years of the Trump presidency repeatedly demonstrating there was no low to which they would not sink in their personal war with President Donald Trump.

From Attack Dogs to Instant Lap Dogs

They are now in the absurd position of following up their four-year-long war with the Trump White House by instantly transforming themselves into Biden administration lap dogs and everybody with a functioning brain sees it. It’s just in the vested interests of some to lie about this and pretend they don’t notice it.

A presidential administration needs credibility and legitimacy to implement its agenda. By the time the 2022 midterm elections arrive, I believe it will have become more apparent than ever that the Biden administration was installed through deliberate acts of election fraud. And no matter how loudly the usual suspects desperately sing the manifest praises of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris…this story ends with an illegitimate administration installed through corruption and fraud being completely exposed.

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