Tom Vilsack 2.0: Rebuilding American Agriculture Back Better?

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  • 09/19/2023

Not progressive enough for progressives. Not woke enough for racial injustice but a great friend to Big Ag, Big Chem, and Big Pharma. What should the Economic Nationalist Populist movement make of him?

With Tom Vilsack's (D) nomination to serve, yet again as the Secretary of Agriculture, American Farmers may wonder if they should expect a reboot of the Obama administration policies or if the policies will be more progressive authoritarian under a Biden administration. In his February 2nd confirmation hearing before the Senate Agriculture, Nutrition, & Forestry Committee, Vilsack received unanimous approval. The Farmers Business Network chief economist considers Vilsack to be “a friend to [the establishment].”

Joe Biden and Tom Vilsack (2019)

Tom Vilsack served as the Governor of Iowa from 1999 to 2007, ran for President briefly, and eventually became Obama’s Secretary of Agriculture from 2009 to 2017. He then went on to lobby for the Dairy Export Council, racking up close to $1 million annually.

Under the Obama administration, Vilsack was criticized by progressives and environmentalists for his ties to Monsanto while also being heavily criticized by civil rights groups for discrimination.

Vilsack’s priorities include addressing discrimination across the USDA, rooting out systemic racism, and building a more diverse team. Stating that America “must build back better, stronger and more resilient and more equitably than ever before.”

Vilsack also outlined that he will be pushing the industry to embrace sustainable and regenerative practices to help mitigate and reduce climate change while becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

By using the Commodity Credit Corporation for “carbon banking,” Vilsack proposes to incentivize farmers to capture carbon on their farms. Basically, companies that produce carbon would be forced to pay in some way to “the carbon bank” in an effort to prevent further output, while farmers choosing to participate would receive money collected from the carbon producers.

According to Politico, “the USDA is expected to play a major role in the Biden administration's response to climate change.” Yes, expect American Agriculture to be thrown into the frontlines of our renewed commitment to the United Nations Agenda 2030 agenda as well as the Paris Climate Accord.

It is worth noting that USDA sustainability objectives have been guided by the United Nations Agenda 2030 as their annual report outlines. This did not change under President Trump’s administration.

Random Bill Gates/Vilsack Observation: If you were wondering where Bill Gates new U.S. land grab factored into all of this—here it is. Who did Vilsack lobby for before his nomination? The Dairy Export Council. What is Bill Gates developing that relates to dairy? Genetically modified “super dairy cows” and cow vaccines.

2021 Strategic goals for USDA include the following:

According to the USDA, in 2019, more than 10% of the U.S. population (more because of the CCPVirus) do not have food security, so why are we trying to take care of the World first? Genetically modified super cows, super crops, and cow vaccines - Things Bill Gates is already utilizing and developing further. Chemical/Pharma Manufacturers will benefit but will the environment?)

It appears that the Biden administration intends to create penalties for businesses that create carbon. Farmers can elect to change the way they farm (costs to change systems) to sequester carbon even though there is no settled science on how and if some systems will even attain the goal and whether it can be measured. As An0moly famously sung, “the science doesn’t settle.”

We’ll keep an eye on future agriculture policies, so stay tuned!

Someone that I don’t necessarily agree with policy-wise has been at the forefront of the global warming-climate change deception. Worth a watch for any mind wanting to get a more complete picture (as it always should be).

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