Two Weeks of Biden Extremism – Guide to a Future Trump-like Presidency

What has The Hologram taught regular Americans during his first few weeks in the Oval Office, and what has he taught the next Trump-like president with similar goals and objectives (assuming the oligarchy’s self-admitted tampering with elections can ever be overcome)? A lot.

[As an aside, if you don’t believe America has transitioned from a constitutional Republic to an oligarchy, then read these two OUTSTANDING articles by Angelo Codevilla and Lee Smith that clearly describes the oligarchy and how it came to be.]

Let’s get started with the lessons from Biden that we have learned – and are learning – the hard way.

Biden EOs lay bare his disdain for average Americans. Canceling the Keystone XL Pipeline is a case in point. Those ~11,000 jobs lost were blue-collar jobs, not to mention the associated loss of infrastructure jobs in small businesses in the nearby towns that support all of those pipeline workers. Another example is his recent move to raise the refugee immigration quota to 125,000. Those people will compete for jobs with unemployed regular Americans, as the current unemployment rate is 6.3%, which is the key intended legacy of the state lockdowns over the past year. Rejoining the Paris Climate Accords is a further signal that blue-collar workers in the US oil and gas industry are of no real importance to Biden and his collection of greenies. That move benefits two of America’s key adversaries by depressing the US economy: China and Russia.

Biden operates within a rigged system. The Game Stop affair shows how “the stock market that overlays the stock market” is rigged for hedge funds and large investors. The FBI couldn’t seem to arrest any violent BLM and Antifa protestors but have no problem finding and detaining people involved in the Capitol Hill event on 6 January (politically targeted, of course). His appointees within the federal government are already going after Trump supporters. A perfect example is the 60-day stand-down (!) announced by new Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin that is aimed at “rooting out white supremacists and white nationalists.” I guess white Americans who love their country and volunteer to serve in the armed forces are now being tagged as “white nationalists” by the new commissars in DoD. Never knew I was one during all those years of service, nor did many of the people with whom I served over the years.

Biden subverts military readiness. In addition to the 60-day stand-down described above, Biden reversed the Trump policy that prevented “transgenders” from serving in the military. Historically, people with this dysphoria have been medically discharged, directly resulting in improved unit readiness and morale. Yet, the Biden regime continues to push for the Marxist goal of “inclusion and equal opportunity over all things” that, in reality, disguises the divisiveness and destruction of team cohesion and morale. This undermines any effective military and probably makes potential adversaries celebrate the foolishness!

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin visits National Guard troops deployed at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 29

Biden’s definition of unity involves quickly firing many Trump appointees. In the normal world, political unity would translate to an attempt to achieve consensus across the political spectrum, but not in Biden-world, where the definition has been perverted to mean acquiescence to and conformance with left-wing Democrat policy objectives and political thought. Hundreds of Trump appointees to DoD policy advisory boards were dismissed, as well as appointees to the NLRB, FSIP, and many other federal agencies. And just how vindictive is the Biden regime? They are collecting scalps of Trump appointees who were out on maternity leave, too, as reported here:

Trump administration officials promised three months’ paid maternity leave were hoping to receive their full benefits after the Biden administration took over but were disappointed to have their requests denied ….

Politico reported that Trump appointees received mixed messages regarding the continuation of their leave in light of their White House tenure coming to an end, and in some cases were surprised to find out that once Jan. 20 arrived, their benefits would be taken away.

The corporate and academic elements of the oligarchy are hard at work “cutting ties” with Trump supporters, too, as noted here and here.

Biden appoints left-wing true believers. Biden wasted no time in appointing left-wing partisans in his administration: White House Domestic Policy Council (including serial liar Susan Rice), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (greenies), Department of State (China appeasers), and “ethically-challenged” people at the Dept of Labor, Commerce Dept, and Dept of Homeland SecurityPersonnel is policy, as the Reagan-era saying goes. What better way to control appointees and move policies rapidly in the direction of socialism than by using true believers and the corrupt?

While the buyer’s remorse for Biden voters is just beginning Biden’s left-wing policy objectives have not sunk into many Americans. The feds are already pursuing mask mandates for public transportation, and there is talk about “mandatory vaccinations,” too. These measures have not been put into place yet, but there is a general unease about what the future holds. The House Democrats are just getting started with their extremist legislation, too, including HR1 (which would cement election fraud via mail-in balloting) and HR 127 (which involves gun registration and psychiatric evaluations for gun owners – stepping stones to gun confiscation).

What does all this mean for a future Trump-like president committed to dethroning the oligarchy and restoring the US Constitution and the Republic? (Yes, I can dream, as well as help make that a reality, as can you!) Here are a few suggestions:

Fire all Biden appointees en masse on Day 1. Biden showed how that’s done; return the favor, in spades! Sack every leftist appointee and reassign the federal civil servant variety (who can’t be fired outright) to meaningless desk jobs with no ability to affect (or undermine!) public policy. Consider what might have happened had President Trump’s first chief of staff, Reince Priebus, actually rooted out Obama holdovers, particularly in the Dept of Justice, FBI, National Security Council, Intelligence Community, and State Dept (including politically corrupt foreign service officers). An active campaign to replace these people would have advanced the Trump agenda in a big way, as well as prevented at least some of the subterfuge and criminality that nearly destroyed his presidency.

Reverse all job-killing EOs. President Trump’s policies showed the way in terms of growing the economy and jobs across all demographic groups, yet Biden’s EOs are aimed at economic destruction while masquerading as “green policies” and similar euphemisms unsupported by science. Every Biden EO that is a job-killer should be canceled and replaced by pro-growth EOs. Every EO in a future Trump-like administration should pass the test that its signing enhances economic growth.

Reverse critical race theory and other divisive EOs. Consider signing an EO that ends the JFK-era policy of “affirmative action” and reestablishes merit-based promotions within all federal agencies. Critical race theory is cultural Marxism aimed at dividing Americans to seek common ground and societal cohesion. No known study shows that the specific racial demographics of a given organization contributes to its effectiveness or morale, i.e., it is neither enhanced nor degraded by the greater or lesser presence of members of any particular racial group.

Sign EOs to restore the Bill of Rights. The Biden regime and the other parts of the oligarchy are relentlessly attacking the First, Second, and Fourth Amendments by suppressing dissenting political speech, pressing for gun control laws, and supporting illegal search and seizure actions by law enforcement officers. Reinforce each amendment with a specific EO aimed at restoring free speech and expression (e.g., an EO that targets Big Tech speech suppression), gun rights, and protection against illegal search and seizure (e.g., curtailment of eminent domain usage to seize private property).

Broom Establishment Republicans. A key mistake made by the political neophyte Donald Trump during his transition and early days in office was to trust personnel decisions to Establishment Republicans and insiders like Mike Pence, Reince Priebus, and Chris Christie. The result was several horrible personnel decisions that were ultimately sand in the gears of the Trump agenda: Priebus and Kelly (WH CoS), McMaster and Bolton (NatSec Advisor), Sessions (DoJ), Mattis (DoD), Tillerson (State), Coates and Gordon (DNI), Hill and Vindman (NSC), Scaramucci (WH Comms), Christie (Drug Abuse Commission), etc. In their stead, the next Trump-like president needs to bring in a kitchen cabinet of loyalists and Washington outsiders just as Ronald Reagan did, both as advisers in parallel like Reagan used them but also as cabinet-level officials and heads of selected agencies.

Broom Republican consultants and conservative pundits. Many of these people are completely unprincipled and certainly not “conservative.” They don’t deserve the time of day, let alone access to the White House. Why waste time with them? Examples abound:

John Weaver's Perversions Were an Open Secret in Washington

  • Karl Rove, Bush 43 advisor, who knew about Lincoln Project founder John Weaver’s pedophilia for DECADES but said nothing when it could have counted during the 2020 campaign. His silence enabled Democrats.
  • Mary Matalin, the flipside of James Carville, who together were a power-consultant couple. Regarding whoever won the White House, it was heads they win, and tails they win. It was all about access and money – certainly not conservative limited government principles.
  • The Conways: Kellyanne and George. Ditto. Who can believe them?
  • Nicole Wallace and Rick Wilson, Bush/Cheney campaign advisors. Yeah, they’re “principled Republicans,” all right, having moved to MSNBC as virulent shills for the Democrats, becoming more shrill and unhinged over each of the past four years.
  • John Weaver, McCain advisor, and Lincoln Project founder. His NeverTrump project was funded to the hilt by Democrat donors and PACs. What “conservative” works to elect Democrats? He was/is a gun for hire without core principles. Reminds me of David Brock.
  • Bill Kristol, David Frum, John Podhoretz, Peggy Noonan, George Will, David French, etc., ostensibly conservative pundits. They have spent last four years undermining the most effective conservative president ever while endlessly bleating that “Donald Trump is no conservative.” Restrict future access to the White House from establishment “conservative” pundits while broadening access to real conservative and independent media. Never give interviews to legacy media who are known Democrat operatives.

Conclusion. Biden is a tool of the oligarchy and is rushing ahead with executive orders designed to achieve their long-term goals that include destroying the economy as a precursor for “The Great Reset” promised by the International Monetary Fund and World Economic Forum. This involves immediately reversing virtually every single Trump policy to the long-term detriment of regular Americans. The lessons learned from Biden’s actions so far can be directly applied by the next Trump-like president to restore the policies that made America great over the past four years. The above-recommended actions for that future president are just a starter list.

Stu Cvrk served 30 years in the US Navy in a variety of active and reserve capacities, with considerable operational experience in the Middle East and the Western Pacific. An oceanographer and systems analyst through education and experience, Stu is a graduate of the US Naval Academy, where he received a classical liberal education. This functions as the key foundation for his political commentary. He threads daily on Twitter on a wide range of political topics, such as the military, foreign policy, government, economics, and world affairs. Twitter: @STUinSD

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