Navarro Report Volume lll: Capstone Report For The 2020 Election

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  • 09/19/2023

Dr. Peter Navarro released on Thursday his third volume of The Navarro Report called, Yes, President Trump Won: The Case, Evidence & Statistical Receipts. This "capstone" volume documents the "most up-to-date statistical 'receipts' with respect to the potential number of illegal votes in each battleground state." It follows Volume l: The Immaculate Deception and Volume ll: The Art of the Steal, both of which allegedly provide material evidence of a stolen presidential election in 2020.

The report begins with a summary of the goals of the previous two reports. It then quickly moves into the purpose of Volume lll, which is to provide investigators with a "conservative" and "well-documented tally of potentially illegal votes on a state-by-state and category-by-category basis." 

Importantly, Navarro reminds the reader of a historical precedent when he refers to the 1960 Presidential election:

"Looking at the numbers, it is very difficult to conclude that this was a completely fair election. In considering these truths, let us never forget two things: (1) The Democrat Party and its operatives stole the 1960 Presidential Election—it happened then, and it can happen again; and (2) it took decades for historians to finally acknowledge the 1960 version of the Immaculate Deception in the face of the same kind of virtue-signaling and cancel culture pressures we are witnessing today."

Figure One below gives an overview of the "count of potentially illegal ballots" in six swing states, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, and also shows the type of fraudulent activity. It also shows that the number of potentially illegal votes "dwarfs the very thin alleged Biden 'victory' margins." In other words, if even a fraction of this is true, it indicates that Trump easily won every one of the swing states based on one or two categories alone.

Figure One

Figure One/Navarro Report Volume lll/Dr. Peter Navarro

The report then breaks down the numbers state by state with a Figure (or Chart) for each state in Figures Two through Seven shown below:


Figure Two/Navarro Report Volume lll/Dr. Peter Navarro


Figure Three/The Navarro Report Volume lll/Dr. Peter Navarro


Figure Four/The Navarro Report/Dr. Peter Navarro


Figure Five/The Navarro Report Volume lll/Dr. Peter Navarro


Figure Six/The Navarro Report Volume lll/Dr. Peter Navarro


Figure Seven/The Navarro Report Volume lll/Dr. Peter Navarro

The graphics presented are relatively self-explanatory; however, some highlights deserve mention. In Arizona, for example, there was the "remarkable feat of exceeding 100% turnout of its registered voters. This is indeed a remarkable feat because Arizona does not allow same-day voter registration. The 'over-votes' alone totaled 11,676, an amount more than the purported Biden 'victory' margin of 10,457." Arizona also saw high numbers of voters who failed to present evidence of citizenship and high numbers of illegal out-of-state votes.

Georgia had the highest potential margin of error at 51 times the number of illegal votes (601,130) to Biden Victory margin (11,779). Hundreds of thousands of absentee ballots were counted in contravention of the Georgia state election code. "Georgia officials counted over 305,700 ballots cast by individuals who had requested absentee ballots more than 180 days before the absentee ballot request deadline, in blatant violation of Georgia Election Code." Georgia was also the state where election workers were allegedly captured on video scanning thousands of ballots repeatedly in the middle of the night.

In Michigan, the largest number of questionable ballots came from "inexplicable vote tabulation surges along with alleged voting machine irregularities and ballots counted despite lacking voter registration numbers." UncoverDC reported on the alleged vote switching in an article on Dec. 14. Lawyer, Sidney Powell, filed a civil lawsuit in Michigan on Nov. 26 concerning the cyber election fraud that allegedly took place there.

Nevada's most considerable irregularities were associated with using the Agilis signature-matching machines installed in Clark County to verify ballots' signatures. The report says that "using machines instead of people for signature match verification is in blatant violation of state law and calls into question the 130,000 ballots verified by these Agilis machines." An article written shortly after the election about lawsuits in the swing states details the early findings of alleged voter fraud in the state.

Pennsylvania's largest number of potentially illegal ballots was associated with poll observer abuses. There were allegedly over 680,000 ballots that were not subjected to meaningful, bi-partisan observation. For example, some "certified Republican poll observers were kept at distances the length of a football field." Many others, even if closer, were simply unable to observe accurately. Some were denied access completely. The report also says that "over 202,000 more ballots [were] cast than actual registered voters in the state."

The Wisconsin election fraud highlighted the extraordinary growth in the 2020 election of "bad faith voters." These voters registered as "indefinitely confined" and, "thereby, broke “Wisconsin election law to circumvent election integrity photo identification requirements." Due to the pandemic, the Wisconsin Election Commission expanded the definition of indefinitely confined voters—"a definition ruled legally incorrect by the Wisconsin Supreme Court—the number of indefinitely confined voters surged from just under 70,000 voters in 2019 to over 200,000 in 2020." This one category alone compromised the integrity of 216,000 votes, according to the report. Wisconsin performed a recount as reported by UncoverDC on Nov. 20.

Navarro's substantive examination of the 2020 General Election should, at a minimum, invite further investigation. He says that "in light of this evidence, it is impossible for anyone to claim that President Trump was in any way wrong in stoutly raising the question of election fraud and irregularities in the weeks following the November 3 election and in calling for his supporters to PEACEFULLY protest. Indeed, for the president not to rise to defend the integrity of the ballot box would have been a betrayal of the 74 million Americans who voted for the president thinking they were participating in what may well not have been a free and fair election. "

More importantly, he speaks on behalf of many Americans when he says that "absent a full investigation, we as a nation run the risk of institutionalizing a rigged electoral system in which a large segment of America will no longer have faith in." In that vein, he requests that a Special Counsel be appointed to investigate the election before the Biden administration begins. He asks State legislators and Attorneys Generals in the battleground states, particularly Republican states, to launch similar investigations.

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