Normal Hearts in The Freezing Cold: What is MAGA?

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  • 09/19/2023

By Celia Farber

1:03 am, and I am home from Washington DC.

A lot of people have been calling me, and this is my most direct way of communicating.

I will be writing in-depth, but for now I would like to speak very plainly about what I know, saw, and perceived.

It won't be linear, and things will be out of sequence. I'm drained, exhausted, livid, disgusted, afraid, hopeful, confused, and most importantly: deeply moved.

I met the most incredible people.

I can promise one thing only as absolute truth, and that is that the soul of this nation, though battered beyond all comprehension, is more alive than I have ever known it to be. To walk in a crowd of maybe one million people and to feel maybe for the first time in my life that NOBODY wants me to be ashamed of who I am and what I love and why was incredible. All ethnicity and nationalities. Need I say this?

These people are tenderhearted, polite, very well informed, and friendly. I wish I could walk among them every day. Donald Trump is truly not "what it's about." Not anymore.

Why is journalism so fossilized they can't bring themselves to speak with, listen to, a single American working person? The question would be: 'I can see that you were very determined to get here. Tell me why? What are you fighting for today?"

NOT ONE would say: "Keep the immigrants out," or mention race in any context.

NOT one. They speak to the last man and woman about wanting to preserve the American constitution, have real elections, have a media that is not lying and covering up crimes, not have to be forcibly vaccinated with untested vaccines, be allowed to breathe again, work again, and so on and so forth.

They love America. That's their crime.

I am disgusted at Joe Biden using the people who keep this country running as a urinal; so enraged I feel I could go blind. The names he called them, (us,)-- and contrasting that with the faces, the stories, the eyes, the incredibly tenderhearted souls I spent yesterday shivering with, walking with. It's literally the Grand Canyon of class contempt. Let me do my best Greta: "Joe billionaire Biden, How DARE you??"

These are WORKING PEOPLE, already cut down to sub-poverty levels by the globalist's Covid economic attack, who managed to get to Washington DC from all over this country, despite being treated worse than cattle. The DC Mayor took away food trucks and porta-potties, closed roads, closed EVERY restaurant and bar, sabotaged people's hotel reservations--you know what? People just handled it all.

I saw and heard not ONE iota of anything other than perfect human respect, harmony, and love, all day, from 9 am until nightfall.

Patriots (the correct term, as opposed to "Trump supporters") did NOT break into the Capitol building. So help me, they did not.

I say this as somebody who was in that crowd and felt the crowd. A crowd is a medium; it's no longer individuals; it's a body. The body moves together, feels together, etc.--it doesn't SUDDENLY change like that. When the mood changed, it was not from the crowd. It was a totally synthetic thing.

The sizzling red flare in the sky went up WAY before the windows were broken. This was a planned operation, but NOT a good one. Very few of their false flags are remotely well done. It's like very cheap theater, cheap costumes, bad acting. I'm sick of this, and I know you are too.

I interviewed a grandfather dressed as George Washington who worked as a child therapist in Lancaster, PA, who showed me a cloth Jesus doll and explained that he gives it to children when they have anxiety about Covid. "You're not alone; Jesus is here," he tells them and gives them the doll, and they calm right down. I charged my phone in an RV with 3 men from New York selling MAGA gear, and they'd been homeless, in prison, they had unbelievable stories, and one was even a Bernie bro--their lives were turned around by the spirit that is afoot in this movement. The opposite of the spirit of welfare, which is a spirit of contempt. I'm so upset my language is decomposing, sorry, but this is such a monstrous attack beyond all others, and to think these people think THEY are "on the left" and progressive? I interviewed the owner of a diner in MD who came to this country from El Salvador at 17, smuggled in by coyotes. He worked 25 years to get to where he co-owned the diner, and now the Covid class has brought him to ruin in mere months. I'll post the interview. Can't keep eyes open, extremely exhausted. But never felt like this.

No matter what happens, I know who was in that crowd. Human beings having normal human responses to the decimation of their civilization.

My invisible sign said: "You don't have a chance. Take it."

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