Some Things Cannot Be Stolen

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  • 09/19/2023

We were there yesterday from beginning to end. We saw nothing that was violent—only happy warriors. The crowd was massive at the ellipse. There were people from all walks of life and from all over the country as far as the eye could see standing in the bitter cold, waiting in line, talking to each other about how important it is to preserve the freedoms we cherish.

Wendi Strauch Mahoney/March to Save America

We marched to the Capitol steps, squeezing ourselves through the crowd to the scaffolding on the steps of the Capitol. We were proud to be there. My sisters and I, and two of our daughters, freshmen in college, were there.

Wendi Strauch Mahoney/March to Save America

Some Trump supporters entered the building. We cleared the crowd so they could go in. Had we been able to get in, we would have. For four years, we’ve been ridiculed, told we are conspiracy theorists, our votes negated, our voices censored—suffered as we watched the President we supported be lied about and attacked in every possible way. We’ve been told we are white supremacists. We have been subjected to Covid rules that were meaningless. We’ve been polite. As cities burned without consequences, we stood by helplessly, watched our friends and families lose their businesses, and the people we love have needlessly died alone in hospitals and nursing homes. We have tried every legal means possible to expose lies along the way and, now, the truth about a fraudulent election.

For myself, I joined an amazing independent news platform, writing for one of the most magnificent women I know, Tracy Beanz. I have gladly done it pro-bono because it is one way I can support a person whom I trust to use her platform here at UncoverDC to report with integrity.

As for yesterday, I would do it again. Honestly, had I been shot, I would have gladly taken a bullet. Having said that, I fully accept responsibility for what happened because I knew there was a good possibility there would be bad actors posing as us in the crowd. I won’t blame what happened on them because my eyes were wide open to that possibility.

Had I seen anyone bashing in windows or stealing podiums, I would have stopped them. But there’s no way I would have stopped any form of non-violent free speech, including walking into a building to hold accountable the people who supposedly represent We The People.

That building is ours. We have been obedient, lawful, and patriotic in every way. Our patience has gone completely unrewarded. No one in high office but President Trump and a select few have listened to our cries. The media has willfully propagandized and buried every good thought, every truthful action, every brave soul who has tried to speak out against the tyranny of evil, both worldly and unworldly.

I used to tell my kids when they fraternized with friends in questionable activities that they would be judged by the company they keep, even if they themselves were not directly involved in a bad act. They were still responsible and should take their lickings. However, in this case, I am proud of the company I keep. I am an adult. I made the choice to be there. I knew the risks. I am proud I stood up. Do I agree with how some behaved? No. Am I probably associated with them now because I was there? Yes.

But in my heart, I know that the people I stood up for did nothing wrong. I was there for myself and all the hardworking, good Americans who couldn’t attend because of work, money, or circumstances. However, let me make it clear here and now, I will not condemn anyone I associate with for standing up or standing in for American patriots yesterday.

There is only so much people who have long strived to do the right thing can take. Yesterday was a day to send a loud and clear message to evil, or maybe just plain misguided people who allowed all the lies and fraud to stand—that we will not take it silently anymore. I don’t know what our path will be. But I can tell you—Joe Biden is not our President. Kamala isn’t either. Had they won fair and square, I’d accept that, and I think most who attended yesterday would as well. But they didn’t win it honestly. Make no mistake; all you people who say you won—you didn’t.

I will never knowingly support lies. I most certainly will not give up. You have zero control over my mind, my intentions, my principles, my choices, my actions, my beliefs, my feelings, my spirit. You will reap what you’ve sown. And, unfortunately, we will all pay the price for your behavior. But it doesn’t mean I can’t be free. What miserable souls you must be to live in such a permanent state of bitterness and fear.

Darkness is a choice. That’s what you have chosen. It eats away at the insides. Nothing good comes from it. I could not be more proud of my family and our President. Our country has weathered many storms. It will weather this one. This is what Americans do.

To all those who are tempted to give up—don’t. That’s what they want. That’s how they win. I know it’s depleting. Just take a big, deep breath. Make gratitude your singular focus. Enjoy your loved ones. Get some rest.

And then wake up tomorrow resolving to understand that nothing, even this terrible outcome, has to be permanent. Be glad you were a happy warrior, so that when you lay your head to its final rest, you can say, with certainty, that you left everything, including your brilliant, life-giving, joyful-warrior spirit on the battlefield. There are just some things that cannot be stolen.

Wendi Strauch Mahoney/March to Save America

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