NY State Pushes to Detain Infected – What is the Bigger Picture?

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  • 09/19/2023

Let’s set the stage with New York’s fourth iteration of a bill. It's a bill they are desperately hoping to pass that could change human rights and life as we know it. I am going to paint a picture for you – one that ties multiple actions together – all operating under the same agenda, moving toward the same goal, and choreographed by the same united front.

It begins in New York, where a bill awaits a calendar date for a vote to allow the “removal of cases, contacts, and carriers of communicable diseases which are potentially dangerous to the public health.” The keyword here is “removal,” but where to?

“A person who is detained in a medical facility, or other appropriate facility or premises, shall not conduct himself or herself in a disorderly manner, and shall not leave or attempt to leave such facility or premises until he or she is discharged pursuant to this section.”

Discharged? Oh yes, there are legal ramifications throughout this bill, including court orders if they need to hold you longer than a 3 or 5-day period, and especially if they need to exceed a 60-day hold. But fear not, the courts will surely be just.

In addition to rounding up “persons or groups,” they may also order those who are not in the custody of the department, to remain isolated or quarantined at home “to prevent dissemination or transmission of contagious diseases” for a period they deem necessary. Are you ready for this next part?

“To require the testing or medical examination of persons who may have been exposed to or infected by a contagious disease or who may have been exposed to or contaminated with dangerous amounts of radioactive materials or toxic chemicals; to require an individual who has been exposed to or infected by a contagious disease to complete an appropriate, prescribed course of treatment, preventative medication or vaccination, including directly observed therapy to treat the disease and follow infection control provisions for the disease.”

A person can “request” the opportunity to be heard and may not have medications forced upon them without a prior court order, which again, would surely be just. This sort of takes you back to the 1930s through the 1970s, when forced sterilization resulted in 60,000 Americans being sterilized against their will. Or, just a short while ago when Governor Cuomo sent thousands of Covid patients to nursing homes.

Interestingly, while Jeb Bush was the Governor of Florida, they managed to sneak a provision into their laws back in 2002 that states, “If the individual poses a danger to the public health, the State Health Officer may subject the individual to isolation or quarantine. If there is no practical method to isolate or quarantine the individual, the State Health Officer may use any means necessary to vaccinate or treat the individual.” To date, that provision has never been amended.

This is precisely why it is critical for people to pay attention to legislation in their state, stay on top of it, call their representatives, and demand to be heard, and to fight against bills waiting to be passed that are attempting to control your life and your body.

The Storm Act

This powerful bill was just signed into law on January 1, 2021, after being introduced on March 9, 2020, by cosponsors; Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), Sen. James Lankford (R-OK), Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY), and Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN). What does this bill have to do with New York removing people and groups from their homes and detaining them in a “medical facility, or other appropriate facility or premises?”

“A bill to amend the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act to allow the Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to provide capitalization grants to States to establish revolving funds to provide hazard mitigation assistance to reduce risks from disasters and natural hazards, and other related environmental harm.

If you recall, during the early days of Covid-19, FEMA’s response team set out to build facilities over concerns of potential hospital overflow. By April, they spent more than $4 billion to construct facilities in Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Tennessee, and Washington D.C., and it didn’t stop there. With this alleged new Covid-19 variant strain recently discovered in the UK, that has allegedly worked its way into Colorado and Florida, one can imagine how quarantine facilities to detain and administer treatment may be the next thing on their checklist.

Whereas many people excitedly jumped to conclusions about this new “STORM Act,” thinking it had to do with Trump’s infamous “calm before the storm” statement back in 2017, nothing could be further from the truth. This bill essentially cuts through red tape, giving FEMA authorization to provide capitalization grants to “local governments to carry out eligible projects…to reduce disaster risks for homeowners, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and communities.” Additionally, this includes “projects for the resilience of major economic sectors or critical national infrastructure, including ports, global commodity supply chain assets, power and water productions, and distribution centers, and bridges and waterways essential to interstate commerce.”

Establishing and carrying out building code enforcement: A participating entity may use capitalization grants under this section to enable units of local government to establish and carry out the latest published editions of relevant building codes, specifications, and standards for the purpose of protecting the health, safety, and general welfare of the building’s users against disasters and natural hazards.”

They are authorized to appropriate $100 million for each of fiscal years 2022 and 2023. No doubt, this bill includes liability protection: “The Agency shall not be liable for any claim based on the exercise or performance of, or the failure to exercise or perform, a discretionary function or duty by the Agency, or an employee of the Agency in carrying out this section.”

Their “Re-imagined” Post-Pandemic World for Your Dystopian Future

Imagine if you will, a future that consists of everyone locked down in their homes unless you have proof of immunity, and even then, the curfew is announced over loudspeakers across every city each night. The streets are nearly barren, and armed guards have set up checkpoints. If you are hiding out, they will hunt you down, rip you from your home, and force you into quarantine camps. You don’t have to imagine it because Netflix has already produced the movie Songbird to saturate your mind with the fear of what could come if you don’t obey. In fact, Songbird was the first movie production in Los Angeles that was given special permission to shoot during the Covid lock-downs back in March 2020. Did they already have the script in place? Set in the year 2023, with Covid-19 in its fourth mutation, a few brave souls try to fight against the oppression. These are the mind games those trying to control us like to play. They always show their hand, and they rarely, if ever, fold.

Songbird: The first film shot and completed in Los Angeles during the coronavirus pandemic.

Now visualize a city where everything is within your reach – just a short bike ride or stroll down the sidewalk to your local grocery store, shared garden space, or favorite restaurant. Everyone in the community is eager to gather in the park, swap laughs, and share stories. It sounds wonderful and convenient, doesn’t it? What if pilot programs for “15-minute neighborhoods” and “compact cities” are already launching in areas such as Paris and Barcelona to “help people adapt to a post-pandemic world?” The World Economic Forum talks about how ‘coronavirus could reshape our cities forever.’

Their dream consists of micro markets located in bustling cities because supermarkets and restaurants are germ-infested, maze-like parks with endless rows of hedges to maintain social distancing, shorter commute times to medical care since you will be riding your bike or taking public transit, which of course will result in reduced noise consumption, cleaner air, and less traffic. Who requires a car when you have everything you need at your fingertips, and they have no intention of you traveling outside your wonderful compact city? By containing everyone in small areas, they feel it’s much easier to control the transmission of the virus.

They are “re-imagining cities,” and Bloomberg Philanthropies’ “C40 Cities” plan is one the group that has been spearheading this goal since 2013, with mayors of cities all across the world taking the necessary steps to put it into action, all under the guise of climate change. And, let us not forget those special FEMA projects that may become necessary in these “compact cities” to save humanity from a virus.

As if this isn’t enough to create a dystopian future all on its own, Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi is introducing a “Rules Package” for the 117th Congress, whereby they wish to “honor all gender identities by changing pronouns and familial relationships in the House rules to be gender-neutral and make permanent the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.” Instead of them using the centuries-old terminology of mother, father, son, daughter, niece, nephew, aunt, uncle, wife, husband, he, she, and chairman (this list is much longer), they want to make it “gender-neutral language” by referring to everyone as a parent, sibling, themselves, child, or simply “chair,” for example. Essentially, while suggesting they wish for everyone to feel “inclusive,” they are removing all personalized identity, making everyone feel non-inclusive and nonexistent.

What’s next? When they get their “compact cities” constructed, will they start assigning people numbers and tell them they can no longer use their names because they are too feminine or masculine? If the New England Journal of Medicine had its way, sex designation would be removed from birth certificates and other important documents such as passports. Speaking of passports, this united front is equally excited about getting the new Vaccine ID Passport rockin’ and rollin’ so people can no longer travel on airplanes, to other countries, concerts, offices, and likely grocery stores, unless they get vaccinated, especially after Dr. Anthony Fauci gave them a one-up by increasing his year-long “70%, will need to get vaccinated” up to 90%.

Where do you think this is all leading? Do you see the writing on the wall yet? These folks don’t have a 3-pronged approach; they have multiple octopuses operating on every level, within every institution, all the way up through big Gov, across the world. If 2020 didn’t reveal what they are capable of, surely these actions above should leave you questioning everything, calling your representatives, and fighting against these authoritarian figures, as though your life depends on it.

What future do you want to live in? The one you’ve imagined, or the one they’ve “re-imagined” for you?


Corey Lynn is an investigative journalist, and Founder and Editor in Chief of Corey’s Digs, reporting on political corruption, agendas against humanity, and the health and science industries. She co-hosts the weekly Dig It! Podcast published every Friday.

Twitter: @CoreysDigs Web: www.CoreysDigs.com Podcast: Dig It!

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