America’s Lion

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  • 09/19/2023

Op-ed by David Prentice

That’s Donald Trump. A man for this season. A man misunderstood by the side of our culture that has embraced evil. A man mischaracterized, demonized, and literally hated by his political enemiesmeaning all the toadies in the Democrat/media complex.

It really is a shame what that group of enemies has done in four years, but they had become like that before Trump began his run. They have scarred their own souls with hatred for their own country, hatred for the economic system that has made them all so wealthy, hatred for everything good and decent that America has stood for.

I want to remind these enemies how far they have descended, how ugly they have become, and how small-souled they really are. Just saying.

But more important, I want them to know just how much America loves its current President. Because I know that will make them shriek like the banshees they are.

The first time I heard the chant of “We love you” at one of his rallies, I just nodded my head in agreement. It’s true. The man is beloved, and rightfully so. We know what he has done for the country. We know he brought genuine hope and excitement to so many. We know he helped us bring about the greatest economy in history. We know he made America great again economically and in foreign affairs, bringing peace to the Middle East for the first time, bringing great hope to the world. We know the vaccine and the win over Covid is his. We know he deserves another term and that he earned it through all his achievements.

And we know he won the election in the biggest landslide since Reagan.

We also know that Joe is a fraud, aka Joe Isuzu, aka Grifter Joe Biden. He has no following. He could barely get 4,000 people to watch his supposed victory speech.  He can’t get people to come to see him. He gets nobody to listen to him in Georgia. He’s not loved, not even liked. He never had more than 50 people to any of his rallies. It’s why we know he didn’t winhe’s a nobody, a fraud propped up by the fake news people and a bunch of cheats.

But the Lion of America IS loved. And trusted, followed, and listened to. As a good friend once remarked, he always does the right thing and he loves America. It’s his go-to gut reaction. This is why he, not Grifter Joe, will be remembered in history as a pivotal force for good.


I’m one of those who believe he may still be President in February. I don’t know how this will play out, but I know he still has a strong hand. It ain’t over, don’t let anyone tell you that.

I read the Lion of America’s first book when he began his run. His first chapters made me understand why he would be a great president. He didn’t have a cool crease in his pants, but he did have this remarkable gift, which I see as his ability to quickly grasp the center of reality and be decisive in moving toward goals. In the book, he described it as an instinctual reaction, without which no one can be a great businessman or leader.

That resonated with me. Big-time.

This ability has made his presidency great. It’s why he was able to bring back business to the U.S. in the face of Barack the Hapless. He grasped the central reality behind deregulation and spurring free enterprise to build a great economy that happened pre-Covid. His central vision was pointing out China as our great world adversary and defeating them with his trade deals. It was his capacity to see how to deal differently with North Korea, a vision that has literally made them an irrelevant player.

It was his understanding of how to build a great military as a bargaining chip toward peace. Yet, he was the first post-war president never to start a war. He was the first President to begin bringing peace to the Middle East. He was the first Republican to gain excitement and traction in the Black and Hispanic communities, in a long time. He released the hope of the American dream to communities that used to spurn it.

And that is why the left has stooped so low to try and remove him. Because he was beating them so badly.

Reminder: He always does the right thing with those incredible instincts.

My belief is simple, if he does not prevail with this fraudulent, stolen election, we as a nation will be on the path to losing it all. I am not alone in this belief. It’s rational and pretty self-evident that we will become Venezuela on steroids if fraud prevails. We may not have a second chance to come back.

And this time, this precipice we are upon is the main reason we have Donald Trump as President right now. Because he will do the right thing. He will choose the right path for this moment. And I want to encourage him to do so. I want to let him know that his voters will follow whatever path he has decided to follow. Not blindly, but knowing he has the content of character to move us in the right direction.

And nobody else does. Not Grifter Joe, not Cocaine Mitch, none of the #nevertrumpers, not San-Fran-Nan.  Not the Gop-e, not the deep-state, and certainly none of the other Democrats.

Trump is the only one with the combination of skills needed to put us back together again. And I am confident he will do the right thing. What that is, we will soon find out.

Does he have the goods, the evidence of the electoral fraud that was pushed on the American people by the hard left?  Does he have convincing evidence of hard-left collusion with the Chinese to steal the election? Does he have the evidence to demonstrate to Americans what happened?

If he does, then he will have the courage to bring it to the light. And if he does, he will win the moment. Because if he does, whatever path he chooses will be the undoing of an evil shadow that has cast itself across this great country. And if he does, he will further cement that love, so many Americans have given him. And there are well over 74 million of us.

Whatever path he chooses will not be an easy one. His enemies are powerful narrative setters, tech companies' cabal, the Democrat/media complex, and our foreign enemies.  A cabal that has convinced so many on the left such despicable untruths. From the Russia narrative to impeachment, to Trump is Hitlerand they riled the evil party's base for four years. They succeeded in driving a wedge into America.  They think they can break it apart. And they may be right.

But I am unwilling to bet against Trump, yet.

So, Mr. President, if you have the goods, release the Kraken! Step up and do what you were born to do. This country needs you more than ever. Please do the right thing, as we know you will. Trust your instincts and do what you know America needs right now. The ball is in your court; the decision is on your shoulders.

Just know you are loved, and that the American people will follow where you lead. Step up to the plate. Your voters trust you.

This is your time.

The year of the Lion.

David Prentice has written for the American Thinker, The Epoch Times and Backbone America. He resides in the Midwest.



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