The Plan Hasn’t Changed: The Great Reset

By Stu Cvrk

Clarity is the gift of retrospection. Looking back at legacy media narratives over the past 18 months or so, many dots can be connected that confirm their overarching game planusher another Marxist into the Oval Office via the back door.

Various commentators have remarked about the sudden shift of critical media reporting in recent days on Biden family corruption and ongoing investigations into Hunter Biden for tax evasion and fraud. Some opine that the media has shifted 180 degrees on its reporting about the Bidens. And it may appear that way on the surface, but I don't believe that corporate media has deviated in the slightest from its original plan. Here is the agit-prop plan to push the Biden-Harris ticket into the White House, which started before April 2019 when Biden declared his bid for the presidency, and continues in process to this very day:

Fund and propagate fake polls. Media polls and the subsequent reporting of results in an echo chamber were aimed at adversely influencing Trump voters. The media polls leading up to Election Day were, if anything, even worse than those in 2016. This part of the plan was meant to gaslight Americans and depress Trump voters, and it failed miserably as the pro-Trump turnout was gargantuan on Nov. 3.

Continuously propagate virus-related hysteria and lockdowns as a precursor for massive mail-in balloting and election fraud. There were two objectives here: Destroy the American economy via contrived lockdowns instigated through endless fearmongering about the virus; lay groundwork for Democrat and compromised RINO governors and secretaries of state to unconstitutionally change state election laws by bypassing their state legislatures to enable large-scale mail-in voting. Mail-in election fraud has been exposed in all of the swing states still in contention. The dirty little secret is that the same widespread mail-in ballot fraud existed in other states, too.

Minimize coverage of pro-Trump support and his rallies throughout the campaign. President Trump's rallies were gigantic throughout the campaign. Tens of thousands of people attended, many of whom were registered Democrats and Independents. Many even admitted to having never voted in previous elections. Yet, this major political story was buried by the legacy media (with the exception of Fox News and independent media.) The legacy media narrative was anti-Trump every single day in the run-up to Election Day.

Cover for Biden at every turn (gaffes, low-energy appearances, no campaigning, etc.) Joe Biden continued to be a walking gaffe machine throughout what passed for his presidential campaign. He could be counted on to spout head-scratchers in any unscripted setting, which is one reason his campaign kept him mostly in the basement from the Democrat convention to Election Day. The legacy media refused to report the gaffes and/or spun them with Biden campaign "corrections" produced afterward. The fact that Biden did not run a traditional campaign to directly engage voters was a major political story in and of itself that would, and should, have been covered by an honest media. Again, that story only found traction in independent and conservative media.

Bury the Biden corruption stories, especially the laptop bombshell. Evidence of Biden family corruption has been percolating and seeping out into the public consciousness for years, thanks to independent investigators such as Peter Schweizer. He devoted a whole chapter to the Biden family in his 2020 book Profiles in Corruption. The legacy media summarily ignored the blatant corruption and furiously spun the Biden video in which he publicly BRAGGED about having a Ukrainian prosecutor fired, as covered in detail by The Federalist. Particularly egregious and potentially most damaging to Biden was the bombshell story about the contents of his son's laptop, as well as the interview of Biden family associate Tony Bobulinski. The revelations of Biden family corruptionand particularly Joe Biden's direct knowledge of and involvement in itwere politically devastating but almost completely ignored by the legacy media. There are media reports that around 10 percent of Biden voters would have changed their votes had they known about these stories in advance of the election.

Call states for Biden early on Election night. The legacy media objective here was to depress Trump turnout in Western states and perpetuate the narrative that "Biden won a convincing victory." For example, on Election night, Fox News called Arizona for Biden literally one minute after polls closed in the state. Yet, that state has STILL not certified the election results. It was a Democrat operative at Fox News who made that call (and others) on Election night. Indiana, Florida, and Texas were not called even when it was clear each of those states was in the Trump column. Speaking of Fox News, its Election Day coverage was its "jump-the-shark" moment, as viewers have bailed out on the network in droves due to its blatant pro-Biden coverage.

Signal "The Great Pause" to perpetrate the late-night fraud. Fox News calling Arizona early for Biden appeared to have been the signal to initiate "The Great Pause" in ballot counting in key swing states in the middle of Election night. The legacy media has never explained that pause in vote counting, nor has it pressed Democrats and state officials responsible for the pause for answers. The pause coincided with a massive shift in counting new Biden ballots which were coincidentally sufficient to make up his deficits in key states. Data analyses by expert statisticians have reported the extreme unlikelihood that the spike in Biden votes during and after the pause could have occurred without massive fraud.

Elect Biden at all costs. This is a more general part of the plan, and was a focused daily objective in legacy media reporting. Whatever it took to depress Trump voters and energize a moribund Democrat base was in play every single day leading up to the election. The only places where pro-Trump stories could be found were in independent and conservative media outlets. For example, the Israeli-Arab peace deals should have been major stories discussed in the legacy news, but they had to be buried because they would have politically benefited the President's campaign. The legacy media's real objective was simply to get Biden across the finish line to set the table for a Harris presidency. Biden's infirmities and gaffes were obfuscated and spun, if not wholly hidden, throughout the campaign.

Declare Biden the president-elect despite states not certifying the election. The legacy media bleated in unison in declaring Biden the president-elect. Never mind that Biden's election has yet to have been certified. The narrative shifted into one where consistent media pressure has been put on Trump alliesespecially weak-kneed RINOsto get them to recognize Biden as the "winner" and to bail out on Trump campaign lawsuits and challenges to the election. And, of course, a number of Republicans have done just that.

Continue massive gaslighting about a Biden presidency in the offing. Not a day goes by without gushing legacy media stories announcing who Biden has picked for this or that presidential appointment. (See here, here, and here.) Forget that Kamala Harris has not confidently resigned her Senate seat, there doesn't appear to be a mass bailout of Trump Administration appointees (what might they know?), and the election results are being contested in multiple states. Even the ChiComs have gotten into the act by projecting a return to "normalcy" in U.S./China relations through a "great reset." (Meaning, the U.S. reverting to pro-China policies that allow them to steal our lunch as they had been doing for decades before the Trump era.)

Bury all stories about massive election fraud. The legacy media has flatly refused to investigate or cover the various state hearings on election fraud. It waves it all off as a "conspiracy theory" despite sworn depositions from witnesses in state hearings, technical data analyses performed by competent experts, written depositions in affidavits sworn under threat of perjury, and even videos that captured election fraud criminality such as this one from a retired Army colonel that detailed 35,000 fraudulent votes assigned upfront for Democrat candidates in Arizona. And the legacy media continues to under-report and misreport Trump campaign lawsuits, too. The courts have yet to examine ANY of the evidence presented, as they have dismissed the cases based on process, standing, and other technicality grounds.

Immediately start leaking damaging info about Biden. The ostensible shift in legacy media reporting about Biden family corruption and investigations is all part of the plan to force his early resignation in order to usher Kamala Harris into the Oval Officethe true and original goal of the Democrat Party, Chinese Communist Party, their globalist underwriters, and their lickspittle media. Biden is already undergoing death by a thousand media cuts with recent revelations that Hunter Biden is under federal investigation for tax evasion and money laundering, as reported by The Washington Post. Of course, these are "revelations" only for those who obtain their news from the legacy media, which has heretofore been calling that story more "Russian disinformation." Remember how 50 former "intelligence community professionals" signed a letter back in October casting aspersion on the Hunter Biden laptop contents that were propagated throughout the legacy media? Those of us who consume independent journalism, such as UncoverDC, have known about the truths contained on that laptop and the ongoing federal investigation(s) for months. And in retrospect, those "50 intelligence community professionals" have completely discredited themselves and should never again serve in any official government capacity.

Prop up Harris a la Obama. Biden was compromised to begin with, and the Democrat-media complex and its globalist enablers knew that from the start. He is nothing more than a placeholder for Kamala Harris, just as they planned. The next phase of the agit-prop legacy media operation will be a deluge of stories about Harris' readiness for the presidency and her supposed gravitas and wealth of experience as a minority woman. Never mind that her Senate voting record made her the most left wing of all U.S. senators. Her Senate record was completely obfuscated by the legacy media during the campaign. The new objective will be to make yet another American hero myth out of a Marxist agitator (just as they did and continue to do for Obama) and then cover for every left wing policy proposal that she will attempt to foist on the country.

Usher in The Great Reset. While the political objective of the agit-prop plan was to get the Marxist Harris into the Oval Office, the overarching goal was telegraphed by globalists at the World Economic Forum in Davos, earlier this year. The forum even has its own website for The Great Reset. A frightening article about it appeared in The National Review in November that summarizes the corporatist takeover to be unleashed on the unsuspecting citizens of countries around the world. A key feature is the destruction of our constitutional republic, and that's where Harris and the bought-and-paid-for U.S. political class come in.

Their plan is crystal clear and, in retrospect, unchanged. And they have been working inexorably on it for years. The ONLY roadblock remaining is President Trump and his few congressional allies, which explains the vicious Democrat-media attacks on him, his family, and his political supporters over the past four years. The recent reporting by the corporate media on the Bidens' troubles isn't the big 180-degree course change they want you to believeit's all part of their carefully choreographed plan.

The bottom line is this: the corporate legacy media demonstrated that it's a handmaiden for the anti-Trump political class, especially during the presidential campaign. Its use of unnamed sources and circular reporting to shape its narratives has been downright disgraceful and is the antithesis of good and accurate journalism. Its reporting simply can no longer be trusted at face value, as its purpose is to gaslight, obfuscate, enable, misdirect, and confuseall in service of its corporate masters and the political class, most significantly, the Democrat Party. Therefore, be wise. Gather your own reliable and independent news and information sources, check and double-check all quoted sources, and be sure to verify everything.

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