The China Syndrome

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  • 09/19/2023

Op-Ed By David Prentice

The China Syndrome. Yes, that was the movie that halted the carbon-free nuclear power industry back in the late 1970s. The title comes from the moment in the film when one of the characters speaking about a core meltdown scenario, describes how it could just burrow into the core of the earth, possibly going all the way through to China. The potential fallout would be devastating to large areaspowerful imagery. Coupled with an accident at Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania weeks after the movie was released, the nuclear power industry was decimated and its future rendered uncertain.

Let me provide a new image for you, one based on what China, specifically Communist China is doing in the world. They want to control the world. They want power over every nation and every person. They want to rule this earth and they have a plan to do soand this is not fiction.

Let's start with how they dealt with Hong Kong. They promised they would let Hong Kong be autonomous, allowing it to manage its own affairs, allowing it to stay more or less free-market oriented. They broke that promise by slowly installing Party members to rule over Hong Kong. Tens of thousands of demonstrators came out for freedom. At the same time, corrupt American media and a few greedy NBA players handed these thousands of freedom-loving people over to become fodder for the CCP. I am guessing the left won’t be carrying signs that say, "Chinese People Matter."

The CCP is building its armed forces toward world conquest. It has used massive amounts of money to influence American universities and education systems to spread its propaganda. It bought out our already despicable media corporations.

Even Jim Cramer, the Mad Money host, was quoted as saying, “China is the enemy, except for in the mainstream media that just loves Xi.

And yes, it has purchased the Biden family influence, along with most of the Democrat Party. And yes, that is all verifiable through Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Gordon Chang claims to have proof of CCP influence in the summer riots of Antifa and BLM: “Also, there’s something else which I think affected, although it may not have been directly election-related,” the China expert said. “Radio Free Asia reports that the Chinese military, the Chinese Liberation Army, actually based an intelligence unit in the then-open Houston consulate.”

From there, they used artificial intelligence and big data to identify Americans likely to participate in Antifa, and Black Lives Matter protests. And then they sent them videos through TikTok on how to riot,” Chang explained. “So this went beyond subversion. This was actually an act of war. And because it caused turmoil, it affected the election."

It is quite clear now, the Chinese virus was set upon the world by the CCP. They knew it was lethal and highly contagious, but they lied as they sent flights throughout the world. There was a clear intent to harm. There was a great video recently of a high-ranking Chinese sociologist bragging how China used the virus, and other tactics to make itself more powerful than the U.S.

Okay, get ready for that image of the real China Syndrome, because while our Democrat/media complex was twaddling on about a fictitious Russian plot, a meltdown of another kind was actually occurring—the real China Syndrome.

Our country is being melted down by a nuclear-type methodology unleashed on a heretofore unimaginable scale. They believe they are close to conquering us. Our abject stupidity and incapacity to fight what they have been planning for us is evident. That is their domination of us. At least we fought (and won) when Kruschev promised he would bury us.

It’s as if we are in the middle of a horror film where the aliens who are taking us over have hypnotized us into not knowing it’s happening. Maybe that was the warning in Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

So let me add to the intrigue of what so many of us already know: The 2020 election was stolen. There is clear evidence of that. Most people aren’t even aware of evidence since our Democrat/media/tech oligarch/China collusion complex isn’t letting the average American know about any of it. And yes, they are doing that to us.

To add salt to the wound, there’s a CCP connection to Dominion. The CCP has become the ultimate Bond villain. Worse than Specter, worse than Smersh, the old Soviet Union, and all the other Bond villains combined.

Except here’s the kicker: This villain is real. It intends to rule. It intends to decimate those in its way. I have suggested we won’t get another chance if we lose this election to the fraud known as Joe Biden. Well, I’m doubling down here. Because it’s not just the corrupt Democrat Party we are fighting, it’s full collision between it, the tech oligarchs, and the CCP. Does anyone believe the CCP wouldn’t stoop to any level to get rid of the one person who stood up to them in the past 20 years?

And yes, that person was Donald Trump. From the first GOP debate until his last rally, he has been fighting them. Literally by himself. And prior to the Chinese virus being set upon the world, he was beating them.

He was beating them in public opinion.

He was beating them in his trade wars.

He was reviving American business to beat them head-to-head.

He raised our military might to beat them at their own plan.

He stopped China from stealing our tech secrets so easily.

He literally stopped them in their tracks. He was winning.

And they knew it.

So, if and when the election dust clears, and he takes his rightful place as President once again in January, he will resume winning. My bet is we will discover a major hand with the CCP helping direct the fraud. And if the cabal China has colluded with wins, we will be on our way to being a conquered nation, destroyed from without and within.

So, patriots. Saddle up. We cannot lose this one. There will be no second chance for us. Go where our ancestors thrived. Fight for freedom. It’s now or never.


David Prentice has written for the American Thinker, The Epoch Times and Backbone America. He resides in the Midwest.

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