New Book of Daniel Podcast – Daily Update for Nov 12, 2020

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  • 09/19/2023

Could Facebook and other social media platforms be giving us fake news? The answer is yes. UncoverDC's editor-in-chief Tracy Beanz posted some revealing news today proving that Pennsylvania's Democrats were operating in direct violation of order from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court - thus validating Trump's claim of election fraud AND showing Facebook to be lying to the public. Daniel reviews Tracy's piece and explains.

Also - CNN's Chris Cuomo and many others in legacy media are either intentionally or willfully ignorant about Trump's motivations for firing Defense Secretary Marc Esper. Daniel explains why, and why we should expect Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act after he is named winner of the 2020 Presidential contest.

Article cited in this podcast:
Intervenors for Democrats in PA Lawsuit Prove Trump Campaign Claims of Fraud 

Chris Cuomo (he doesn't understand what's going on)


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