Revenge of the Establishment

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  • 09/19/2023

Op-Ed by Larry Schweikart


I actually had a book planned for after the election . . . called “Fracture: The Crack-Up of the Democrat Party.”


My thesis was that when Trump won, the traditional establishment wing of the Democrat Party would once and for all be defeated by the new, upstart Socialist Caucus. Bernie Sanders, AOC, and the rest would show the ineffectiveness of the Old Guard and become the new (failing) face of the Democrats, likely under the name, the American Socialist Party. Meanwhile, my thinking was that the Republicans would be forced into Trumpism and the battle for Trump’s successor would be on.

Instead, the establishment Democrats seem poised to pull off one of the most incredible heists in human history. They killed not one, not two, but three birds with one stone.

First, unless there is a rapid and overwhelming reversal in results, Donald Trump has been unseated by fraud across the board. Obviously, the ramifications for America are enormous, possibly fatal. If Joe Biden assumes the presidency (likely for less than six months), every one of Trump’s executive orders will be reversed. This was what many of the more Constitutionally minded conservatives kept warning about: that his programs had to be made permanent in law. The Wall? Adios. Ann Coulter can now go back to supporting Donald Trump. Foreign terrorists allowed in? No problem. Mi casa es su casa. Bring those dirty bombs while you’re at it. Regulations? Better start printing loads of paper. And I won’t even go into the jihad against conservatives and Trumpers of all types, who will be banned from university positions, government service, see their applications for any kind of government grants or business licenses denied, and so on. I would not even be shocked to see Lois Lerner return on her broom.

Trump, of course, will be the biggest victim of this if it comes to pass. His businesses will immediately face regulatory assault; he will likely be charged with something by the Southern District of New York and by the state of New York. “Charges? We don’t need no stinking charges.” I am not joking. He may be forced to relocate to a country that does not observe extradition to the U.S.

As for us schlubs, the persecution will come. It may be slower, it may be more targeted, but it is coming, nevertheless. David Plouffe has already said in July of 2016 that Trump “must be destroyed thoroughly. His kind [i.e., a patriot who wants to return power to the people] must not rise again. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants all Trumpers’ activities, writings, and tweets archived.

The “Trump Accountability Project” (i.e., the Einsatsgruppen) are going after anyone who supported Trump.

Jennifer (Jenny the Ugly Lyin Red) Rubin, who at least finally had the decency to take “conservative” off her creds at the Washington Post, said that anyone who calls for a recount should “never serve in office, join a corporate board, find a faculty position, or be accepted into ‘polite’ society. We have a list.” (And some of you pathetic little NeverTrumpers, bless your hearts, actually thought Trump was the “nazi”).

Again, if—with much litigation in progress and evidence of fraud beyond a reasonable doubt—the fraudulent election stands, the Deep State and Democrat Establishment have achieved their first and most central objective, getting rid of Donald Trump in the presidency. But they have also accomplished two other significant feats.

Their second achievement was that they fractured the Republican Party. All of the NeverTrumper Mitt Romneys, Lisa Murkowskis, and Colin Powells can now crow about what an electoral disaster Trump was. (NOTE: Trump came within nine points of winning New York! He got just short of 50 percent of Hispanics in Florida and got the highest percentage of black support in 50 years. He had 5 million more votes than in 2016). But like any football game, it’s not yards gained but the scoreboard that is the arbiter. The reality of fraud will be swept under the rug until the Georgia senate runoffs. Now that they have the formula, it will be refined and targeted. While there almost certainly will be a “Trump” party, or the equivalent of a Bull Moose faction, merely the division of the Republicans will mean winning national elections, even without fraud, now will be difficult. In short, the Democrat fraudsters have succeeded in killing off the Republican Party. The Bushes just don’t know it, and likely don’t care.

Then comes the third, truly remarkable trick. After getting rid of Trump, and after splitting the GOP, the Establishment Democrats have squashed the Socialist wing of their own party. How did they do this? Whether deliberate or out of haste, most of the fraudulent ballots were only marked for Joe Biden. Down-ticket Democrats were ignored. More than likely this came because there simply wasn’t the time or the programming on the fraud voting machines to list so many people. Analysis has shown that millions of ballots were cast only for Biden, with not a single down-ticket name marked.

No doubt the Establishment planned to deal with the Socialists once in power, but unexpectedly they dealt many of them a blow on election day. As of this writing, the Republicans have gained or stand to gain up to a dozen seats in the House. They very well could end up just four seats short of a majority. Their goal to retake the Senate failed for now, but again, keep your eye on the Georgia steal coming up in 2021. This gave the Establishment all the ammo it needed to blame the “Progressive” (i.e., Leninist) wing of the Democrat Party. James Clyburn, one of Joe Biden’s early black allies, claimed the “Defund the Police” movement was a “disaster” and resulted in several losses. Even Ocasio-Cortez says she is considering not running for reelection because of how divided . . . wait for it . . . the Democrats have become. She feared the Biden administration would be too “hostile” toward full Socialism. Ya never go full Socialism.

So, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and the other Democrat hack establishment types have done the near impossible: they purged their own party, apparently defeated Donald Trump, and broke the Republicans. All the while, they drove a stake through the heart of any real historical or political analysis about elections, because none of the data from 2020 can be trusted outside of Florida.

Not a bad day’s work.

Larry Schweikart is the co-author with Michael Allen of the New York Times No. 1 bestseller, A Patriot’s History of the United States, author of Reagan: The American President, and the founder of the history curriculum website, the Wild World of History, which features full US and World History curricula including teacher guides, student workbooks, maps/graphs, tests and answer keys, and video lessons accompanying every unit (



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