Trump Campaign Announces Lawsuit in Nevada Citing Illegal Votes Being Counted

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  • 09/19/2023

During a news conference in Las Vegas on Thursday morning, the Trump campaign announced they have filed a lawsuit in Nevada. Former Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell, former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt, chairman of the American Conservative Union Matt Schlapp, and Nevada GOP Chair Michael McDonald hosted the press conference.

Laxalt said, "We warned for the last few weeks we could end up in a situation where Nevada decides the presidency.” He added,  “We’re asking for emergency relief. We’re asking for the judge to stop the counting of improper votes.

Laxalt was interviewed by Tucker Carlson on Wednesday and discussed how Nevada's new election system denies the right to challenge mail-in ballots or even have meaningful oversight. "Last night, I joined Tucker Carlson on his show to discuss how Nevada's new election system denies us the right to challenge mail-in ballots or even have meaningful oversight. Watch to learn more about how NV Dems passed this defective system just 90 Days from Election Day."

He continued, "Now America's attention is fixated on the results coming out of Nevada. We're told it will be until tomorrow until we have a final count, and even then we will have no idea how many fraudulent ballots got through."

He also said, "To date, we still have not been able to observe mail-in signature matches. Hundreds of thousands of votes came through this process. They are counting 99 percent of these votes which is impossible given the fact that this is our first time and we have unclean rolls."

Fox News reported that a source told them that Nevada election officials have not provided answers to the campaign as to why they haven’t had a “check” on mail ballots, which the campaign alleges were sent to apartments where individuals no longer lived but were filled out and cast. The source added that there has been “no observation for signature matches whatsoever” and said, in general, there have not been observers watching the counting—specifically in Clark County. "We have proof they are counting illegal votes," the source said. A source familiar with the lawsuit told Fox News that campaign officials have proof that people who have died have votes recorded.

Ric Grennel stated during the press conference, "We are confident that when all legal votes are talliedand only legal votes are talliedPresident Trump will win the state of Nevada.” He added, “Transparency is not political. Ballots are not automatically legal votes until they are checked. We are not being allowed to check."

Grennel noted that you have to be a resident of the State of Nevada for 30 days in order to vote. "If you haven’t been in the state for 30 days, it is illegal to vote. The fact is, we are filing this federal lawsuit to protect legal voters.” He added, “It is unacceptable in this country to have illegal votes counted, and that’s what’s happening in the state of Nevada.” Grenell noted that counties have not offered answers to how they are counting “illegal votes,” calling it “unacceptable,” and saying it gives “legal people a sense that the system is corrupt.”

Grennel also tweeted, "Joe Gloria, a Clark County election official, says he cannot guarantee there isn’t fraud in Nevada voting. And he isn’t allowing Trump team access to watch signature verification. We are concerned they are counting illegal ballots - and not just LEGAL votes."

At the press conference Jill Stokke, a resident of Nevada, went to her polling station on Tuesday and was prepared to vote but was turned away because she was told she had already voted. She stated, "I went to vote and was told I already voted. In years past I have always voted in person, but this year they mailed out ballots and someone took my ballot. They also took the ballot of my roommate." When she asked a local reporter if this was happening to other people, the reporter responded, "Yes. You're the first double."

On Monday, 8NewsNow reported that Stokke told them she needs help to fill out her ballot, and when her mail-in ballot never came, she went to vote in person. “I can’t vote without help,” Stokke said. “They said, ‘You can’t vote. You already voted,’ and I said, ‘No I haven’t.’ " Clark County elections officials said to her, "No go. You can’t vote because your signature matched." She responded, “I said it couldn’t match, because I didn’t vote.

Stokke showed the 8NewsNow reporter the device she uses to read, adding she could not read the small print on a ballot without help. “A friend has always gone with me and votes,” she said.

Joe Gloria, in a statement, said that he had talked with Ms. Stokke and that officials looked at her mail ballot and believe the signature on the ballot is hers. Ric Grennel fired back in a tweet, "Joe Gloria, a Clark County election official just lied. He first said he has received no claims of election voting violations, and then when confronted with an example, he says he dealt with this woman and says she's lying."

The Trump campaign has also filed suits in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan where ballots are still being counted.

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