A Call for Voter Fraud to be Considered Treason

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  • 09/19/2023

Op-Ed by Daniel Bobinski

Anyone who doesn’t think America is experiencing voter fraud on a massive scale right now should be considered legally blind and prevented from driving. Or, maybe you prefer I be more subtle: This steaming pile of bull droppings we’re calling the 2020 election can never happen this way again or the Republic will be toast.

Moving forward, America must eliminate voter fraud.

If you’re on Twitter or Facebook, no doubt you’ve seen the gaslighting from Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, both of whom say Vote-By-Mail is secure. They’ll even flag you or disable your account if you say otherwise. If anyone agrees with that, I say it’s time to put on your big boy pants or big girl panties and get a dose of reality: Voter fraud is REAL. If anyone doubts it, I suggest reading a column I recently penned that’s loaded with examples of verifiable fraud - Decision 2020: Some are Choosing While Others are Cheating.

The Texas case you probably never heard about

One example I didn’t include in that article, and one I’m guessing most people haven’t heard about, is the vote-by-mail and ballot harvesting fraud occurring in Texas.

A September 28 article in The Texan cites two affidavits alleging that Texas Senator Boris Miles (D-Houston) and Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis (D-Pct.1) are “leaders of an election fraud scheme that involves stealing absentee ballots from nursing homes and forging voter signatures.”

The article states, “[W]itnesses have accused Miles and Ellis of orchestrating the scheme, and allege that the two are assisted by Houston businessman Gerald Womack and political consultant Dallas Jones, who they describe as ’chief lieutenants’.”

It should be noted that Dallas Jones is the director for the Biden-Harris presidential campaign in Texas.

Read that last sentence again.

One affidavit says the “scheme involves voter fraud on a massive scale.”

Per the article:

“According to the testimony, ballot harvesters collect absentee ballots from ‘the elderly in nursing homes, from the homeless, and from unsuspecting residences’ mailboxes.’ They then complete the ballots and forge the signature of the voter.”

“Witnesses also told the investigator that two employees in the Harris County Clerk’s office are facilitating the operation and working to mix the forged ballots in with legally submitted ballots.”

Amazing, a county clerk who was aware of these activities resigned in May of this year because she was “concerned about being arrested for election fraud.”

To review, we’re looking at:

  • A state director for the Democrat Presidential campaign
  • A Democrat state senator
  • A Democrat county commissioner
  • Democrat employees of the County Clerk’s office

All committing fraudulent ballot-harvesting “on a massive scale.”

And you probably didn’t hear about it.

I suggest that if those bullet points said Republican instead of Democrat, Walter Cronkite himself would have risen from the grave to tell you about it. It would be the lead news story all day, every day until Trump’s poll numbers were in the toilet.

But again, you probably didn’t even hear about it.

That's because the Legacy Media, the Democrats' public relations department, is in bed with the Marxists / Democrats. I say that makes them co-conspirators.

If or when these Texas fraudsters are found guilty, do you think anything will happen to them? My guess? If anything happens at all, they’d probably get a tougher penalty for possessing a kilo of weed. And that goes for all the fraud presently destroying our electoral process.

Current penalty for voter fraud

Right now, the penalty for giving false information while registering or voting (52 U.S. Code § 10307 and 52 U.S. Code § 21144) is “NOT MORE than $10,000 OR imprisoned NOT MORE than five years or both.”  (emphasis added)

Think for a second. George Soros could easily reimburse $10,000 to any fraudster without batting an eye. Imprisonment? Ha. That RARELY happens.

In other words, these are weak and rarely enforced penalties that do little to inhibit voter fraud.

Do you really want another pile of bull droppings in 2024? Things need to change.

Definition of “treason”

The American Heritage Dictionary tells us treason is:

  • The betrayal of allegiance toward one's own country, especially by committing hostile acts against it or aiding its enemies in committing such acts.
  • The betrayal of someone's trust or confidence.
  • A betraying; treachery; breach of faith.

Without hesitation, I say voter fraud is treason. Even my Leftist friends say voting is a “sacred right.” I say if that’s so, why has it become so corrupt?

A lightweight penalty of “less than” $10,000 or “no more than” five years in prison is obviously not a deterrent. However, let’s consider the penalty available for someone who commits treason (18 U.S. Code § 2381):

  1. Death
  2. Imprisoned for NOT LESS than five years AND fined NOT LESS than $10,000. (emphasis added)

The word "AND" is very important.

I say if someone manages to avoid a death penalty for voter fraud treason, a prison term of 20 years AND a fine of $1 million would be a great starting point. And let's take away any chance for parole. The cool thing is that level of penalty is perfectly acceptable and legal under the current laws for treason.  All we need to do is reclassify voter fraud as treason.

You say it's not treason?  Look at what’s going on around us

Believe what you will, but the evidence is pretty damning with plenty of indications that our Democrat candidate for President is and has been compromised by the Communist Chinese Party and other foreign entities. Therefore, I believe all fraudulent voter activity or voter suppression that attempts to aid Joe Biden in his bid for the White House equates to TREASON and should be punished accordingly.

And. I'm. Not. Joking.

Think about it. If nobody gets punished harshly for this crime, voter fraud will continue.

Do you really want more voter fraud in a future America?


Daniel Bobinski, M.Ed. is a certified behavioral analyst, best-selling author, corporate trainer, executive coach, and columnist. He’s also a veteran and a self-described Christian Libertarian who believes in the principles of free-market capitalism – while standing firmly against crony capitalism.

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