The Gales of November

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  • 09/19/2023

Op-Ed by David Prentice

I have heard the horror stories of living through hurricanes. Hours of hurricane-strength winds can reduce the bravest soul to despair. In the Great Lakes region, there are times of hurricane-strength winds, but the duration can be for days, not hours. If you have ever experienced the fury of one of these storms, you'll never forget it; huge waves slashing the coastlines, winds that seemingly never end, the howls rushing around your home like a pack of wolves gone mad.

Gordon Lightfoot wrote about these storms in “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.” It’s a haunting song, and strikingly beautiful.

Well, right now there is a real storm with a gale-force that is sweeping through America. The country is being pounded by wave after wave of chaos, negativity, noise, and confusion. Keeping sanity sometimes becomes the No. 1 goal in times like this. I know a couple that described three nights of being unable to sleep during one of these hurricanes. On the fourth night, they moved to a back room, put a mattress on the floor, closed the doors, turned on a box fan, and prayed their power wouldn’t be shut down. And finally slept.

“Does anyone know where the love of God goes
When the waves turn the minutes to hours?”

Such is the pressure most of us are under right now. Most of us want to find that room to put that mattress down. Many of us hearing the shrieking winds won’t sleep.

Some of the fears the left has promised us

Hillary Clinton has insisted there will be no concession if Biden loses. If he wins, he has promised some awful things. He will pack the courts with leftist ideologues. He will ensure the Senate majority is in the hands of the corrupt Democrat Party. He will do everything in his power to ensure that the Democrat Party can’t lose another election. He will line the pockets of his donors. He will push policies that are harmful to the average American, and beneficial to countries such as China.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter have signaled they will unleash a reign of terror across America if Trump wins. Two-thirds of college students say they agree that this kind of violence has a place and is warranted. The average Democrat voter has no clue what buying into this hard-left revolution means for them. Most don't realize the destruction their wokeness is bringing to America. Most don't know that civilization has a fragility to it that they might unravel. Most don't know this is not the romantic kind of revolution that will allow them to come through unscathed.

It is this breaking of the bonds of decency we are seeing. It is this unrelenting onslaught of the left that feels like the first night of a howling gale. We will have voted on Nov. 3, and the gales will have just started. Heck, sometimes it feels like these gales have gone on since 2016, such is the time we are in.

The good news

Gales have an end. Storms do make way for beautiful days. This one may last for weeks. It could last until the electoral college declares a winner, and beyond. But the storm will end.

And it will end poorly for the hard-left. Because they will have fully exposed the kind of low-lifes they are. Their leadership will have shown willingness to destroy the livelihoods of average Americans. The willingness to destroy an economy to win an election.  The willingness to bind ordinary people with rules and burdens that oppress them and make the pursuit of happiness a distant dream.

This kind of behavior may fool some of the people some of the time, or even most of the time. But right now, it is fooling the American people less and less. And people are voting.  Right now. Through Tuesday. Increasingly they are voting against the left as they see the masks of the smartest people being torn off, revealing a leftist political class that is neither smart, compassionate, nice, nor good. Thankfully, most courts will not allow them to vote beyond the election day.

That is the best thing this storm is bringingpeople are seeing through the lies of the left. Seeing how genuinely pathetic they really are. The evidence is accumulating. Trump is the lightning rod. And he will win. Yes, we know the media, and the tech oligarchs are going to pretend he didn’t win, and try to sell us more Russian conspiracy theories about how and why he won. But in the end, he will win. And ultimately things will change for the better.

In the end, the gale force winds will subside. In the end, the better angels of America will peek out of their hiding places and come to the forefront.

But gird yourself because the left will not go down easily. Yes, they have made themselves vulnerable, shown themselves to be weaker than previously thought, displayed their intolerant, smarmy, mean side much too often to regain their collective reputation. Just how much they will regress in the eyes of the public will be known in the coming year.  Our best hope—a long time in the wilderness for the radical left.

And after the storm, a calm will emerge. A renaissance is in the wings. A quickening of the American spirit toward freedom, toward a revitalized culture, toward a time of shared prosperity, and a time where we can enjoy the fruits of a country that is better than it was.

Yes, the best is yet to come.

But don’t forget to buckle up, because we will need to endure this storm until it subsides. We will need to guard ourselves against the negativity the left wants us to experience, to ward off their weapons, to stand proudly against them, to fight them with courage and honor.

And we will need to keep our wits while doing so.  We will need to forge ahead in spite of their media machine telling us we lost, in spite of the tech lords and their ilk sneering at us for being rubes, deplorables, bitter clingers, chumps, and all-around fools. Our response will be to rise up to a better day.

This Twitter thread from @tracybeanz shows the great response that America will bring, the greatness coming from average Americans.

What’s wonderful is the positivity of the many patriots who know that we are standing tall. Who know that there is hope beyond the storm. Who know that this is a time of ascent. A time for entering a new spring.

Our response will be to endure the storms, then rise up to build a better life, a more perfect union. One we can be proud of. Character is destiny, and we expect better days ahead.  We rise up to fend off the left, and to make America great again!

David Prentice has written for the American Thinker, The Epoch Times, UncoverDC, and Backbone America.  He resides in the Midwest.





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