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  • 09/19/2023

Is there nothing the left can’t corrupt? Their record of destruction is astonishing, grubby tentacles in everything. Just look at their success in corrupting pollsters.

In 2016, the day before election day, I spoke with a group of a dozen fairly conservative people. Shorts, T-shirts, warm weather. I suggested the following: Don’t turn on your TV, or computer all day on election day, because you will hear lies. The exit polling will show a Hillary blowout, zero chance for Trump, polls touting her ahead by double digits all day. Don’t turn on the TV until a little after ten Eastern time that night, or eleven, because ACTUAL vote returns would come in.

I also told them that Trump would win, and to vote. All of them shook their heads, holding them down, saying no way. They all voted, but clearly, the leftist Psy-Ops had worked. They had been touched by a Democrat mind trick: Dirty pollsters, setting a narrative for the left’s candidate, not measuring what they expected to happen. Instead, they had colluded with one another, furthering the Democrat/Media complex storyline to depress the Trump vote.

The day after, they asked how I knew. Stunned, they couldn’t believe what happened. It wasn’t any scientific analysis of polls or my inside info that had me so confident. It was common sense. First, the Podesta Wikileaks showed the Clinton campaign colluding with pollsters, numbers being purposefully manipulated. Also, towards the end, Obama and many of the Hillary circle were campaigning frenetically in the Mid-West states to get their vote out. Reading well-informed polling analysis from Larry Schweikart helped too. He discussed whether or not they were decently predictive, and why. Finally, Hillary was a terrible candidate, not telegenic, not likeable at all.

Photo: Screenshot RSBN 2016/YouTube

Add these up, Trump was going to win. No, I didn’t know how, but confidence reigned. Unlike the prior two elections. The Hillary loss was devastating to most media outlets and the pollsters who they touted. Leftist Psy-Ops can be powerful, coloring our world with their slime. Leftists own the media. They own the universities (K through PhD). They own Hollywood and the entertainment industry. They own big tech, their founders, and the inner circles all indoctrinated by the left. They own the pollsters.

For decades.

And all, wittingly or not, have been running a psychological change operation on Americans for a long time, similar to what the Soviets once did. To shock us into submission. Destroy truth. Advance lies. Achieve power. Bend others to their will.

Photo by: Mark J. Terrill/AP

It’s why Antifa and BLM supporters support violence. Because they can’t listen, will not hear. It’s why they can justify violence, destruction, and even murder without batting an eyelash. They literally cannot see how awful they are, nor can their left-leaning supporters.

It’s how most Democrat voters still believe, in spite of ZERO evidence, the crazed theory that Russia colluded with Trump, getting him elected. It’s why these same people believe, against all evidence, that America is systemically racist, that free enterprise is systemically evil, that anyone who is pro-America is brainwashed and wrong. It’s why these same Democrat voters will tell you the violence isn’t really that bad, it’s “mostly peaceful”.

Photo: NYU Stern "Disinformation and the 2020 Election" Author: Paul M Barrett

It’s why, on conservative message boards and websites, you see many conservatives (that should know better) moaning about Trump losing in the polls. It’s why my conservative friends could not filter their feelings the day before election day, 2016. It’s why I got a call from a friend this summer, worrying about Trump losing so badly. My response: If he believed Biden was ahead by 14 points, I had a bridge he could buy. Cheap.

Now the good news: Their propaganda machine is being shattered. Exposed. With Trump leading the way, using their own rules. Alinsky’s rules...

The first Alinsky rule for radicals: "Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have." From a Democrat/Media complex view, this play has worked because the center-right has believed polls. And reporters. This is no longer true. They broke themselves with their extreme lies about Trump. Transparent and obvious to all but the left, their credibility is gone. Self-immolation gone mad.

Andrew Breitbart saw it clearly, calling it Alinsky BS that we had to confront. He would have loved Trump, and cheered him as he became the Alinsky/Democrat/Media destroyer. Since Trump began his run, media dishonesty, including their polling Psy-Opshas has been confirmed. His branding them as “fake news’ has taken hold. Most of us have understood the media was biased, but until Trump, very few knew just how bad. Even reluctant conservatives, some squishy Republicans, libertarians, and plenty of independents understand we have a Democrat/Media complex media that has gone all Pravda, all the time.

Andrew Breitbart

With so many knowing the truth about their fraudulence, the spell is broken. We now know they overwhelm us with lies, sliming us with their smear campaigns. A warning should be on each leftist commentator, like cigarette packages. Only we all have to do the warning. We have to warn our fellow travelers. Daily. Because if we don’t, nobody will. The left certainly won’t.

Even better news of more self-immolation: They forgot the limitations of their own rules.

Alinsky #12: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” They did not reckon on targeting the one man who was tough enough to overcome their rule. Donald Trump. Forged in the fire. He would not fold and refuses to be beaten. God’s weapon against the hard left, the best in a generation. They did not account for somebody that strong. They forgot what would happen if they couldn’t kill the king.

Alinsky # 7: “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.” And boy did they let their tactics drag. The corollary being, if your tactic fails, it will fail even more miserably next time. Here they are, trying to convince us for the millionth time that Trump is the awfullest person in the world. Here they are, again, telling us Trump is 14 points behind Biden in the polls. While their surrogates are manically out all in the battleground states begging for votes. And these people think they’re the smartest people. Ever.

They are failing. They have galvanized us far more than themselves, they are losing, yet they stay the course. Their tactics are dragging them down because they have been exposed. They are losing, and we need to remind each other of this truth: They shall not pass!

No overconfidence. That should be our own daily reminder. We have to rout them. Fully. Destroying their Psy-Ops machine.

Use Alinsky # 5: “Ridicule is man's most potent weapon. There is no defense. It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule. Also, it infuriates the opposition, who then react to your advantage.

Ridicule the left’s foolishness. Ridicule their Psy-Ops. Laugh at their pathetic lies, deride their horrid polls, point out how much they have to lie to make their case.

Because it’s the truth. And nothing beats Psy-Ops better than the truth. Sir Thomas More said it better: “The Devil, the proud spirit, cannot endure to be mocked”.

All the way to election day. And beyond. When they will claim to be the actual winners, stoking violence and fear.

Expose them. Rise up and rout them. Help them self-immolate.

David Prentice has published in The American Thinker, The Epoch Times, and Backbone America.  He intends to finish a novel soon.

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