Medical ‘experts’ are ignoring the psychological effect of mask mandates

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  • Source: UncoverDC
  • 09/19/2023

Psychologist Lynn Laird has a thing or two to say about mask mandates. To start, she says, "It's the whole idea of subjugating the individual for the so-called greater good - which goes along with socialism and communism. It's my belief that there is no greater good without individual liberty."

This 10-minute clip is part of a 50-minute discussion with Dr. Laird on recent issues in the news, including:
- The myopic view governments have with their Covid restrictions
- The financial links that exist among the National Institutes for Health, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Moderna, the company leading the path of producing a vaccine for Covid.
- The encroaching socialist / Marxist agenda
- How we need to change our perspective of our elected representatives
- The rise in suicide rates
- The power trip addiction of Nancy Pelosi

You can view / listen to the entire 50-minute conversation here:


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