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  • 09/19/2023


That is who Donald Trump is. My first posted article was called The Conservative Case for Trump. Today’s is a revision, an expansion of that article. Revision, because we have learned so much more. Expansion, because it’s clear that he was far better than any of us had hoped for.

The campaign has a slogan of promises made, promises kept. It’s not just a slogan, it’s truth. He even kept promises we weren’t aware would be so good. I am not going to add to the many wonderful articles listing just how much he did, how much was accomplished, and how much we as Americans can be thankful for his presidency. They are legion and well-said.

More important is to point to the peculiar genius at the helm during this strange season. When Obama won, most of us knew this was a bad actor in sheep’s clothing, and that he would be a bad president. Thanks to Donald Trump, we now know just how terrible he really was.

Obama & company weaponized the DC bureaucracy, illegally and immorally tipping the scales of justice in favor of the left and tried to use its full might to install themselves as dictators for life. They pushed themselves as a movement that could not lose. A movement that would overwhelm its opponents in law-fare, discredit them in the most insidious of ways, even going so far as to empower the tech giants to de-platform and de-legitimize anything conservative.

Well, they did not count on how formidable Donald Trump is, the man for this season. He has said in the past, that the most important thing he could do was to expose the swamp, and eventually defeat it. Well, tee it up, because here it comes. Some conservatives and center-right knew how bad it was back then, and how entrenched the left is in our way of life. But it was Trump’s peculiar genius that got the message out to the entire center-right, and even some independents and libertarians. The information is all there, what the left did, and how they did it. And Trump’s going to use it. He will destroy them. In what form, we don’t know yet. But just watch. It’s coming. Wait for it, and please stop whining that they’re getting away with it. They’re not.  They won’t.

The rope-a-dope on leftist voter fraud has been another perfectly timed feat. He kept trolling the left by telling them they shouldn’t go for massive vote by mail. So, of course they did it, all in. Obviously, they never watched the unPC Uncle Remus story, about not throwing him into the briar patch. Whatever you do, don’t throw me into that briar patch.

And, voila! Leftists alerted their minions just what to do. Vote earlier and more often. And they did. Only now discovering more ballots get discredited from the mail-in vote than can be manufactured for good votes. The Trump legal team has been busy, already having court victories in Ohio, Pennsylvania Wisconsin, and elsewhere, continuing to overturn the ridiculous new changes to voting law. Many are won, more will be won, and the Supreme Court is steeped in precedent on this issue. He’ll win most challenges anyway, but If ACB is confirmed it’ll be a TKO.

In the meantime, most of the Trump base knows to go the polls in person. To vote on election day. To prevent crazy leftists in power from destroying their vote, to massively show up to overturn the ridiculous leftist takeover attempt. In-person, not even by absentee ballot if possible. The confusion sowed in the leftist base with their vote by mail signs and campaign hurts leftists. Suddenly the DNC realizes it threw its own base into the briar patch, and that the Trump base is bramble free, and voting legally. Try as they may, the DNC effort to get out the vote is now going to be confused at best.

I admit to being upset about the debate. Trump interrupting more than Biden, looking mean, Trump having to debate the moderator as well as SleepyJoe. I feared it was a lost opportunity to convince more undecideds that Trump should get their vote. It was my son who said, Trump’s just positioning himself for the kill, and done so brilliantly. He set the table for the last weeks of the campaign. The issues of law and order, the economy, the difference between opening and lock-downs are there for the electorate to see clearly.  Talking over a weasel moderator was perfect because the message got across.

Vice President Joe Biden addresses the Democratic Policy Committee

He also confused Joe into demoralizing his far-left base about the green new deal, Joe’s lack of going all-in for socialized medicine, his lack of principle on anything; master strokes all.

The showdown between him wanting to open America, while Joe wanted to lock-down everyone again was telling, even through the debate chaos. Americans want to get their kids back in school, want to dine out again, want the violence to stop, and want to return to life and its normal patterns. And no, Jake Tapper, your friends’ child who ran away crying is not indicative of what the country saw, it’s more a symbol of the weakness of you and your fellow propagandists.


All this, and more, was accomplished by being rude, talking over both Chris and Joe, exposing them both, and yes, setting himself up to win big. It’s why the various online polls said he won. From Twitter to Telemundo, they knew.  Even Andrew Sullivan knew how bad it was. It’s why the Democrat/media complex is begging the Biden campaign to not debate again.

The peculiar genius that Trump has of setting the narrative was one of the reasons I suggested he would win back in 2016. I just didn’t know how great a talent this was. Having watched him out-duel the Weissman team of angry Democrats during the Mueller probe, and the ridiculous impeachment sham for what Joe and Hunter actually did in Ukraine, and now how Trump has framed this election: it’s a spectacular gift.  One we may have had a glimpse of in 2016, hoping it would work. Well, it’s far better than we hoped.

Reagan’s congeniality won his day. It couldn’t win against today’s entrenched left. All you who whine that Trump shouldn’t tweet mean stuff, or be so combative looking, kindly take a breath and come to grips with the peculiar genius we have in front of us (hat tip to Larry Schweikart). The Bush family failed miserably in combating the narratives of the Democrat/media complex, as did Milktoast Romney. They could never have weathered the storms that Trump has, could never have overcome a shill of a debate moderator as Trump did, nor dealt the blows to leftist power that Trump has. All while setting up a powerful economic engine for the betterment of America, fashioning great trade deals, fashioning an amazing set of wonderful treaties that make us safer every day.

In closing, we must finish with a landslide on election day. No one can be cocky, no one on the center-right can afford not to vote. No one can afford to not give money or time to Trump and other good center-right candidates. Figure out how to give and help. A landslide is what is needed, to hold the Senate, to get rid of Nancy, to deal a blow to the leftist power base they can’t come back from in years.

Vote them out, become the people for this season. It’s time.

David Prentice has published in The American Thinker, The Epoch Times, and Backbone America.  He intends to finish a novel soon.

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