When Did Hunter Biden [And Associates] File as Foreign Agents Under the FARA Act?

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  • 09/19/2023

We all got an extensive education into what the Foreign Agents Registration Act [FARA Act] is over the past few years for reasons I’ll go into in just a minute.  On Wednesday morning the Senate Dept. Of Homeland Security [DHS] chaired by Republican Ron Johnson released a report detailing what could be dubbed “The Hunter Biden 8 Year World Bribery Tour”.

Although the basic facts about what Hunter Biden was doing for the eight years his father was Vice President of the United States from 2009 to 2016 has gotten some news coverage (such as his being gifted with a very lucrative board position at the Ukrainian energy company, Burisma, despite having no experience in the energy industry), this report goes into damning detail with new evidence about exactly who the younger Biden was doing business with and how much he got from his dealings with them.

Crack reporter Byron York at The Washington Examiner posted this screenshot on his Twitter account in which the gist of the damning report’s conclusions are stated:

On the release of the Senate DHS committee’s report, the DNC Media Complex **leapt into action** to insist nothing new was in this report and it was a huge nothing burger about nothing.

Who didn't see that coming? As the evidence surfaces of massive foreign bribery involving the Biden family, of course the Fake News Media was going to spin it by saying "By Jove, all this money changing hands was perfectly legal!"  Why sure it was.

Let me just ask one question, if I may?

When did Hunter Biden and his close associates file under FARA as a foreign agent of Russia and China? 

Who really thinks all these corrupt foreign actors were just handing the younger Biden and his friends these millions of dollars out of the goodness of their hearts? Are we expected to believe people like the wife of the notoriously corrupt former Mayor of Moscow were giving all these millions of dollars to Hunter Biden while not **expecting** anything in return for this generosity?

Another relevant question:

At what point did Hunter Biden or the Biden family or any of their associates **disclose** to the federal government these millions of dollars running through their hands from these foreign sources? 

While it was previously known that the Biden family was only too eager to accept the largess extended to them by foreign businesses and governments, this new report pulls back the curtain to give an idea of to what extent the Biden's were cashing in on the elder Biden’s official powers and his high political office.

The Irony Meter Just Broke 

Remember, the FBI's Crossfire Hurricane probe of the Trump campaign started in July of 2016 as a *criminal FARA investigation*, not a counterintelligence probe. For some reason all involved had insisted for years the operation run targeting the Trump team was a counterintelligence operation all the way through. That was a lie.

I suspect this was because the FBI personnel involved were just so damn sure Trump & his team were corrupt, they’d have no problem finding evidence of illegal foreign bribery disguised as lobbying.

After spending months diligently looking, they had to ruefully admit they weren’t finding anything.  This led them to change their strategy.  Because as former CIA Director John Brennan arrogantly testified under oath, in counterintelligence investigations, “I don’t do evidence, I do intelligence.”

While you need probable cause and an actual crime to continue a criminal probe of a designated target, the standard is significantly lower for a counterintelligence operation.

The DOJ under William Barr, for its own secretive reasons, just got around to disclosing this Crossfire Hurricane FARA evidence just a few weeks ago. I suspect that is because most of those involved told numerous lies to federal investigators about the early origins of Crossfire Hurricane, which made it part of US Attorney John Durham’s investigation into how the RussiaGate Hoax was foisted on the country.

First, the FBI attempted to **find evidence** Trump and associates were taking money to act as foreign agents without disclosing it. Then that segued into the Mueller Special Counsel investigation. That was the first THREE YEARS of the Trump presidency.

While all that federal investigative activity was going on for those three years, political activists disguised as news reporters desperately sought evidence of Trump family corruption. And they have continued their holy crusade to this very day.

Jason Leopold was so positive there was evidence of Trump, Don Jr., Ivanka, Paul Manfort, and Jared Kusher taking Russian bribes that he published a series of reports at Buzzfeed using leaked Treasury Department's financial records.

Look how shady these people are! There **must** be something there! 

Leopold’s leaker, Treasury Department official Natalie Edwards, was indicted for leaking those federal records and pleaded guilty.

Note this new Biden report **isn’t** an anonymous leak to the media. That’s very important. This is new evidence of multiple highly suspicious financial transactions involving the Biden family and it did not come from an “anonymous official familiar with the matter” leaking to a news reporter at the Washington Post or the New York Times.

This is an official report from a Senate committee. The Senators and their investigators making these claims are on the record.

The political elite class in that vile DC Swamp just spent FIVE YEARS using cowardly anonymous leaks to the news media in order to accuse the Trump family of the very same kind of corruption the Biden's have been openly engaging in for decades.

At Last Some Real FARA Investigations Are Coming Based on Real Evidence!

The Swamp: “Oh come on. Nobody gets investigated by the DOJ/FBI for taking money from foreign sources while working on a relative's political campaign or when their friend/relative/associate is holding a high political office!"



Right now Fake News Media hacks are putting on their best perplexed faces and looking into the cameras and saying scripted lines like “What in the world would anybody in the DOJ or the Senate be investigating Hunter Biden and his associates for? I’m mystified! Someone clue me in!”

Well, I’ll be happy to do that. With one picture.

“It's vitally important for the survival of the Republic that these four men be thoroughly investigated by federal law enforcement for their shady foreign dealings!”

Turns out there **is** well-established precedent for investigating a politician’s relatives, campaign team, and close associates for illegal lobbying activity under FARA.

Very VERY well-established precedent, as it so happens.

I'm only making this claim because this entire country watched that precedent unfold for several years as General Michael Flynn, Carter Page, George Papadopoulos, and Michael Cohen were all investigated by the FBI and then the Mueller Special Counsel’s Office for illegal foreign lobbying activity on the suspicion they were unregistered foreign agents.

Of course, they didn’t get around to **disclosing** that the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation of the Trump campaign originally started as a criminal FARA investigation in July of 2016 until just a few weeks ago.

There is now solid, verified evidence the Biden family was doing exactly what top Obama/Biden DOJ/FBI officials, Democrats in Congress and the DNC Media Complex just spent five years trying to prove the Trump family did: take massive bribes from foreign sources while holding a high political office.

I can’t tell you what this measures on the irony scale because I just shattered the irony scale trying to measure it.

They started trying to prove the Trump family and their close associates were all taking in money from Russia and other foreign countries while the real estate billionaire was still a candidate for the presidency.  Even today the New York State Attorney General Letitia James continues her pursuit of the Holy Grail of Trump’s financial records, convinced somewhere in there is evidence of illegal foreign bribery.

The Missing Ukraine Billions

It’s not exactly a secret that under President Obama and with Biden himself as the point man, billions of US dollars in foreign aid – that “billions” with a ‘b’ - were sent to Poroshenko's government and... vanished.

Surprisingly enough, President Trump turned out to be keenly interested in discovering exactly where all those missing billions of dollars in US aid went.

Frantic State Department bureaucrats desperate to head off Trump and Rudy Giuliani’s investigation into the missing US aid money working hand-in-glove with Democrats in Congress is how we got the entire Ukraine impeachment farce that stretched from August of 2019 all the way into January of this year.

To be blunt, Trump was impeached for trying to find out where these ‘lost’ billions of dollars went on Obama and Biden’s watch.

There is no doubt in my mind there is a current federal investigation into what happened in Ukraine with the missing billions in US aid money. Two months ago, the FBI launched coordinated raids in both Cleveland and Miami targeting Privet Bank, which received over $1 billion of this missing US aid money.

The only way Senator Johnson could release this Biden report now was if he got the green light from Attorney General William Barr that making this bribery evidence public would not damage that ongoing investigation. I find that very telling.

Biden Can’t Give A Satisfactory Answer

Biden’s first debate with President Trump is fast approaching. It’s set for Sept. 29th.

I don’t believe Biden will be any better prepared to answer questions about Hunter’s shady foreign business deals, the positions handed to him by foreign companies or the millions of dollars he was being sent than he was last year when such questions were first put to him.

Here is video of Biden from last year where he is angrily pointing at a reporter as he dismisses a question that he had had weeks to get ready to answer.

Biden couldn’t provide any real answer to those questions over a year ago and I don’t think he can do it now either.

You can be sure that if somehow debate moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News avoids the Hunter Biden topic, President Trump will find a way to bring it up himself.

Biden’s Self-Destructing Arrogance 

When you’ve gotten away with your increasingly blatant corruption for decades, your growing arrogance will cause you to get sloppy.

Biden got so unbelievably arrogant he felt perfectly comfortable bragging to a live audience on camera about threatening to withhold a billion-dollar loan guarantee if the Ukrainian president didn’t fire a prosecutor investigating Burisma corruption. Remember, Biden’s own son, Hunter, was sitting on the Burisma board at that time.

You can tell from the gusto and the enthusiasm with which he tells this story that Biden is relishing recounting what a big shot he was as Vice President of the United States.

Swaggering into Ukraine, dropping his ultimatum to then-Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, triumphantly looking at his watch and delivering the punch line: “Well, the son of a bitch got fired!”

Recall what Trump was impeached for: supposedly leveraging military aid to try to browbeat new the new Ukrainian president Zelensky into investigating Joe and Hunter Biden.  The phone call transcript does not bear this out and we’ve known for over a year now Biden is on tape leveraging a billion-dollar US loan guarantee to strong-arm the Ukrainian government into doing what he demanded of it to cover up corruption his own son was involved in.

Understand this: everything these people have spent five long years accusing Trump and his family of doing, the Biden's were doing **openly** and **arrogantly**.  They didn’t even try to hide it all that much.  Why should they? Who would ever be able to stop what they were doing?

They ran the Trump team through a gauntlet these past five years.  The Obama/Biden DOJ/FBI, then the Mueller Special Counsel, then the Democrats in the House, they all took their turns taking their best, most vicious shots at this President, his family, and his friends. Using fake evidence like the Steele Dossier and anonymous leaking campaigns in the Fake News Media.

They all missed.  

Now a newly non-partisan DOJ prepped by Jeff Sessions and headed by William Barr is about to return fire. And trust me on this: Barr and the US Attorneys handling these investigations and forthcoming criminal prosecutions won’t be doing any anonymous media leaking campaigns. They will use official reports, unsealed indictments, and documentary evidence, all **on the record**.

I don’t think they’re going to miss.

Buckle up.

It's almost as if this were timed to...


Couldn't be.

Nobody is that lucky.


Brian Cates entered the political arena in March 2012, following the death of Andrew Breitbart. He is currently a political columnist for The Epoch Times and UncoverDC. Brian is based in South Texas and is the author of: “Nobody Asked For My Opinion … But Here It Is Anyway!”

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