Richard Grenell Reveals Stunning Information About Spygate During RNC Speech

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  • 09/19/2023

Tracy Beanz


The Republican National Convention has been quite the story for the past few days. However, last night, the most stunning of speeches came from the former Director of National Intelligence, Richard Grenell. Committed to transparency, and one of the most rugged and dedicated officials to have served in the Trump Administration, Grenell has garnered widespread support for his commitment. to honesty and transparency

And rightfully so.

In his speech before the nation, given in prime time, Grenell spoke a lot about President Trump, his foreign policy, and being part of the Administration. But, what he said in regards to the most significant scandal in American political history has been widely ignored by the legacy media.

Last night Grenell told the world that there were, in fact, whistleblowers inside of the Intelligence Community who spoke up about (and tried to stop) the illegal spying operation on the Trump campaign and then the Presidency, but those people were silenced.

It went largely unnoticed by many, however, the ramifications of this statement from a man in a position to know what happened should be echoing all over the land today.

Let's break down some of what Grenell did as DNI, while working alongside Kash Patel, former lead on the HPSCI investigation entitled "Objective Medusa", run by Devin Nunes when he was chair.

As discussed in acclaimed journalist and author Lee Smith's new book "The Permanent Coup" Grenell and Patel were responsible for a stunning amount of transparency:

  • Declassification of all interviews before the HPSCI in regards to the Trump/Russia Collusion saga
  • Declassifying the footnotes in the FISA report that showed that the FBI knew that Steele Dossier was based on misinformation and more.
  • Declassified Rod Rosenstein's scope memo for the Mueller Special Counsel Investigation.
  • Declassified a list of the Obama Administration Officials who had requested unmaskings of General Michael Flynn
  • Declassified the transcripts of General Flynn's calls with Ambassador Kislyak, of Russia, which show that sanctions were never discussed, contrary to what the DOJ and FBI had previously said
  • Declassified the memo for the opening of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation
  • Declassified the January 4, memo closing the investigation into General Flynn, which showed that there was no derogatory information found.
  • Declassified the text messages between Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, and Joseph Pientka discussing the General Flynn case

And much more- these were just a few of the items that Grenell and Patel worked together to provide the American public.

So, when Richard Grenell tells us that there were "good" guys trying to stop a corrupt and weaponized intelligence apparatus from committing what the President called treason, and many have called sedition? We sit up and listen. This is brand new information and something we have not heard out of official channels thus far. It leads me to believe there is still information of significance that the public hasn't seen yet- the story is bigger than we even understand. Grenell showed that last night.

I wonder why it is that Adam Schiff isn't clamoring to praise and shield these brave whistleblowers, the way he jumped to protect Eric Ciaramella during the Democrats impeachment charade? The world may never know...

I said it was a MOAB. And Richard Grenell retweeted me, seemingly in agreement. This proves there is still much more to learn in the coming weeks, and I don't think that the former DNI would've leaked that crumb to intrepid investigators closely following this story if he didn't think so as well.

Tracy Beanz is the Founder and Editor in Chief at UncoverDC. You can follow her on Twitter @TracyBeanz



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