Hospitals are placing high risk patients with no Covid symptoms in Covid units

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  • 09/19/2023

Dr. Joshua Dopko has been vocal about what's happening on the front line of dealing with Covid. Although initially terrified when faced with the sudden rush of Covid patients, Dr. Dopko has adjusted and now treats the infection like any other serious infection.

However, the health care system in Arizona established a system for how hospitals admit patients that may be inadvertently sending patients to their death. This is of great concern to Dr. Dopko, and he felt compelled to speak out on the issue. That is the topic of this show.

Dr. Joshua Dopko has been an emergency physician for 15 years and is affiliated with several hospitals in the southwest United States. Prior to becoming an emergency room physician, Dr. Dopko was in private practice for three years.

1:18 - A brief intro of Joshua Dopko, M.D.
2:39 - Joshua Dopko interview - An asthma patient
5:42 - The "Surge" line
11:37 - Sidetracked by White-Winged Doves
12:32 - Patient with severe asthma but no Covid being assigned to a Covid unit
16:18 - Asthma patient saves his own live by NOT going to the Covid unit
16:51 - Bacterial pneumonia patient without Covid sent to a Covid unit
19:53 - Daniel's comments on what needs to be done
20:49 - How to contact or follow Daniel

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